Winter Solstice Coming Soon – Should I Plant Indoor Seeds?

Ferris Merry Christmas!
December Decorating Part II
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As I’m writing this opening paragraph, a blog written a few years ago comes to mind about an oft repeated phrase said by my Aunt Helen on my Mother’s side. 

She’d say – “never sayyou should’ to someone,” and I’ll add, to anyone. She said that no one likes being told what to do. For the most part that is sound advice and makes practically perfect sense, maybe not so much for the kindergarten teachers of the world asking squirmy five year olds to sit still for sixty seconds. There you have it. Should we plant indoor seeds soon to be ready for the 2020 outdoor spring planting? 

The short answer is no*, it’s a bit early to start indoor seeds like tomatoes, peppers, snapdragons and cleome for transplanting in the garden next spring. The rule of thumb (the ‘you should’ part) is to start seeds anywhere from four to twelve weeks prior to going outside before, near, or after the final spring frost – which is usually mid-May or later along the Front Range in Colorado.  

There are a couple of ways to learn about seed timing if you’re new to gardening or just need a reminder. The seed packet provides the best information listing days to weeks needed for indoor growth before they’re developed enough for transplanting outside in the garden or containers. Other information on the packet mentions the number of days for seeds to emerge. I pay close attention to this because some seeds take a long time for their little green tips to show, parsley comes to mind. 

Back of seed packet instructions – helpful!

There are many other resources available online that mention seed starting time frames depending on planting zone and plant type. My humble seed charts may help you too, click here.  

It’s not too early to purchase seeds and indoor seed starting equipment for the next growing season. In between wrapping presents or munching another holiday treat, sketch out your spring garden.

*I’m referring to seeding the most common vegetables, herbs and ornamental annuals. Western and or Colorado native plants including flowers, grasses, shrubs and trees may require special propagation procedures, treatments and timing. There are many resources for purchasing native seeds and plants including local independent garden centers, local plant associations and special plants sales. I’ll be posting to this blog the 2020 special plant sale dates soon. 

Ferris Merry Christmas!
December Decorating Part II
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