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(Nora’s secret)
.freddie got home that afternoon feeling a bit stressed, he dropped his back pack roughly on the floor and drank a bottle of chilled water, he began to think about Nora and her set of devilish plan, he couldn’t believe Nora could be so heartless..
Meanwhile Lynn sat on her bed with her diary on her thigh she kept touching the necklace she couldn’t believe Freddie could ever talk to her neither could he hand over his necklace to her, she felt happy but worried what if anything bad happens to Freddie, Freddie the love of her life the guy she stares at everyday at the back of the class the guy she sends note to and he’ll throw it away, that is the same guy that handed over his protective necklace to her and still hugged her, she bit her lips playfully and whispered to her diary “I luv u freddie”.
After eating dinner and taking a bath, Fredi jumped on his bed and stared at the ceiling he’s hundred percent sure Nora’s going to try something tonight and he’s ready to face it he knows Lynn is already protected so Nora would have to face him and he’s ready for it ..he just prays Lynn doesn’t take it off,..
Nora could be seen spacing out in her room and an old woman watched her as she moved to and fro ,”Nora just do it ” the old woman cautioned.. “I know gran I’m just thinking” Nora said breathless, her hair was now red In colour and she looks more beautiful from the candle light that lit the room..
“your mother sent you away from backing down just do it okay, just kill the boy already” the old woman persuaded whose name’s Lian.. She’s a witch who takes care of Nora on land and she treats Nora like her own but she can be very deadly..
“I cant okay” Nora sighed hopelessly.. “why but you said he’s not with the necklace you said the necklace is with a girl ” Lian said while Nora nodded and sighed , “well get on with the ritual or dont you want the power of a life time don’t you want to rule over everything ” Lian said
“I want to but he’s.. I want to use another person ” Nora flinched.. “look hon.. Am no siren but I know u cant change him. Because you have his name written down already ” lian said while Nora huffed she slowly sat down and her hair turned black again
“I don’t know what is wrong with me I never back down in anything but I feel awkward around Freddie he’s the same like everyone but I don’t even know how to explain my self ” she said while the old witch laughed and said “I can’t believe you, but I know what exactly is wrong with you ”
“you do” Nora said sounding strange
“yes dear u love him” Lian yelled sounding angry
“love.. What’s even the meaning of that ” Nora backfired standing up and her hair turned red,
“I can’t explain love because it’s been years since I’ve experienced it” Lian said
“well just know gran am not using him and don’t ask me why” Nora added while the old witch smiled and said “suit urself” and then she disppeared..
Nora stared at one of the candle and said “love”..
She sighed and brought out her special mirror she lay it beside her and close her eyes, she gulped and waited patiently to be connected to Freddie to know what his thinking to know what he’s mind is saying, finally she got connected to him and she listens carefully as his minds says..
*Nora is up to something
*i must stay awake
* she’s doing something even now
*tank goodness Lynn is protected.
Hearing her name “Lynn” Nora angrily opened her eyes with jealousy lifting in it, why does he care about that girl I must get rid of her..
Freddie waited all night but nothing happened..
The next morning (day) in school Lynn happily walked in the class and met Freddie they both exchanged smiles and Freddie asked “how was your night?
“it was great and yours? ”
“better than I thought ” he said timidly and they both laughed,
Nora who walked in sighted them and became jealously angry..
She cast a spell on Lynn but it didn’t work damn that necklace she thought, she turned her gaze back to Freddie but the two of them didn’t notice her, she got her mind connected to Freddie’s and she said to him.. Through their minds..
“leave Lynn alone or I’ll hurt her and you ” ..
Freddie moved back suddenly and Lynn asked “what happened”
“I dunno I.. I.. Heard her.. her voice in my head” Fred said.
“her.. Voice.. Who.? ” Lynn asked and immediately they both turned and sighted Nora by the door looking so amazingly beautiful.. Her lips were more glossy and red..
“stay here” Fredi said to Lynn and walked up to Nora.. Lynn bit her lips angrily hating Nora more and more..
“what do you want again this time.. ” Freddie said as he got close to Nora he hasn’t heard her reply when he added.
“you already got you wanted, can’t you just leave me alone,.. Nora.. I am begging you leave me alone please. Why me! ” Freddie said bravely while Lynn stared at them like she wanted to smack someone..
“I..l.. —-” Nora didnt complete her words when she grabbed Freddie by his neck and kissed him.
T. B. C
By Ruthie Lee

Who's that girl episode 9
Who's that girl episode 6 and 7

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