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(Nora’s secret)
Freddie vibrated helplessly on his bed..He tried to control himself but he couldn’t the water stopped coming out of his mouth and but he still vibrated , All of a sudden he stopped vibrating and immediately he ran downstairs.
Meanwhile in the ocean, the queen was furious with Nora “why did you stop Nora how dare you just throw away all what we’ve worked for, ”
“am sorry mother I just couldn’t do it ” Nora said not looking at anybody but little did her mother know she has her own plan “go.. Get out of my sight ” the mother instructed and she swam out of the water and disappeared into thin air, then appeared in a small dark room but immediately she got In the room lit up with candles surrounding her..
That night Freddie couldn’t sleep anymore, he didn’t tell his parents about it either but he’s hundred percent sure it’s all Nora.
The next morning In school Freddie walked in class with dark circles under his eyes and he sat down helplessly on his seat, he looked over Chad’s seat but he couldn’t find Chad, Lynn walked in class and made eye contact with Freddie but Fredi removed his eyes, Lynn sat down on her seat and brought out the necklace, she looked over at Freddie one more time before approaching him
“hey” she said as she got there
“what do you want” Freddie replied sarcastically thinking Lynn is about to give him another stupid love letter.
“look Freddie I’ve been noticing something strange going on” she said while Freddie quickly turned to her and said “you do”..”of course, and it’s about Nora, I know you know something about her Cause yesterday she touched your necklace and.. It burned her” when Lynn said that Freddie was kind of surprised but a bit relieved someone else knows..
“well.. Arent you gonna say something about it ” Lynn said while Freddie snapped out of his thoughts and shook his head negatively, lynn took the necklace out of her pocket and showed it to Freddie, ” i think this belongs to you” Freddie quickly grabbed it and gasped, he immediately wore it and said “where did you get it”
“I saw it fell right out of Nora’s backpack” Lynn said while Freddie quickly hugged her and said thanks . Lynn was shocked but kind of happy cus Freddie hugged her…. “well am ready to help u anytime” lynn said smiling. “but wait how did you know the necklace belonged to me” Freddie said tucking the necklace In his shirt.. “I saw you giving it to no..
Just then nora walked In glowing and smiling and immediately she sighted Lynn and Freddie her mood changed. She felt a bit awkward seeing the both of them together but she didn’t know why.
She walked up to her seat making her so close to them..”so freddie we will talk later right” Lynn said while freddie nodded his head.
Talk? Talk about what. With this girl Nora thought staring at Lynn strangely , Lynn turned around to take one more look at Freddie but suddenly made eye contact with Nora, she eyes nora and Nora gasped, she did not just do that. Nora thought and her hands fisted..
During break, everyone flew out of the class happily, while Freddie stayed behind with his elbow on the desk and his hand rested in his forehead , Nora looked over his side and suddenly became worried “why am I suddenly like this towards Freddie ” she thought and immediately stood up just as she stood up Lynn walked up to Freddie seeing Freddie worried Lynn became sad “fredi u okay” she said as she got closer to him and rested her hand on his shoulder, seeing that Nora tried to ignore it but couldn’t withstand the jealousy burning inside of her, “this girl has got to go” Nora thought and she suddenly said a spell under her breath staring at Lynn and immediately Lynn choked on her voice and began to cough out blood..
“oh my god, Lynn are you okay” Freddie said holding her and rubbing her back so she could calm down, her eyes became red and glossy from coughing and immediately she stopped, nora smiled devilishly with her beautiful dimple making a hole, Freddie Turned around and found Nora staring at them and he became very angry knowing much that it’s all Nora’s doing ,”here have this” Freddie said and handed his bottle of water to Lynn who drank it and became a little better, “what do u think happened” Lynn muttered while Freddie suddenly looked at Nora and she immediately followed his eyes and Lynn was astonished..
“I’ll be right back” Freddie said and walked up to Nora angrily..
“what is wrong with you” he yelled
“don’t you dare raise your voice at me” she threatened pointing a finger at him.. “first Chad, now Lynn why us, why this school why me why my friends don’t you have pity, even a sympathetic bone in your goddamned body you don’t have, ” Freddie said beaming with anger..
“look at you talking back at me I could have killed you when I Had the chance and by now you’ll be under my control and no one else,” Nora said Freddie moved closer to her and said “you know what Nora just kill me since my friend is gone and most of the entire school, just go ahead Nora kill me”
Nora didn’t say a word instead she just moved back and sighed rapidly looking at Freddie, Freddie moved closer to her and said “kill me” he grabbed her hand but immediately removed it when he felt that shock..”you took back the numbania” .
fredi knew it his necklace she was talking about so he held it tight and smirked, “well if I can’t get to you i know who I can” nora said and her eyes moved to Lynn..
By Ruthie Lee
Lynn who was staring at them quickly removed her eyes and faced her desk it actually obvious she’s kind of scared of Nora .. “you dare not touch Lynn” Freddie said trying to sound threaten-able
“and what are you going to do ” Nora flinched while Freddie shooked his head negatively and said “you disgust me ” and then Walked away, Nora heart flinched hearing the word “disgust” she moved back stared at Freddie as he walked up to Lynn, and comforted her by patting her back and rubbing it nora could feel her warm cheeks from her burning tears, she suddenly felt sad, annoyed, betrayed,jealous ,anger and most of all she wanted that, she wanted someone to comfort her the way Freddie did to Lynn, she sighed heavily and immediately her tears disappeared and she ran outside.
After break everyone came back to continue the day’s work in class and Nora seemed to be lost in deep thoughts which only Freddie noticed.
During closing hour, students trooped out individually and in troops talking about one or two things
While Freddie could be seen talking to Lynn at the back of the class telling her to always be careful and Lynn appreciated his kind effort, nora who went out Walked In the class and packed her books in her bag and glanced at them, Freddie removed his necklace and wore it for Lynn “but I thought you never take it off and u need it” Lynn tells Freddie but he shook his head and said “you need it more than I do” .. “thank you” Lynn muttered slowly and smiled while Freddie reciprocated and nod his head, “you have to go now I’ll see you tomorrow” Freddie said while Lynn nod and carried her back to go Fred called her and hugged her warmly, and Lynn was surprised and happy more than happy, Nora who saw the hugs and everything became angry but stayed quiet,
Freddie carried his bag and said walked out but Nora stopped him.
“you know Freddie Kruger you just made the worst mistake of your life by giving her your protection and now you’ll be more easier to kill” Nora said devilishly while Freddie smiled handsomely..
“please do. I’ll like to see you try” and then he Walked Nora gritted her teeth together feeling angry, why would freddie hand over his necklace to that good for nothing human girl or does he had feeling for her, the thought of that made her so angry that all the chairs started to shake and the windows glass broke in to pieces…
By Ruthie Lee

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