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Who's That Girl Episode 15 and 16
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Freddie woke up on his bed with sweats all over his body, he was still wearing his shorts but was shirtless.
He turned to his side and saw Nora standing by his side and staring at him, her hair purple..
“what happened?” Freddie said sitting up.
“well thank goodness you’re Awake, and I’m done with the bonding ” Nora said happily but sounds a little qualm.
“you’re done. And nothing bad happened?” Freddie said curiously while Nora smiled and nodded..
“well this is great” Freddie ponjoured while Nora bit her lips in anticipation
“well Freddie. Now, any pain I feel either emotional or physical you feel it to, and any pain you feel emotional or physical I feel it to that’s the consequence and main reason for bonding ” Nora explained while Freddie arched an eyebrow and said “whoa” and then Nora nodded.
“but trust me Freddie my mom’s never gonna get u now I promise” Nora said while Freddie nodded
Nora looked at the time and sighed “it’s like she’ll be on her quest now, you’re gonna be okay alone right” Nora said with her angelic voice and her eyes searching Freddie’s..
“to be sincere Nora I’m kind of scared, I don’t think I wanna be alone” freddie said and Nora tried to hide her beautiful smile.
“if that’s the case Fred, then I’m gonna stay here with you for as long as you want okay” Nora said and Freddie smiled, they both kept quiet and stared at each other smiling
With Nora still standing
“why are you still standing, come, sit” Freddie said and tapped his bed and Nora moved closer shyly to the bed and sat beside Freddie..
[in the ocean]
Nora’s mother the queen, [queen Nellie] was ready to lure Freddie’s soul that night to the sirens realm all the three princesses gathered around a big magical trident , while queen Nellie their mother stood in the middle of them beside the trident. 🔱
All of them looked beautiful with their black hair streaming down their slippery, glowing and seductive body..
“Nina I want you to start with the chanting.. ” the queen commanded referring to the first daughter.
“yes mother. ” Nina replies and begin
” for power vested in us, his souls shall be ours, with this hour of light, his soul we get tonight” Nina kept repeating that and nija joined the second daughter before Nika the third daughter.
They all kept repeating the chantings and the trident begins to glow.. “yes yes my beautiful daughter were close ” the queen said and excitedly and laughed hysterically..
Freddie and Nora sat still on freddie’s bed, and Freddie couldn’t believe he would ever be sitting this close to Nora asking her to stay with him, feeling comfortable and safe around her. he knew this isn’t the Nora he hated at first..
And he sorta maybe likes her a little. A little..
“okay, this is crazy and all but I didn’t expect you to be nice up to this level” Freddie said and Nora turned her gaze to him
“I don’t get you” she said while Freddie sighed
“well when you came to this school and then trapped chad you seemed harsh and rude and more of a monster i guess you made life hard for me but all of a sudden you changed and started acting nice around me which is pretty weird but you seemed like only nice to me its cool though but I gotta ask why?”
“well the truth is that.. I think. Well I don’t think anymore but my gran was right. Freddie ..i lov…
“you what?” Freddie asked feeling eager cause Nora suddenly stopped..
“oh my, did you are you feeling that” Nora asked controlling her rapid breathing
” yeah I can.. My body it’s feels a little tingly” Freddie said running his fingers through his amazing hair..
“it’s my mother she’s at work but don’t worry she can’t get through me, I’m more powerful and my powers are protecting you”
Nora said..
“mom this isn’t working ugh” Nina said angrily
“keep trying we have to get that boy ” queen Neilla said
“but mother we are trying our best but it isn’t working, he’s.. It’s like he’s being protected.” nija said and gasped.
“of course he’s being protected that’s why the trident still low on power” nika the youngest said while the queen gasped and swam away from the trident ..
“girls stop ” the queen orders and they all stopped chanting and released their gripped hands and faced their mother..
“don’t you girls see it now , Nora is protecting him” the queen said.
“what!!” the girls said In unison
“Why would Nora do that she’s just so stubborn” nina said angrily with her hair turning red..
“I figured she did the bonding with him ” Nija said and they all nodded in agreement
“my instincts were right she is in love with that human boy” the queen mother said
“love!! What is that?” Nina said and the queen sighed.
“we don’t need to talk about that now but Freddie.Mercury needs to go” the queen suggested
“but what do we do now the boy is bonded with Nora if we hurt him we hurt her” Nina said..
“I don’t care Nora betrayed us and also threatened me, she’s not part of us anymore we’re killing the boy and I don’t care if Nora dies with him ” the queen uttered..
T. B. C
By Ruthie Lee

Who's That Girl Episode 15 and 16
Who's that girl episode 13


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