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Freddie stood up from the chair breathing nervously.. He shut his eyes and then opened them again and clearly nodded
“I’ll do it.. I’ll do the bonding” he said and Nora couldn’t help but smile. “you did the right thing bro” Chad whispered in his ear while Freddie Gave him a look that says “I had no choice”.. Chad walked away leaving Nora and Freddie alone.
“can I be alone please” freddie asked while Nora nodded and walked away ..
Freddie sat down again and sighed real hard.
*its not going to hurt
*its just a bonding
*a bonding.. What the hell do I know about bonding
Freddie thought and sighed more, just then Lynn walked in and saw Freddie’s state she walked up to him and places her hand on his shoulder
“you okay” she asked.
“kinda” Freddie replied and jerked his shoulder ..
Lynn sighed and removed her hand from Freddie’s shoulder she knows he’s sad and didn’t want to make him more sad so she walked away And to her seat but Freddie stopped her
“Lynn wait” he said and Lynn swiftly turned.
“yes” she replied
“the necklace, I’d like to get it back would u bring it to school tomorrow ” Freddie said calmly trying hard to find his voice.. Lynn nodded and walked away and Freddie watched her go with her brown hair trailing behind her.
That day and everyone went home for some reason Freddie didn’t feel like going home.
*i’m going to be dead * he subconscious said to him and he sighed.
He held his bag firmly ready to leave but searched for Nora but didn’t see her. He sighed softly before heading home.
Freddie got home exhausted he met his mom at home
“oh good day son how was school ” she asked
“great as usual” Freddie lied
“well good to hear an off to the bakery” she said grabbing her purse.
“well bye mom” he Said sadly and fought the urge to hug his mother maybe after today he wouldn’t get to see her..
“well bye son” Mrs Mercury smiled and hurried to the door with her black hair tied at the back and her blue apron covered in flour.
“I love you mom” Freddie whispered to himself and dropped his bag he went upstairs and took a shower before eating dinner in his room he just wore a plain brown shorts without a shirt revealing his masculine body , he sat on his bed and took a big bite out of his sandwich thinking about his life at stake.
Just then nora appeared by the door, wearing a white plain dress that stopped right at her knee..
Freddie almost passed out seeing that he gently dropped his sandwich cause he just lost his appetite and then turned to Nora.
“you scared the shits outta me ” he Said and sighed .
“I’m sorry if I scared you, it’s almost seven and my mom doesn’t waste time in getting what she wants” nora said and Freddie stood up and sighed.
“am just not sure about that” freddie said
“Freddie! it’s your life we’re talking about here, I’m trying to help please just do this. I’m sorry I got you into this mess ” Nora said and Freddie sighed bitterly, he has sure been sighing a lot .
he moved closer to Nora and her heart skipped she shut her eyes then opened them again, she has no idea why her heart suddenly skipped, ‘maybe because I love Freddie’ she thought but pushed the thought away .
“OK look nora I know this may sound exactly stupid. But I’m a ” Freddie paused and pushed his hair back..
“you’re a what” Nora asked feeling confused but never taking her eyes of Freddie he’s just so cute with this worried expression on his face .. He looked at Nora and how her pretty face glowed and how her lips parted open to hear what he’s going to say.
“I’m a virgin” Freddie said with his teeth gritted together.
“yeah. And it’s not a problem Freddie” Nora said trying to hide those beautiful smile of hers .
Freddie took another step towards making Nora and him real close Nora could feel her heart beating fast so Freddie was wrong she does have a heart ..
“seriously you’re sure it’s okay” Freddie asked Nora again with his breath all over her face and he stared into her eyes he fought the urge to kiss her cause right now she looks damn beautiful,
Nora couldn’t speak instead she nodded and her hair turned purple, she noticed at Freddie moved back.. “your hair” he whispered while she brought her hair to her face and gasped
she shut her eyes and listened to her emotions and understand stood that her purple hair stands for love anytime she’s feeling loved. Her hair turns purple, she looked at Freddie at Freddie daresay her weirdly.
She adverted her eyes to the wall clock and gasped “were running out of time it’s seven thirty” nora called while Freddie breathed calmly trying to calm down but he couldn’t he was already overtaken by fear..
“don’t worry Freddie it’s going to be fine” Nora Said Calmly with her angelic voice Freddie nodded and said “so let’s begin” ..
“during this bonding process Freddie you’ll feel and see nothing cause you’ll be half dead and half asleep” nora said
“what.. Why! ” Freddie said.. “because that’s how it is” nora said and Freddie nodded before Fred could utter another word Nora Said
“by the power vested in me, Freddie Mercury you may lie dead and never wake up until I say so” Freddie arched an eyebrow at Nora who immediately walked up to Freddie and Gave him a kiss and all of a sudden Freddie fell down on the floor passing out and Nora hair turned red.
“now I shall begin” nora said and with a blink of an eye she went Naked..
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