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“but mom this necklace is very special to me ” Lynn said using her hand to cover her neck.. “where did you even get that it looks disgusting and trust me you don’t want me to take it off my self ” her mom threatened and she frowned and slowly removed it she went to her room and dropped it in her drawer and walked back downstairs..
“take.. Put this instead” her mom said handing her a golden necklace Lynn angrily took it from her mother and her mother gave her a glare , she put in on rolled her eyes. “okay we’re ready let’s hurry your dad and Horan are in the car” Lynn mom said and they both walked outside..
Freddie laid on his bed operating his phone he couldn’t sleep and he decided to play video games on his phone maybe he’ll fall asleep, wherelse Lynn laid on her bed exhausted from the party they went she changed into her pajamas and laid on her bed falling asleep and also forgetting to wear the numbania necklace..
Nora could be seen in her Dark but cozy room the moon light beamed through her window, she laid naked on her bed but was covered with a black blanket, her hair was red and her eyes were pure sky blue. She kept thinking about Freddie and his words “you don’t have a heart” the word ringed in her head.. *your heart is made out of woods* she sniffed the air occasionally thinking about all Freddie had said so it will prevent her from crying..
She closed her eyes and tries to get connected to Freddie through her mind and she did..
Freddie got tired of his boring video game and dropped his phone angrily beside him he closed his eyes but suddenly heard Nora’s voice.. Saying Freddie Can you hear me’
‘whoa what just happened ‘ Freddie said sitting upright in his bed and breathing heavily he looked around his room but no one was there he breathed a sigh of relief and laid back on his bed..again but was astonished hearing her voice again.. He wanted to jerk up but stayed quiet *what the hell does she want* he thought and Nora said * I want you to listen to me* freddie was surprised *did she just hear my thought* he thought.
*yes Freddie I just did I’m communicating with you through my mind and so are you I’m sorry if you’re mad but please hear me out* Nora said while Freddie breathed and focused more into the mind communicating thing..
*okay what do you want to tell me* Freddie set his mind to say that and Nora happily smiled on her bed.. Nora said something out which Freddie didn’t hear because she didn’t say it through her mind and immediately Freddie saw himself in an empty red room..
“where the hell am I? ” He asked no one In particular.. “Freddie” nora said behind him and he immediately turned, and saw Nora in a plain white dress and her hair long and red..
“where are we I was just in my bed seconds ago” Freddie said panicking
“I know. I made our mind communication more easier by bringing you in my mind. I get to that through the kiss I’m sorry once again ” Nora said and sighed ..”you’re a lot creepier than I thought.. Okay then go on and tell me what you wanted to tell me” Freddie yanked.
“okay.. Look about today am really sorry for the kiss. ”
“oh my god you’re still on to that kiss, am not mad about it” Freddie yelled and his voice echoed.
“you’re not? Then why are you so mad at me” nora cranked
“don’t you get it.. Chad.. I am mad because of Chad” freddie said and Nora smiled..
“what’s so funny” Freddi said angrily and sarcastically
“I can bring Chad back” Nora flinched
“you can? Don’t lie to me nora” Freddie said
“trust me I’m not” Nora said
“trust you! That’s the last thing I’ll do” Freddie said “then don’t, just count on it” Nora said nearly angry but wasn’t angry..
“so.. I think it’s past my bed time now I would like to be in bed now” Freddie recall while Nora smiled and said
“just close your eyes and think about your bed”..
“okay” Freddie said and did so and immediately he opened his eyes he was on his bed.. “whao” he breathed out and sighed heavily..
Nora opened her eyes on her bed and took her lovely blooded bottom lip between her teeth thinking about Freddie and the way he reacted while she said she can bring Chad back..
‘if bringing Chad back will make you happy then I’ll do so’ she said and sighed.. And her lovely hair turned red..
Everyone got ready for school including our beloved freddie ,he got to class that morning and sat down on his chair thinking about last night.. Just then her felt a slight touch on his shoulder and then he suddenly turned and jumped in astonishment .. “Chad!! ”
“hey.. Good morning to u too why are you yelling my name so much” chad said sarcastically while Freddie hugged him he has no idea of what has been going on..
“do you remember anything? ” Freddie asked.
“well I remember waking up this morning and eating breakfast and..
“don’t worry that’s enough ” Freddie said hugging Chad one more time , chad shrugged and hugged him back. Nora who has been watching by the door smiled seeing Freddie happy , as she was about to fully entered the class Lynn bumped into her, “what’s your damage Lynn” Nora said angrily
Lynn stood her balance and walked away, Nora rolled her eyes and walked up to her seat and sat down..
Lynn got close to Freddie. To greet him but Freddie passed her and walked up to Nora..
Nora stood up seeing him immediately and she smiled and said.. “good mor..
Freddie hugged her warmly and happily, “oh” Nora breathed out and smiled just what she needed a hug s sweet warm hug
“thank you so much” Freddie whispered in her ear and she smiled.. He disengaged the hug and she asked “have you forgiven me” ..
“of course I have buy how did you do it. ” Freddie asked.
“a true magician never reveal his secret” Nora said nervously and laughed.. “whatever but thanks any way, ” Freddie said and walked up to Chad.
Nora sat down on her seat smiling she couldn’t believe it Freddie forgives me’ she thought.
She placed her hand on her chest and felt her heartbeat ‘why is my heart’ beating so fast she thought and close her eyes. Then opened them right back up to glance at happy Freddie. Nora could feel something change in her but didn’t know when her hair suddenly Turned purple..
“dude.. Her hair just changed” Chad said to Freddie and Lynn and Freddie turned to look at Nora who just noticed it..
“what the? ” Nora said standing up “what’s happening to me ” she said without smiling..
T. B. C
By Ruthie Lee

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