4 Most Common Mistakes Upcoming Artists Makes Nowadays (2020 Updated)

4 Most Common Mistakes Upcoming Artists Makes Nowadays
5 STRONG Challenges You Can't Escape As An Upcoming Artist This Year

This page cover the 4 Most Common Mistakes Upcoming Artists Makes Nowadays. Check it out to see if you are also making such mistakes in order to make compulsory amendments.


Have you ever try to think if there is something you are doing wrong in your music career? Well, Unless I want to deceive you, there is no way you can do it perfectly. Sometimes you take steps thinking it’s the right one, meanwhile it’s totally wrong.

I will like to remind you, ‘no one is above mistakes, you can only avoid or prevent them‘. However, many upcoming artists would have been welcomed on the “seat of stardom” today but their unnoticed mistakes are the only hindrance.

It’s advisable for you to look for your problem before it consumes you negatively. I know you don’t wanna remain an upcoming artist for too long. In fact, you should be tired of that depressing title (UPCOMING). Then open your eyes to the most common mistakes you are likely to be making presently and make amendments immediately.

In this article, I will be sharing with you the 4 most common mistakes upcoming artists makes nowadays. Nevertheless, how to correct the mistakes will also be added. So stay calm, cause this article fully loaded.

4 Most Common Mistakes Upcoming Artists Makes

1. Unstable On A Particular Genre/Style

This happens as a result of an artist trying to show us that he/she is Multi-talented. He/she wants to be referred to as a rapper, singer, street sensation, hardcore rapper, jazz musician, Afro-pop singer/rapper and more at the same time.

But it does not work-out like that. It will only drive your cherishers’ attention away from you. Cause the reason why they cherish you is for your blue card, but you keep showing different colors afterward.

Don’t misquote me, I didn’t say you can’t be doing different genres or styles altogether. Well, we have many famous musicians like that. But the difference is they are famous already. Whether they keep doing something that they do or switch, fans we still take it as new beautiful stuff.

2. Making Track’s Title Not Similar To Content

I mentioned this in a recent post on 4 Important Things You MUST Consider Before Composing A song and am repeating it because it’s so important to take note of.

But before proceeding, I will make an illustration with this post you’re reading right now:

Before getting on this page to read the article, you saw a headline; “4 Most Common Mistakes Upcoming Artists Makes Nowadays“. Then you clicked on the link which means you are interested in what the title says. This means you were expecting a list of common mistakes upcoming artists make.

But imagine after clicking on the link to this page, all you saw is political news which is totally different from what you expected.

How will you feel? Like grabbing the website’s editor in the neck for wasting your data right? I guess you must feel very disappointed and that won’t make you visit such a website anymore. In fact, each time you come across such a website domain name either in Google search results or anywhere else, you won’t hesitate to skip it.

Now imagine the particular blogger keeps doing the same thing repeatedly thinking to be smart. No doubt, visitors will keep ignoring the website. And that’s because they’ve had a disappointing experience with it before.

Now, to upcoming artists…

If that illustration is clear to you, I guess you already know where I am going to land. Many upcoming artists make the mistake of saying something different from the song’s title in the lyrics. However, the chorus might be similar, but the verse wouldn’t be.

Candidly, this particular mistake is mostly common among rappers. Why? Because their major target is to impress listeners with rhymes. They forget the message they promised to pass to us in the title and come up with brilliant rhymes though, but different wordings in the content.

To illustrate, imagine the title of a song is “Love You Forever“. The title already explains the track to a love song. The singer is promising his/her spouse to keep his/her feelings towards his/her lover steady and unchangeable forever.

Then what we heard in the verse is:

Yah! Am The Baddest And My Flows Is Really MAGICAL

You Wanna Try Me? Am Gonna Use You As A PRACTICAL

How disappointing is that after expecting a love lyrics? Like a friend told you what’s in the package he presented you as a birthday gift is a car key just for you to open it and find sachet water. Then it’s extremely disappointing.


Honestly, this mistake is very common among upcoming artists. and if do you not dispose of this style, it’s not only going to delay your progress but ruin the little you gathered especially your fan base.

3. Unfrequent Song Releases

Not releasing songs frequently is also another common mistake upcoming artists make but not taking it as a mistake.

One thing you should remember is there are countless people of your type {Upcoming Artists} out there and people will only pay attention to those who keep updating non-stop. Well, you can’t expect me to be enjoying your latest song for like 3 to 4 months when others are blessing me with brand new jams.

Even famous artists do experience the same thing not to talk about upcoming artists. The more they keep fans awaiting another track, the more they fade slowly.

Remember Lyta, the recently farewelled singer from YBNL record label? If you are aware of his story you can relate with what am saying. He actually left the label on realizing that he is losing a lot of fans and receiving negative feedbacks as a result of him not dropping any song for too long.

I will keep saying something which will seem like advice for a wise upcoming artist: Try to be better than a famous musician not like a famous musician or worse than a famous musician. When a famous musician is careful, you should be over-careful.

People like Olamide, the YBNL chief executive has reached a level that even if he doesn’t drop a song for six months his fame still remains fame. Nevertheless, this dude is still dropping songs after songs. Then what exactly should be the reason for an upcoming artiste unfrequent song releases?

Well, the possible reason why these mistakes occur among upcoming artists is very simple anyway. Maybe you {the upcoming artist} are worried about the stress you went through, the sleepless nights you spent and the brain you wracked before being able to compose a full track.

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Then you can’t afford it not to be a jam. You promised yourself to keep promoting it till it hit the jackpot. Then you keep on mentioning this particular song on social media every day, updating it on blog posts and more forgetting that those who had heard the song are already waiting for another. The worst part is that you don’t know you were mistaking. But instead, you taught you were doing the right thing which is slightly true.

4. Feeling Big

Upcoming artists feeling big happens as a result of too many praises from people. The moment they start telling you on social media comments, chat or post even face to face that “You Are Super Good” then your start growing feathers on shoulders.

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Well, it’s natural. No one will also receive impressive commendations and won’t feel on top of the world. But I will like to remind you, you are not yet at that place you dreamed to be. So you should stop imagining to be who is yet to be.

Another reason that causes this is an upcoming artist hitting bigger stuff or people than ever before. For instance, you were invited to the bigger show to perform or you spent a day a different famous artiste or you did a remix with a famous artist and more, then you start feeling big for having bigger privilege. To reply to people’s chat and comments as you do before becoming a problem. The problem here again is that, you don’t take it as a mistake.  You took it as a level-upgraded.

Lastly, Many upcoming artists as failed but still wondering what caused it because they didn’t realize what they are doing was wrong.

SOURCE: Mp3Boost


There you have it! Now that you have been able to find out what mistakes you are making as an upcoming artiste which be hindering you, what next? Find a solution.

And if you ain’t making these mistakes, avoid them. Remember that prevention is better than cure.

Hope this article was helpful? Why not share with friends who need it. In case you have any questions, feedback or addition, feel free to drop your mind off the comments section below.

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5 STRONG Challenges You Can't Escape As An Upcoming Artist This Year
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