Thug At War

Big star
Haunted Soul


Tonight marched into the village,
On a tremble feet’s,
Like a theft at night.
Heavy bags marched on their back

Huming and chanting ancient war song,
Stamping their horror giant feet.
That stick to the ground.
Leaving the trace of their feet.

Harling like a leopard about to leap,
Huming like a furious lion ready to roar.
Garden were trampled, livestock
Were slaughtered.

Wailing and echoing of voices,
People fled in fear,faces streaked,
With tears and blood.
I heard battle cries,clang’s of sword.

Arrow shooting from their bow,
Axes cutting through the air,
Bomb thrown in full throttle.
Smile’s fled away,heart beating hardly.

Tear’s flow freeing like a river,
Blood stream seeking for vengeance,
Knives sliced like hot butter through
The bodies.

Heavy wood splintering under the,
Force of the people, women raped.
Lifeless bodies scattered like cloth,
Dump like an inner doom.

Blood flood like river with dead bodies.
Houses bombed no place to call home,
Smoke was glowing higher,
Bomb dropped on our head like raindrop.

Birds hoot sadly in a mournful tone,
On the branch of an iroko tree raising,
Their voices like birds that were,
Just released from their captivity.

Souls snatched away in cold war,
Longer row’s of corpse laid in shallow grave.
I feel certain we I’ll over come.
At end we are more than conqueror’s.
The journey has commenced.

Big star
Haunted Soul
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