The Shears Episode 4

The shears episode 3

In a lightening flash, flaming balls of fire from nowhere , thrash the birds and send them tumbling on the ground, scattering their carcass about.
As blind as a bat, Lord Tinker laying on the ground with his face towards the earth tilt his head up, he looked around,
As if to be sure if he was really safe,
Bewildered at the sight of the three creatures standing away from him, with one of the creature standing up side down, they had human likeness,but very weird look and a contrast to human,a half formed skull, each had a tail, and a very large eyeballs sitting out from their eyes socket, with their eyes bright as an orb.
From his lying position Tinker saw enough to be convinced they saved him, he cleared his eyes with his hands has though to get rid of dirts, he blink repeatedly.
Convinced now that his Saviours from the sanguinary goshhawks weren’t humans, but meant no harm, as they maintain their position and made no further moves, still speechless the triumvirate stared on at him with their glowing large eyeballs.
The triumvir which stood on its half head, took a legged stand.
“Are you humans” lord thinker asked sheepishly, he paused waiting for an answer, the remain silent and still,
“Nevermind then” he waved as he realized, he was still on the isle ground as the triumvirate made hand motion instructing him to get up,he staggered up on his feet as dizzy as a goose.
“You don’t talk? ” he inquired still staggering
“I am a lord, and i command you to talk”,
You would be given a grand feast,a nice mouth to your cock if i was in my chambers for saving my life ” he added breathlessly
Still no reply
“Are you the only islanders here” the triumvirate were still as calm as a summer sea, filled with dudgeon he screamed at the top of his voice.
“Are you all deaf and dumb”.
Still maintaining their sangfroid, the triumvirate turn their back on him and started walking away,
Following them Tinker kept taunting them,
“Hey, look here, because you ugly creature shoot down those flying things with a fire ball doesn’t mean i wouldn’t have had them slain with my sword,i am not a recreant i am a lord”….. He paused as he giggled amidst the confuse state,
“You all even have got tails, disgusting”
“Tinker one wouldn’t believe you are a great talkative, came the reply
“I see the wreck has wrecked your wit” added another, another giggled and it echoed round the isle.
Tinker shocked they replied but glad they did, as he was confuse, he was following them but to where?.
faraway he spot a flicker of light has it meant they had a destination,they walk towards the light, a large rock unfolded as they got closer to where the light was, the light came from the opening from the rock which served as an entrance.
The triumvirate enter the cave and Tinker followed them in closely.
To be continued……

The shears episode 3
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