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Episode 2
A year later Lord Tinker decided to birth his long conceived plan of journeying back to his homeland, he was beeseech by Priest Ramrod to abandon his journey as the danger of his trip was revealed to him in his vision.
Priest Ramrod vision was clear and did speak doom he slated,he saw the remains of a wreck ship scattered on the coast and the survivors in desolate lead away in chains.
Lord Tinker was not a man who fret when faced with danger,the priest vision meant very little compared to his plans.
He was determine to make the journey come what may,priest Ramrod was left sad but credence that those who do not hear must be left to feel,
Priest Ramrod had known Tinker for many years,from preparing and fortifying a young stranger for war, to serving a lord and now he was more like a father and friend to him, he knew Tinker was an ambitious man who deviating him from his course will be trying to shoe a running horse.
The old sun gradually move slowly and retired behind the curtains of the clouds, giving way to the young moon in its wide smile amazingly gracing the sky, nature was exceedingly benevolent as the weather was crimeless and impeccably calm.
As confident as Hercules in his decision Lord Tinker left Erebus with his wife and a year old son, he boarded a massive sea ship with the inscription “The Ocean Eyes” at about 2:00am.
Ocean eyes set sailed and was on course out of the south peninsula shores into the open large mass of water, the ship sailed into the north atlantic route at about the late old hours of the next day, suddenly the ocean eyes lookout sailors warned the crew captain of an iceberg ahead, but the massive fog clouded a proper view, too late the officer on duty only manage to avoid an head on collision with the giant mass of ice concealed by the fog curtains, The Ocean Eyes could not be prevented from scrapping along the edge of the giant iceberg, that damage the ship hull and the sea flooded into a number of its half compartment, there was over six hundred and sixty six passengers including Tinker, his family and the crew on board, some intrepid passengers leaped into the iced sea.
The ship was at the middle of nowhere the entire mass of water was surrounded by uninhabitable isles.
Consume in the misfortune of his own making as he was warn of the danger before time,lord Tinker fight of bravery was haunted by the warnings of priest Ramrod,he cared less now of his own survival but of his wife and most especially his little son, he put off his upper habiliment and wrapped little shears,his gravamen reach its climax when signora suggested they split up as the intensity of the water gushing into the ship grew, after a couple minutes of disagreement Tinker had no choice but to part with his wife, he heard there is a supernatural creator, beneath his breath he hope the creator miraculously keep his family safe and better the situation with a coalesce wether on earth or the after life.
Few minutes after their separation to lord Tinkers greatest fears, the icy water compress the ship ship steel causing it to brittle and fracture, the ship broke into halves and began to sink, leaving lord Tinker to one halve and the wife and child to the other halve.
Tinker manage to hold on to a floating wood climbing on,he rest his weight on it,amidst the unbearable chills the wood paddled by the sea wave sailed him to a nearby isle, isle of Elysian.
Signora now very petrified not of the cold nor the so sudden misfortune but she had lost grib of the little shears trying to hold on to something has the ship halve sink throwing away its content like in a landslide, she manage to tighten her hold on what looked like a loaded packed of wares, she had now properly climbed properly onto, the wave carried her to an isle, isle of the rising sun.
Still wrapped in the heavy hauberk, little shears lay on a fell off wrecked ship board, still has though dead from the cold, the sea waves paddled him towards a different isle, Isle of the golden fleece.
In few hours darkness work in handy with uncertainty, the conspiracy spelt doom.

The shears episode 3
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