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Lord Tinker paved to and fro the little verandah of the priest sacred shrine with his mind as free as a breeze, fiddling with his beards which was as frizzled as a lawyers wig, as thought flew down his mind, he knew of the truth the creator was willing to give him an heir, he had nothing to worry about.
As quick as a flash he remembered the words of Ramrod the priest whose words were as soothing as the breath of the spring.
“My lord the creator will give you an heir” though this words were as strange as vision to Tinker, whom knew nothing of a supernatural creator or deity, but he had a strong belief in the priest words, whom assuring words he had held on for years.
Tinker took his wife signora at the age of twenty and five,through the compelling wish of his father Buck, but strangely signora who at the time was as green as grass couldn’t conceive.
Tinker was born into the family of general buckhead, in a little town that sat on the summit of an hill, the hilly land of Alsifer.
And though Tinker was born into a noble family,he was very humble, many Alsiferians look up to him as a savior, he had many admirers and friends but few enemies, he was gentle as a fawn, he was the dream man of every young maiden in Alsifer,general buck seeing his son had grown strong enough beckoned on him to take a wife, Tinker had considered none but the graceful Signora the daughter of the village sculptor, signora was the dream of every young man in Alsifer, she had all the virtues required of a noble lady, she was as beautiful as sunset, she was blonde, blue eyed, with dimple on each side of her pleasant face, she had fine boned-hands and a well formed body and with her irresistible smile remaining on her lips she looked quite beautiful, she was the sort of girl whom any man would oblige to, Tinker was rabid at her immense virtue, and he swore acerbitly to remain unmarried if he couldn’t get her to be his lady.
Tinker left his homeland Alsifer the year he geniculated the tie with Signora and journey to a faraway land in the southern peninsula and settled in the land of Erebus, there he built his fortune, at the age of twenty and six and a year after is arrival to the land of Erebus,Tinker joined the Erebus band of army, he was courageous and warlike as the wolf, sword was in his hands as swift as quicksilver, he fought bravely side by side with prince Endor of Erebus and was victorious as their foes were crush and piled in heaps, in account of the many battle fields victory, he was made a knight of Erebus,has his stars may have it he grew in leaps and mounds and rose in ranks and was made dane, couple of years later a lord at Erebus court.
Lord Tinker conceived the dream of journeying back to his homeland ones he had his first heir, his wait grew grim,it was an endless wait, as harsh as truth he thought nature was, nature he learned was a free giver, he was denied this free gift.
“Pray to the creator” priest Ramrod would advice each time he complain bitterly to him, “i know no creator” he would answer.
Lord Tinker a man in his late fifties paving now very impatient through the verandah of priest Ramrod sacred shrine, snap back to consciousness has he heard the shrill cry of a new born.
“Congratulations my lady” came the followed remarks as he was now fully away “you did it my lady ” retort another.
Lord Tinker smiled to himself clinching his fist he hit a daring pound on his chest, he had won a life race.
At an old age of forty and nine signora had conceived and bare a child,
At the very hour in which lord Tinker child was born in the inner chamber of priest Ramrod shrine,Ramrod the priest became deaf, he had the supernatural ability to hear and interpret the sound of every living creature, this happening was a no surprise for him, he was sure a greater power was born into the world,he had serve existence the greater part of his life and was nearing his end.
Priest Ramrod stood up from his sitting position supporting himself with is rod moved into his inner chambers, came out carrying the newborn on one side of his arms.
Seeing lord Tinker all but joyous, with the beam of smile comfortably sitting on his face.
“Come my lord for the creator has given you a son” he handed the child to Tinker, and he took the child in his both arms and knelt down and kiss him on the forehead, and handed him back.
Everyone was summoned out to witness, letting down his rod, Ramrod the priest took the child in noth palms of his hand in the presence of everyone, he lifted the newborn above his head towards the firmanent.
“Thank you creator for at last a rare gem his born,you’ve made yourself a shield to guide your world, one who in two part equals his fight for humanity and himself,one whom the wickedness of the world would be judge by his sword,you’ve given us the lord of nature, he is the Shears!.
A defensive thunder stroke across the sky and immediately the sky wept, immediately as it began the down pour evanescence and a pellucid bright rainbow appeared across the sky.
And all those who witness the cause of the down pour were astonished, they all had different considerations running across their mind but one conclusion, the newborn had a rare destiny.

The shears episode 2
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