The saving stich

Daddy's Talk
The Raiders of my soul

Like treasures swept into the oceans
and rubies carried away by the wind
shall be the lots of him who fails
to wheel his will alright.

We pray not death,
but that which should be done
can’t be undone and that which
Is undone needs to be done.

Like a thread is wired into
the needle’s eye,
we needs must wire our wills outrightly
to stich the aftermath of our lives.

As the needle pierces and stitches,
saving the tear, so the will shall
mend the lives of others.

Albeit, men ought to be enlightened.
He need must be a good testator
With the help of that man who ritually
puts on black and white with a wig
before death calls; for
Death calls 24/7,
but before you answer,
Willingly wheel your will.

Daddy's Talk
The Raiders of my soul
About Flourish Joshua 29 Articles
*BIOGRAPHY* Flourish Joshua, a.k.a FJSpeaks, an African Writer and Poet, was born on the 24th day of August in the late 19s. He hails from Adavi Local Government, in Kogi State, but was born in Kaduna and bred in Lagos. His hands founded Poetry at age 12 and he had been doing it with all his might. He bagged his School Cert. from Iganmode Grammar School, Ota, Ogun State. Where he was a page Poetry god and Lord of Literature. He has written over 500 reasonably professional Poems, (published and Unpublished) 10 Novels and 100s of short stories. On the 23rd day of Sept., He won the 3rd Prize at the 7th NGOZI AGBO Essay Competition hosted by the Prestigious University of Lagos. He is presently a writer for the General Overseer, Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, Worldwide. Most of his Poems, published and unpublished, cuts across real life happenings, satirizes Governmental eerieness and deals with real life trends. His award winning Poems *"CHIDE ABUSE"* and *"ADISA'S JEWEL"* are spreading like wildfire, recently being published in the Yaba College of Technology's Anniversary Magazine. His Poems are currently being read by over five thousand people weekly in the Weekly publication of an International Organization. His works has been highly recognised by the Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University of Lagos and other National and International dignitaries... He was recently appointed as one of the short story writers for TVC children show aired twice every week. Flourish Joshua is single as as the time this Biography was written. He is also a Singer, playwright, Dramatist, Song Writer and an Acoustic Lead Guitarist. The multi-talented young man aims for the mastery of his pen and to be widely read across the globe; changing and transforming lives through his writings as a life wire. 🍃 You can find Flourish Joshua on FB: IG: Twitter:

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