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🧜{Love Is A Crime}🧜

Esther was shocked as she stopped on her track. Did that voice just come from her seven years old daughter?

“Cassandra… what’s wrong with you?” She stammered,now scared.

“My name is not Cassandra. My name is Annabella!” Cassandra roared and Esther flinched, remembering her dream before she gave birth.

“No…no…this can’t be happening. Cassandra,you are my daughter. I gave birth to you and I named you Cassandra.” Esther started to say,her heart pounding fast.

Now she knew what happened to mama. This is not her… she’s not!

“And who told you,you are my mother? Today,you shall rest from provoking me!” Cassandra roared again and Esther started to move back, waving her head. She turned and ran and her ears were filled with Cassandra’s evil laughter.

She ran into the kitchen and locked the door, panting heavily.

She searched herself vigorously, looking for her phone but she had left it on the bed upstairs.

“God…what have I gotten myself into! I never knew it would come to pass…ahhhh…”

The loud bang on the door cut her short.”Open this door,Esther!” Cassandra’s voice commanded outside.

Esther gasped, falling to her knees and shaking all over.

She was shocked that that voice actually belonged to her seven years old daughter.

The door burst open and Cassandra cane in,fury written all over her face.

Esther moved back on the floor,as Cassandra moved towards her,her dagger in her hand.

“Just die mummy. Die peacefully.” Cassandra said, almost getting to her.

“Get away from me,you devil!” Esther screamed but Cassandra only laughed.

“Did I just hear you say that, mummy? But you asked for it.

Seems like you don’t even know but you were already pregnant when you went to request for me.

Your womb was damaged and I entered. But now it’s time for you to die.

Go and rest in peace!” Cassandra said as Esther’s mouth opened wide.

She was already pregnant then?

Only if she had known…to wait on God’s time…she would have found out but now…..

Esther let out a loud gasp as the dagger pissed her flesh and found it’s way into her stomach.

Blood flowed….flowed past the door…all over the kitchen as she struggled with death.

One last look as her killer,she gave up the ghost.

Cassandra smiled as she heard jubilation in the ocean. Queen mother was proud of her.

She bent down,cleaned her dagger on Esther’s body and put it back into her pocket.

She washed her hand and left the kitchen.

She went out of the house and returned to school leaving the whole door open just like the last time.

After a little while,she came back home, knowing Danny would be home soon too.

It was a Friday and he usually comes home early on Fridays.

She got home and entered the kitchen, looking at her mother’s cold body on the floor.

She smiled evilly. Today,she would finish the job…and they will say goodbye to the world……

She jerked her head up suddenly.

Someone was coming.



Danny drive into the compound, parking his car at the parking lot.

He came down, carrying his brief case with him. He stopped when he saw the front door open. He hesitated before going inside.

“Esther.” He called, dropping his brief case on the nearest sofa.

“Sweetheart,I’m home.” He called again, sinking into a cushion.

He yawned tiredly, expecting to hear his wife’s footsteps on the stairs, coming to welcome him home but everywhere remained silent.

Total silence engulfed the whole house.

Danny stopped and looked towards the stairs. He listened again.

No sound.

Not even a single sound.

He stood up from the cushion and started climbing up the stairs, feeling strange as the hair at the back of his neck stood erect.

“Esther.” He called as he swung open the bedroom door and looked in.


He entered and looked inside the bathroom.

No sign of his wife.

“Where is Esther in this house that she wouldn’t have heard my voice? She must be inside since the front door was opened.”

Danny said and left the room, going back downstairs and heading towards the kitchen.

He stopped again,his heart beating fast as he saw the kitchen door wide open.

What was happening?.

He stepped in and his face flushed with horror. His heart stopped beating as he went inside slowly,staring at his wife on the ground.

He did not want to believe what he was seeing….blood……thick blood…. everywhere….

“Esther… Esther….” He could barely hear himself as he bent towards her, lifting her lifeless head. He desperately wanted to scream…to shout…to kill himself right now but he could not.

He only held her head,unable to think think about what might have happened.

Then he heard movements and looked up. His mouth flew open as the tears that had refused to come down,rushed all over his face.

With his reddish eyes,he stared at Cassandra,his seven years old daughter, standing in front of the door,with a dagger in her right hand.

Danny could not believe his eyes. He thought he was dreaming.

He let go of Esther’s head and tried to stand up but his legs seemed they had stopped functioning.

He could not carry himself up as he stared at Cassandra, horrified.

“Cassandra….cas……how….how … could you?”he stuttered out.

Cassandra gave him a evil sided smile and waved her dagger in front of her face,then looked at him straight in the eyes.

“You guys will always make that number one mistake of calling me that sickening name.

My name is not Cassandra! I’m Annabella!” Cassandra roared and started walking towards him as Danny shook his head, moving back.

He could not believe that the voice he just heard was coming from the child in front of him.

“Come to me,daddy.”Cassandra said,and laughed at the look on Danny’s face.

“If you come close to me,I will kill you! Who are you! What have you done to my daughter!”Danny shouted,still moving back.

“I’m your daughter, daddy. Can’t you see? I just wanted to help you…to help you reduce the pain and loneliness you feel right now.

Let me end your life so you can join your beloved wife.” Cassandra said and in a flash,she was standing over Danny who raised his leg and kicked her hand ,trying to make the dagger go off from her hand but it seemed as if it was already glued to her hand.

Cassandra laughed and pinned him down, grabbing his neck.

Danny fought on.

He slapped away her hand and punched her hard on the face.

Cassandra rolled off from him but the dagger remained in place.

He pinned her to the floor and tried to take the dagger from her hand but he was amazed at the type of strength she exhibited.

He could not believe a seven year old was stronger than him.

In his state of confusion, Cassandra kicked him on the stomach.

Danny yelled in pain and landed on the ground, wincing in pain as Cassandra got up on her knees and rolled on top of him again.

Danny shook his head on the ground,helpless..No…..No!!!

“Goodbye daddy.!!”Cassandra laughed out the words and raised the dagger high above her head, bringing it down into his stomach…………….


Only if she hadn’t listened to mama’s nagging…….😥😥😥

What happens next?

Who is the next Victim??😮😮

Find out in the next episode!!!

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The Mermaid Episode 8
The Mermaid Episode 6
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