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🧜{Love Is A Crime}

“Con….con… congratulations…your wife has given…birth to a baby girl.” The doctor stammered as he came out of the labour room,and saw Danny waiting.

Danny sighed happily as he shook hands with the doctor.”Oh, doctor….thank you so much.

Ah, God! Finally.” Danny said and noticed that the doctor was smiling nervously.”But….hope everything is alright?” Danny asked.

“Everything is perfectly okay but I don’t understand how a new baby will be wearing a necklace of any sort into the world.”

Danny’s face crumpled up with confusion as his head dipped down.” A necklace!”


Danny stood beside Esther as they both stared at their new baby together.

It was already evening.

They were already in another room and mama too was in her way to the hospital to see her new grandchild.

“What do you suggest we do about this necklace? Why would you say we shouldn’t remove it?” Danny asked Esther.

“I just feel like the medallion is important. Why can’t we just leave it for now?” Esther asked and just then,mama entered jubilantly.

She rushed over to them and dropped her bag on the bed, hugging Esther first.

“You’ve done a marvelous thing,my dear! Thanks be to God!”

Mama said, carrying her grandchild and staring down at her with love.”Wow…what an adorable baby girl.

You are welcome my dear.” Mama said but she did not notice the strange medallion.

“Danny, please. Let’s go home first thing tomorrow morning. I’m already strong enough.” Esther said as Danny nodded.

The baby fell asleep and was placed inside the baby’s cot.

“Have you breastfeeded her?” Mama asked and Esther quickly nodded.

It was a fatal lie. She could not tell anyone that her own new born baby refused to suck her breast!

Three days after the baby’s birth,she was named Cassandra.

Then they started seeing wonder.


Six months later, Cassandra could walk already. She would jump from step to another.

As she grew,her medallion grew with her. Esther knew she could not complain about anything whenever she remembered the source of her pregnancy.

Cassandra was not like other kids who cried to their mummy for things. She was always on her own, doing things are self!

“What type of sharpness do you call that! She’s too small to have started walking.

That means we have to put her in school. Can’t you see how strong she is?

Look right now,I’m afraid of my own daughter. As in… Cassandra doesn’t look like a baby.”Danny said one night when they’ve retired to bed.

“Danny you worry too much. I’ve told you several times that God blessed us with a sharp kid as compensation for the delay but you keep on complaining!

If Cassandra can go to school,I don’t mind putting her there. Kindergarten of course.”

Esther said and Danny stared unbelievably at her.

“Just listen to yourself. How can you say a six month old should go to school? No o.

it won’t happen in this house. Cassandra will be one year old before going to school.” Danny said and went to sleep.

Esther sat thinking. A six months old baby? Already walking and even preparing to talk!.


Six years later……

Cassandra walked into the house in her uniform,her face unsmiling and full of rage and hatred.

Her hair fell across her shoulders. She looked so beautiful and light skinned.

She just had a message from the ocean to start her mission on Earth and needed someone…. someone to go first.

She dropped her bag on the nearest sofa next to her and stared around the house, straining her ears to know if someone was around.

Oh..oh…that annoying old woman is here.

Cassandra stood at the middle of the room,her eyes changing it’s dark colours.

Kill her…kill her…kill her…..!! Cassandra jerked her head up as the voice formed put of her medallion.

She smiled as she heard mama coming down from the stairs. Mama flinched as she saw Cassandra standing there like that. She was scared to her bone marrows.

“You this girl! Why do you like standing and scaring people,why? Do you want to give me heart attack one day!” mama scolded angrily but Cassandra continued staring at her, through the rage in the eyes.

Mama stopped Midway and looked at Cassandra again. She was getting scared.

The look on this six year wasn’t a look of six year at all. It looked like a look on the face of a thousand year old demon.

“What… what’s wrong with you? Ho upstairs and change your school uniform!” Mama commanded but Cassandra kept staring at her as the voice continued ringing in her ears.

Mama was both angry and scared at the same time.

“Cassandra, I’m talking to you…..

“My name!”, Cassandra shouted,her voice like that of an adult cut mama shut as she moved back.

” Is not Cassandra.” Cassandra said and mama looked at her supposed grandchild. She thought she was only playing around.

“How dare you shout at me like that,you silly child?” Mama queried and to her Surprise, Cassandra started laughing.

Only if this old woman knows she’s about to say goodbye to the world….

Mama felt insulted. What type of a child is this? “Cassandra,stop!” Mama scolded.

I won’t condone any insult from you just because you are a child.”

Cassandra stopped immediately,rage filling her face again as the woman called her that name again.

“I told you my name is not Cassandra. I’m Annabella!”

“You must be suffering from lack of home training and peer pleasure because your mummy dotes on you too much.

I warned her. Now see the result.

I won’t hear any rubbish from you again. Go upstairs and change your clothes!”

Mama said but Cassandra stood still, waiting for the old woman to come to her.

Kill her…kill her…kill her…..

“Are you deaf? I said go upstairs and change.” Mama said marching to Cassandra.

Kill her…kill her…. kill her…..with the dagger….kill her…

As soon as she reached her and grabbed her ear, Cassandra pulled out a little dagger from her school pocket and drove it into Mama’s stomach.

Mama screamed and let go of her, falling to the ground as blood sputtered out but Cassandra let out a loud laughter as she continued to sink the knife into the woman’s belly,again and again…. deeper and deeper….


Who’s going next??..🦂🦂

Find out in the next episode!!👇👇

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