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🧜{Love Is A Crime}🧜

In less than ten minutes, Esther got dressed and they left the house.

Esther started her car engine and they got inside her car. Soon,they were on the way.

After driving almost close to an hour, driving past streets after streets, Esther turned to look at Agnes, confused.

“Where exactly are we going to? We have been driving close to an hour now. Where do you say we are going to?”Esther questioned.

“Just keep going. I will tell you when to stop driving.” Agnes replied, staring around the road.

Esther breathed in and sped up. They drove for extra two hours before they finally got to a small village.

They came down from the car. Esther looked around, confused.”Where’s this place?” She asked, turning look at Agnes.

“This is Udori town . We are going to park this car here and trek down to the temple.” Agnes replied.

“Temple? What temple!” Esther asked.

“Come on, Esther. Your questions are becoming too much. You wanted to come here desperately,right?

The temple where we are going to meet up with the woman who is going to help you conceive of course.” Agnes said impatiently.

They took a bush part and trekked down for a long minute before they got to a open land which had a single building on it….the temple.

“We are here. That’s the temple over there.” Agnes said and Esther stared at the white building ahead her.

Her mind told her to run, screamed at her to run but Esther ignored it, rather,she found herself going on with her friend.

Agnes removed her shoes and entered the wide open room. Esther removed her shoes too and enter the hall.

“Mother of babies, peace be unto you.” Agnes greeted as soon as they entered.

Esther stared on,her heart pounding.

“Peace be unto you,my child!” A loud voice answered and Esther looked up to see a woman coming inside the hall through the back room with her back turned against them.

Agnes bowed and Esther did the same.

“You may have your seats my children and look up and tell mother of babies what you have come to do at the temple.” The woman said and they looked up.

Esther nearly gasped when she saw the woman’s fave. She looked so young she knew she was very older than her.

How could she call them her children? Esther wondered.

“Well,that’s because I may look young but I’ve lived on this Earth for over an hundred years.”

The woman replied and Esther flinched, scared to her born. She glanced at Agnes.

“How…how did she knew what…!” Esther asked and the woman smiled,cutting her short with the raise of her hand.

“You must desperate indeed. You should have allowed your friend to bring you here the first place.

Your pains would have come to an end. No need to explain anything to me. Mere looking at you,I know everything already.” The woman said as Esther nodded vigorously.

She wanted desperately for her problems to be solved.

“Please..em…em… mother of babies, please help me out. I’m ready to pay anything. Just make this possible for me. I will do anything if this is actually done. Please,help me and shame those people that have turned me into a laughing stock.” Esther sobbed, almost kneeling down.

Mother of babies laughed and stood up.”Get up, Esther.” She commanded. Esther stood up sharply and mother of babies turned to the alter.

She raised up her two hands, chanting some inaudible incantations.

She went back inside and brought out a clay pot, placing it in front of the alter.

She told Esther to come closer to the alter and she immediately did so.

“Kneel in front of that pot.” M.O.B instructed and Esther did as instructed.

“Tonight,you must make love to you husband.

This pot you are kneeling in front of,is full of water from the ocean and you are going to go home with it.

Immediately you get home,place it under your matrimonial bed. It must be done before you have a sexual intercourse with your husband.

After that,the next day,when you are alone. Bring out the pot and open it. An egg will appear.

Take it out and go straight to the kitchen. Boil it and eat every part of the egg. Don’t peel off. I repeat, don’t peel off!” M.O.B shouted as Esther nodded vigorously.

“I will do as you’ve told me.” She quickly replied.

“Touch the pot thrice and carry it.”

Esther quickly touched it twice and lifted up the pot ever gently. It was so light she doubted if there was any water in it.

“But what do we give you, mother of babies?” Agnes asked as she stood up.

M.O.B smiled.”Let her come back alone with her pregnancy and offer whatever she wants to offer. You may leave now!”

M.O.B shouted and the two women immediately left the temple.

When they got to the car,Esther quickly put the clay pot inside the booth before she could talk.”Are you sure this is going to work?” She asked Agnes who have a a reassuring smile.

“Trust me. Just do as instructed and everything will work out fine.” Agnes replied.

She got home in the evening and went into the house, leaving the clay pot inside the car.

She planned to bring it out in the night when everyone had retired to sleep.

“And where have you been since morning?Danny threw at her as soon as she came in.

He was sitting with Mama in the living room.

Mama sneered and hissed loudly,before looking away.

“I…I… went out to get something with Agnes my friend. You know her, right?” Esther said.

“And where is the something that you got?” Danny asked as Esther scratched her head.”Well I did not see my choice of mattress the mall.”

“Matress? That’s all you can think of in this situation, Esther?” Mama queried.

“What else do you want me to think of, Ma?

Should I kill myself so everybody will know that this situation is also killing me?”Esther asked, losing her temper.

What was wrong with the old hag?

Mama was instantly furious as she stood up to pick a fight with Esther. Esther did not wait. She walked upstairs, leaving the woman barking downstairs.

At 12 midnight,Esther brought out the pot and gently carried it inside their bedroom.

Carefully,not to wake Danny up,she placed it under the bed.

After she was done with that,She joined Danny in bed and forced him on herself then they had sex.



“Tonight,someone is going to leave us and out of this kingdom for years to the human world.

To bring more souls and win more hearts to the water world.

Mother of babies made sacrifices just right now and have requested from me a child for a couple.

I need more from the human world and therefore I’m going to send someone capable.”

Queen mother said,and pointed her staff at a girl, sitting in the middle in front of her.

“Annabella,You’ve always wanted to go out to the human world and experience the world out there.

I guess this is the opportunity to do so and I’m trusting you for a job well done by the time you shall come back.” The queen mother said as the girl swarm up, her tail shining with it’s bright pink colour.

She was the most beautiful, prettiest and smartest with long beautiful dark hair.

Others were jealous of her tail for it was adorned with shinning diamonds.

“Yes, queen of the coast, send me for I am going to bring souls to you. My so called parents are going to be the first to go.”Annabella said,evil smile playing across here face.

Queen mother smiled and wore her a medallion.”This is to prevent you from turning into a mermaid out there whenever water touches you. You must not take it off.” Queen mother said.

“Yes, mother.” Annabella replied.

“You must not take it off on no account and that’s why love must not appear in your heart.

Love is forbidden.It is a crime in the water world. If you must succeed,don’t fall in love! Don’t fall in love with a human! I repeat… don’t fall in love with a human!!…….


Get ready to receive Annabella into the human world!😪😪😪

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The mermaid Episode 3
The Mermaid episode 1
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