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🧜{Love Is A Crime}🧜

Everybody turned to look at them. Johnny was both surprised and amazed.

Cassandra flushed will embarrassment as she managed an apologetic smile.

“Sorry….I….saw something in your food.” Cassandra stammered.

Gradually, people turned their attention away from them and Cassandra sat back down.

“What did you see in the food that made you react like that?” Johnny asked, brushing away grains of time from his clothes.

Cassandra said nothing. Her face twisted in pain.


She get out a sudden scream, clutching her stomach.

Johnny leapt out of his seat and rushed to her, holding her from falling.

“What’s it? What’s wrong!” He queried but Cassandra said nothing.

Her screams only increased. Everyone stared at her, wondering what was happening to her.

Suddenly,she went out of breath and collapsed.

Johnny was alarmed.

Everywhere was in chaos as they tried to revive her but Cassandra remained as still as ever.

It was beyond their control.

Johnny shouted her name, shaking her shoulders but Cassandra remained still.

He removed his jacket,threw it to the floor and carried Cassandra out of the cafeteria.


*****IN THE OCEAN*****

Queen mother was furious. So furious to see what was happening out there on Earth. How could she have destroyed her own plans with her own hands?

“Queen mother,are you going to take her life?” Aquaria asked.

Queen mother breathed heavily, wanting so much to destroy Cassandra for daring to disobey her. Protecting a human!

“I don’t want to believe what my instinct is telling me!

I don’t want to believe she’s trying to go against the rules which is going to bring down her powers and destroy her,cutting short her mission!” Queen mother said, hitting her staff on her palm.

She was furious, devastated, enraged.

“There is only one thing which I’m going to do to her to lock all feelings away from her and that is what I’ve just started. By the time she wakes up!

Her mind will be lost!”Queen mother said and all the mermaids in the water gasped.

“Queen mother…..don’t tell are going to….Lord of the realms!

That would be disastrous. She’s going to kill anyone at sight!” Aquaria shrieked.

Queen mother laughed.” Since she has allowed stupid feelings into her… she’s gonna pay by showing her real self to the world.

None of you should worry a bit. Even if her power fails,I won’t fail to go out there and fight for her.

From now on, Cassandra will become fierce…. merciless….no family….no home…

I’m going to cast away her memory and her heart…she will have no mind of her own as soon as she wakes up from her faint.

That boy!”Roared queen mother, banging her fist in her thrown handle.” Could even the first victim for he could be there when she wakes up. Haa haha! haa!!!

How surprised he’s going to be! To see her eyes…..change colour!

Let me see how this will go on. Cassandra arise! Arise and bring more souls!”

Queen mother screamed out the words and laughed evilly.


Cassandra gasped and woke up as soon as she heard queen mother in her sleep.

She opened her eyes and two pair of green eyes spackled.

Her mouth slipped open,as she breathed in fastly.
She looked around,trying to remember where she was and how she got here and who brought her but everything eluded her mind.

Slowly,she got up from the bed,her finger nails longer and fierce.

She wanted to kill! Wanted to kill the world! Her body shooked from the want if killing.

Her eyes were wide open, refusing to even blink.

She was in Johnny’s house.

She found the door and opened it, unaware of who she was,her name and even where she came from.

She just wanted to kill…wanted to destroy as many as possible.

No one was in sight as she walked down the stairs,into the hall and outside the compound.

Johnny was in the kitchen preparing an olive oil for her when he saw her from the kitchen window, leaving the compound.

His eyes flew wide open.

Right now as he stared at her back and his spiritual eyes opened wide for him to see who she really was.

He saw her tail, shinning in the ocean…just behind her as she walked out of the gate.

He dropped the glass cup in his hand and it broke.

“Johnny! Don’t tell me it’s the olive oil you are making for your friend that is falling!” A woman shouted from upstairs. It was Johnny’s mother, Maggie.

Johnny was too shooked to talk,he was too shooked to talk.

Cassandra….a mermaid??

His spiritual views never failed him.

He shared the same power and gift with his dad.

She had left the compound but he still stared on,glued to that spot when he heard a powerful voice…from above…which roared with the unpredictable thunder that roamed the sky that moment.

…She needs help……help….help…. people are in danger…..danger….

The voice rang continuously in his head and Johnny jerked up,getting hold of himself.

“Help? How do I help a mermaid which must be destroyed!!” Johnny said aloud, unconsciously and stopped,waving at his head and realising that even though it was hard to believe,he would never be able to see her destroyed!

“What did you say?? What? Where!! Where did you see a mermaid!!”

Johnny turned towards his mother who stood by the door.

Without any other words, Johnny picked up a hot race and ran out of the kitchen.


Cassandra had killed two school kids on her way,by barely looking into their eye balls with her greenish eyes.

She got home and jerked the gate open, slipping inside with ease as though she was walking on air.

Her hands were a little wide apart from her body as she walked like a ghost.

Anybody who saw her coming would run for dear life!

Cassandra walked into the living room and saw Osmond, coming out of the room just in time.

This time, Osmond wasn’t drunk.

His heart almost jumped into his stomach.

He moved back as soon as he saw her.

She was terrifying,with her long hair covering some part of her face.

“You…..I said it! I said it! You devil! Get away from me!!” Osmond cried and turned to run back into the room but alas! It was miraculously locked!

He turned back again, falling to his knees and raising two of his hand up, shaking his head,as Cassandra closed up on him.

“No! No!! No!! Somebody help!! Somebody,help me!!!” Osmond cried out but Cassandra’s hands were on his neck now, choking him… choking him till he could no longer talk….till he could no longer breath…and then….his head ducked to the side,his tongue ripping out.

He was dead!

Cassandra stood up her hands like claws as she walked up the stairs…..up the stairs where Victoria was taking her nap.


Johnny panted heavily as he came to an halt at the junction where he and Cassandra stopped at,on the day he escorted her home.

He entered the street and stopped, confused.

He looked around, panting heavily.

He had been running, running heavily to catch up with her but couldn’t.

He did not even see her back on the road.

Where is her house? In which house…. does she lives here? Where! Where!

Johnny looked confusingly around,not knowing which compound to enter.

He quickly dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out his cell phone, hastily dialling a number.

“Hello,dad!! Where are you!… please,I need your help!!..Yes… right now!!”

Johnny said aloud into the phone and after saying a few okays,he hung up the line, looking around.

“God! Show me the way! Please!!”


Cassandra jerked the bedroom door opened and entered like a ghost,her green eyes going straight to Victoria who was sleeping on the bed.

She started walking towards her, walking towards her with her hands like claws,ready to twist her neck…..ready to grab her neck….!

She was almost there….. closing up on her….. climbing into the bed and no one was stopping her….!!

No one was… stopping her!!…..


Somebody please,
show Johnny the way ooooo!!😵

Will she succeed in Killing Victoria this time??😮😮

The next episode is
going to be a fierce battle…. 💀☠️💀

Don’t miss it!!!👹

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The Mermaid Episode 14
The Mermaid Episode 12
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