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🧜{Love Is A Crime}🧜

Cassandra immediately knew something was wrong with her as her eye changed colour for a moment.

She glared at Victor who was still crying on the floor and stood up.

What had he done to her?

Suddenly,her hand flew to her neck, searching frantically fir the medallion which she couldn’t find.

Perspiration and anger took over immediately.

Before she could take any other action,Agnes burst into the room.

She heard her son crying non-stop from the dinning.

Cassandra could hardly hide her true self. She was enraged.

Where could he have taken her medallion to? She searched his hand and the floor frantically with her eyes as Agnes lifted up her son.

“What happened, Cassandra? Why I’d he crying?” Agnes asked.

“I….just woke up now…I think he was playing and tripped.” Cassandra replied.

“Oh my God . Come downstairs and eat. Food is ready.”Agnes said and left the room, carrying her son with her while saying sorry to him.

Cassandra searched the room frantically,but it was no where to find

What if water touches her…what was she going to do?

She would turn into a mermaid and disappeared back into the water kingdom,then queen mother would be disappointed at her and others would jubilate.


Cassandra locked up the door, panting and looking frantically about the floor.

Surely it would be in this room since the kid did not take it outside.

But how sure was she?

She had to find that medallion! She had to.

She examined the place where Victor fell and found nothing.

She pushed the drawer away, expecting to see it there.


Then she noticed something shinning inside the little crack on the wall and stopped.

She dipped her hand inside it, drawing out the medallion………



Cassandra, fully grown into a beauty sat at the principal’s office,patiently waiting for Agnes to finish talking with the principal,with a large smirk on her face.

Over the years,she had waited, waited as queen mother instructed her to wait.

She was instructed to kill Agnes’s family they she might have brought her up.

She stared straight at the principal’s desk, hating everything around around.

Hating and despising the people around her.

She smiled to herself, assuring herself that the time to take off was near.

She would kill this woman who thinks she could order her around, telling her what to do and what she should not do!

Great Leaders high school was her fifth school that year and she was already in senior school two.

She was rather waiting patiently for the principal to stupidly send her back to her previous
class just like Aunty Aishat so she could begin her killing expedition from him but the principal didn’t.

He only told her to be a good girl before they left the office.

“Cassandra, please…for me. Try to be nice to your class mates and make friends!

Stop acting wield for them to start calling you a witch, please!” Agnes pleaded.

Cassandra only looked at her and looked away laughing out loud in her mind.

She doesn’t even know I’m more than witch and she’s getting nearer to her stinking grave!

Agnes later left the new school to drop off her kids in school while Cassandra traced her class.

She did not even need to ask questions. She knew where it was before she saw it.

She climbed up the landing stairs and stepped into the noisy class, adjusting her back.

Dozens of eyes stared at her as she came in.

Everywhere remained as silent as a grave yard.

Cassandra stared back at them, looking around for an empty space.

Bunch of saps! What are they staring at?

She started to go to the left side,where she saw an empty sit when yelled from the back.

“Hey, newbie! Won’t you introduce yourself?

Why would you walk in like that? Are you an intruder!” The boy yelled and half of the class burst out laughing.

Cassandra stopped walking and glance at the boy who spoke.

She smiled warningly and continued walking.

Students murmured within themselves deciding immediately that she was the snubbing and pompous type.

Anymore insults from you… will be the first to go…..

Cassandra got to the empty seat brought down her bag and sat down.

She sat still and stared at the board. Their noises irritated her.

Couldn’t normal human beings sit still and think?

How could they be so stupid to talk always!!

Some students walked to her,wanting to know her name and introduce their selves but
Cassandra bluntly ignored them and they angrily walked away naming her,”the silent snub”.

Cassandra’s fury rose. Her fist tightened.

She wanted to kill…to destroy right now!

As she started to breath heavily,she felt a hand touch her shoulder from the back.

Cassandra’s body shooked and her heavy breathing stopped.

She felt lightening all over her body!

Who had touched her!

Cassandra began to turn…for the first time in her life,fear! Fear entered her spirit.

When she turned and met the two pair of eyes that stared back at her,fire burned from it, penetrating into hers!

Cassandra let out a gasp, blinding her eyes against the light and stood up.

A guy…..with the face of a lamb.

Before she could ask him who he was,the boy stared at her medallion and stared back into her face.

“Who are you?”

Cassandra flinched and her eyes widened at the question.

It was her first time to feel this way,the very first time someone’s voice would sound so deeply in her soul, bringing out new strange feeling.

What was this? What is happening to me??….just who is the guy!!…………


Who is the guy??🤔🤔

Love is a crime starts here……💔💔

Grab on and watch!!

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The Mermaid Episode 11
The Mermaid Episode 9
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