The irony of gold (part 2)

The irony of gold (part 1)

6. A Gold Is A Gold
Dearest Gold possessor, Don’t mimic Silver. If you’re Gold, be Gold. Though Silver may be popular, Gold is Special, Silver may be Costly but Gold is Expensive. Silver may be everywhere but Gold is Rare and precious. Don’t be distracted. The glitters will surely pester you. But Remember this,if you need quality material in a market,you don’t find it at the entrance. When you go inside,you’ll see quality. So keep forging ahead. Don’t be distracted. What you need is ahead not near. Remember also that Different mineral abound:pyrite,quartz,lead,
Sulfur, torqoise ,Copper, Malachite… But Gold is always distinguished. Maintain the worth. one day,the net profit of your type of Gold will rise and others will come down.
Never be found wanting. Never say”Had I known “.

7. Invest into Your Gold
Don’t be idle . I don’t mean become a busy body o.
What I mean here is that you should update your knowledge, Skills, and talents. Research on how it can fit in and yield gain in the contemporary society. A lot of Gold possessors don’t know themselves. And that is why you should invest into yourself. If you’re in school, please study,if you’re learning a trade,learn as if you’ll be a master one day. Think .Create. Write down your ideas. Imagine. Explore good opportunities. Help a friend who is whining away. Give advice,Seek advise. Discuss your ideas with serious minded people. Not with a mediocre. By their characters you shall know them. Add value to yourself. When you’re a person of value, when you’re someone who has added value to himself or herself, you won’t joke with yourself and others won’t joke with you. No one cajoles with a Gold piece..

8. A ship without Navigation,is doomed for doom. There’s a Navigator who will help you achieve this and more without Sinking. His Name is Jesus Christ. Let me surprise you by telling you that he’s actually more than #Gold. If you have Jesus, you have Everything. Anchor on him to achieve your success in life.
He who has Wisdom, let him understand.

So you may wonder,why I titled my piece, “The IRONY Of Gold”. This paragraph will explain. You know Gold is always deep down in the Earth. Yeah! That applies to you too.
You may may not be recognized today. You may be in a dark and ugly phase of life today, you may feel abandoned and lost but I’ve come to tell you that ,one day,you’ll be found. There’s some drilling going on. And when you’re found, your worth intact, my dear ,you’ll sail…for sure..
Every Gold is always inside somewhere deep.
Your predicament or situation doesn’t rate you less,it doesn’t mean you’re down. Just keep your hope alive. Keep the worth.
The side of the coin you’re on now may be miserable, frustrating, hopeless…
But I assure you, One day,God will cause a toss to occur . That toss will land on the other side of the coin. The better side.
It may be bad and ugly today but remember there’s another side, and it’ll be better.. Just Hold on
That side will be revealed Soon..
When that toss occurs,your next side will be better.
So don’t depreciate
Don’t wear out
Don’t lose hope
Don’t trade your worth
Add value to yourself
Remember Value lost cannot be easily recovered
So safeguard your Gold.
What I say to you, Is what I say to all ” Hang_On”…
This is My IRONY….

Written by Favour Ephraim

The irony of gold (part 1)

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