The irony of gold (part 1)

The irony of gold (part 2)


The irony of Gold is like the two sides to a coin.
A coin has two sides_ I’ll portray them here as “The good side” and ” The bad side “.
Everyone was born with gold,everyone is expected to have a tinkle of gold no matter how miserable the person may be. But actually, this varies, as some have lost theirs due to some reasons,while others varies in types and quantities.
Many,we perceived to be Wonderful as Gold,but in reality, they are glitters,which will fade away after every pro’s and Con’s and reveal their true fake identity.

1. So never let appearance deceive you. Don’t be slain by sight.
A human’s heart is not like the papaya, which you can easily open and view it’s in depth intentions. A gold possessor knows it’s worth. And that Worth, is worth keeping and preserving under Sun and Rain. In the long run, a person’s real,will reveal. You’ll lose if you traded your gold for glitters..Remember all that glitters… You know the rest…

2. Keep that Gold in You
Some present situations do not promise even a glimpse of new better horizons. But..still hold on. Check the history of great men and women today,they were once wallowing in obscurity but they didn’t lose the Gold.. The gold may be your vision, your ethnics, your talents,your virtue…If you lose your Gold, you’ve lost your Goal..

3. Don’t trade your Gold
A lot of folks, have gold too,but it’s fake. It has a tendency to appear as real but remember (Glitters). Never be confused. To get Pure Gold from real Gold, requires purification in order to get the impurities out. The impurities do not help the Gold that is why it’s been removed. It’s pertinent to know that when undergoing purification may pose for trying times. Don’t wash down the drain,alongside your impurities.
To be the gold,there are things that must be forsaken. It may hurt but it pays. Some people are like impurities, mine them out of your life..If not,they’ll stay with you and help you lose out with them..
Remember not everyone likes Good things Especially if these Good things are Gold..

4. Protect your Gold
You’ll need it one day. The day you’ll step into the market of life to strike it rich is when the need of your inside Gold comes calling.
Apply wisdom here.
It’s like a woman who makes a full market list of items she needs to buy but on getting to the market, She realises that, She’s not with any Cash.. Be prepared.. You have your objectives in life,your family has expectations of you, presto! Even the world would beckon on you one day…The list is filling, it’s going up..
Your market day may come at any moment. Don’t be taken unawares. Because if you think others will be looking at you continuously for help, you’ll be mistaken as others will also rise from oblivion and make judicious profits with their Gold,which will manifest.
What explanation will you give to your world,when opportunities meant for your uprising and others Edification is been usurped by another, while you step aside and wonder how the person rose. Remain vigilant. Remember one day,the miranet of life would call you yonder..Some day,Some time.

5. Gold is not Touchy

Because it knows it’s worth. Unlike glue which sticks to everything in it’s way. Well,both have specific values but you can’t compare Gold to glue.
No one also toys with Gold because of it’s Value.
It may seem as though none notices you with your 360 degrees talents . But I tell you, One day, thousand of people will be struggling to let you know they acknowledge your worth. Even power has a prize.
Don’t go sticky as glue. Mind even whom you embrace.. The world is no more safe as before.. You’re too valuable.. Yeah Some glue,might actually pester you. Try them all. it’s your shine that attracts glitters.
The clue I’ll give here is the law of Magnetism. As the law of Magnetism goes, you should follow suit
A lot of folks will come, like glitters.
Some good, others bad. Know which to repel,know which to refuse. The puzzle here is that,it’s not plastered on the forehead.. Recently I had decided to pay some attention to people who dressed well,who were good looking, neat,Responsible and in significant cadres of life,than to the perceived Bad peeps who were gum chewing, Rag wearing, tag Sagging, Tongue Wagging,Feet Zagging,Rascal Haircutting, Mismatched English Speaking Guys. But I was so wrong. I soon discovered that the worst of these glitters are those who are in the first nice Category. They are really pretenders. Most of them. They may look good, giving you a No erring impression but Presto! Their own Deception is called Coperate and Coded Deception.
So sifting comes in here. As both the helpers and Detractors would glitter. Apply Wisdom Here.
Because if you repel your helpers,you’ll suffer because the detractors don’t have Nothing to offer.
But still be Careful because a helper today may turn a detractor overnight.. Jealousy can arise.. Remember..

The irony of gold (part 2)

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