We no go gree
Things Mustn't Fall Apart

Tears thou salty fellow,
quite often your visit feign friend.
Trip after trip thou hast tore a tour path in my face,
You flow leaving a trail when my heart fears.
Your visit never in vain idle tears,
like hurried splatters you come racing,
when my emotions whisper into your eager ears
Many a burden my emotions thirst
Your salty drops a sorting press,
Our vain friendship is strain has your visit atimes is strange.
Sorrowfully my heart mourns, your visit inevitable
Merrily my heart leaps, your visit inevitable
My heart in pain,mockers in sight
my pride will fall, stay back i scream aloud
admidst my scream you shot your shot
Rolling down your familiar trails, to my lips i taste
Your salty skin, to my chest your resting place.
I would have loved an end to our friendship
But your visit quenches the flames
When my heart burns, blameless Friend
How can i blame you, nature friend.

We no go gree
Things Mustn't Fall Apart
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Male, 25 years Nigerian Writer. Novelist,poet,blogger and social media influencer Professional Economist.

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