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Kim pov

Let me properly introduce my self ,i am kim and the leader of kd girls we are a music group ,licia is my best friend and anny is my junior sister ,we have always been singing right from small but i love dancing ,i have been friends with the twins right from childhood and i am inlove with jayden,through out our music career we have been doing great and i am proud to say we have made a whole lot of money by ourself but there is just one thing missing which you will soon find out

I heard the twins will be tutoring dance and music in talent high and that i why i made every proper preparations to be choose also to became a tutor in talent high,because this could be the only chance i have to make jayden fall inlove with me and i will do anything to make that happen

😰maddy pov😰

I picked my phone and called my dad

📱Dad “i called faking cry

📱My Angel what is wrong “dad asked

📱Dad the kd girls are here in talent high are they are spoiling my chance of making jayden mine “i said sniffing

📱When did they arrive “he asked

📱Just yesterday”i answered

📱Dont worry my dear i will do all i can to make sure that are out of the way “my dad said and i jumped exictedly

📱Awwn thanks daddy you are the best”i said smiling

📱 You always welcome”he said and ended the call

“Well that went well”i said smiling at my best friend betty

“Yes so well,i cant wait for those girls to leave this school”betty said

I applied some make up to my face and faced the standing mirror

“how do i look “i asked betty giving her a twirl

“Perfect”she said and i smiled

I was wearing a crop top and bum short that brought out my curves and expose my bare laps and slender legs with a flip flop slippers. Am going to jayden apartment for the private rehearsals ,well like you guy i dont care about the fucking rehearsals

I knocked on the gate

“How may i help you miss”the gateman asked

“Am here to see jayden ,he asked me to come ” i said and he let me in

I walked straight to the apartment i was about to ring the door bell when he came out

” hi jay “i said smiling

“Come in “he said and followed behind him gently ,he didnt even respond to my greetings but i dont care

“Nice apartment”i said admiring the place and thinking he will reply but hell no he didnt ,i wonder what kind of person he is ,well i dont care i dont feel anything for him anyways i just have to act and make him fall for me

He took me to a dancing room that was beautifully designed and turned of the music and began teaching me some moves ,i was expecting him to look at my body but hell no he was so focused on what he was teaching me ,i danced seductively to the music but still this guy is just forward i think this will be more harder than i expected ,soon the door opened and the kd girls walked in immediately the blood in my body rushed immediately ,my anger was rising

“what is she doing here” kim asked jayden

“Am teaching her some dance moves”jayden replied

“Can you leave “kim said looking at me what

“How can you just come in here and ask me to leave “i said glaring at her

“Jay please tell her to leave “kim said

“How can you come in here and ask someone i brought in myself to leave ,what are you”jayden asked her and she felt embarrassed ,servers her right

“I think we will end it here today maddy”jayden said and left the room ,and i stuck my tongue out and began laughing at kim ,i know jayden didnt make any move towards me but sticking up for me just made everything better

Jayden pov

I left there angrily,how can kim come there and tell someone i brought in to leave ,she always does that anytime she sees me with another girl ,i think i need to make it clear to her that she is not my girlfriend and i dont feel anything towards her

I walked to the musical room at talent high ,when i heard someone playing a piano ,i opened the door gently and it was that girl from my dancing group that looks like a boy

” i didnt know you play piano”i said and she flinched ,i sat down close to her

” I play a little” she said

” Let me teach you” i said and began guiding her ,i dont know why but i felt really peaceful and happy when i sat close to her

Soon i started singing and she joined in ,her voice was smooth and clear and it reminds me of someone

T b c

so people said they are confused ,please ask what your confused about below

Talent High Episode 9
Talent High Episode 7
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