Talent High Episode 4

Talent High Episode 5
Talent High Episode 3


💞Jayden pov💞

When i was done with the mini audition ,i went to the musical room,on approaching there i heard that same voice ,my mysterious lady voice as beautiful as anything ,i walked in but i didnt see the person ,i searched arround but still the same ,am sure i heard her sing again or am i imagining things ,i sat down and began playing and singing someone you love by lewis capaldi
I really need to find that person with such an amazing voice and among all the people that sang no one matches her”what if shes a ghost”i thought ,,no it cant be

😊Lena pov😊

I sat down in a small garden close to the training hall ,when i saw jamal walking towards my direction with his eyes glued to his phone am not sure he saw me ,he opened a bottle of drink and wanted to drink it when i ran to him and hit the drink off hand

“What was that for ” he yelled angrily

“sorry but that drink has lime in it and you are allergic to lime “i replied and he stared at me in shock

“Omg thank you ,,you just saved my life,how did you know “he asked

“Am a big fan “i said and smiled

“Thanks so much” he said ,pecked my cheeks and left

i ran to my room,closed the door and leaned on it trying to take in what just happened ,i jumped on my bed playing with my teddy bear and started smiling stupidly playing the scene over and over again in my head ,i cant believe he said i saved his life,he smiled at me for the first time since i know him he has never smiled talk more of pecking a girl on the cheecks ,his lips were so soft when he placed them on my cheeks ,i pincked my self to check if its a dream but no it is not,this is real life ,i kept jumping up and down in my room and smiling stupidly like someone who won a lottery well this is much more than a lottery

🌺 Baby pov 🌺

I heard the door closed and i knew the person left,i really wished to see the persons face with such an amazing voice ,i ran out of the hall and went straight to my room

“Hey baby,were have you been” Alicia asked as i entered the room

“I went for a stroll”i replied as i sat down and began removing my shoe

I lay on my bed and starred at the celling remembering the voice i heard earlier today and dozzed off

“Baby wake up”alicia yelled and i stood up immediately

“You really dont keep to time do you “alicia said as she shoved her sphagetti into her mouth and then my stomach grumbled

“We have ten minutes before the training starts”she said as i entered the bathroom,i quickly took a shower and wore my clothes ,,hurridely eat my food before joinig alicia outside

“Bestie” lena yelled as she approached me exictedly

“Woh you look extremely happy than normal”i said and she smiled even more

“He pecked me”she whisphered into my ear

” who”i asked in shock

“Jamal” she answered

“oh i can wait for the full gist”i replied as we entered into the training hall

“Those for dancing follow jayden and those for singing follow jamal “a man yelled

“Since it was dancing i registered for i followed jayden along side some people we went to a room were its wall was glass and one could see himself anywhere and the room has big speakers everywhere

We were made to stand in rows while jayden taught us some basic steps and we began practising

“you know you could dance better if you wear normal clothes apart from these rags “jayden said to me

“am comfortable in what i wear”i replied rudely and he asked me to do a flip dance which i did and landed my butt on the floor and everybody laughed at me

😊Lena pov 😊

“hey you smiling sing the last verse”Jamal pointed at me and i began singing

“Do you have a frog in your throat”he asked and everybody laughed at me
Whats up with this guy ,is he not the same person that pecked me ,he just spoilt my happy mood

Soon i walked out of the hall after traning sadly

“How was it “baby asked as she saw me

“Bad” i replied and she nooded

“jamal is so rude “i said

“Jayden is a jerk”baby said

“I sing way better than him” i said

“Jayden is arrogant “baby said and we starred at each other

“Do you want to teach them a lesson “baby asked and i nodded immediately

“What are the scared of “baby asked

“Worms ,cocroaches …..

“Wait do you just say cocorach “baby asked and i nodded

Game on

😂 baby pov 😂

i ran close to the garden were i normally see croaches and packed them in a jar

We searched for the twins and found them in the gym alone

I bent on the floor holding the two jar of cocroach while lena was on the look out ,i crawled in the gym and release the croaches then ran out before the could see me ,weo locked the door from the outside and placed our ears on the door

“Cocroach” i heard jayden yelled

“Omg they are many”jamal replied

“They are big”

“They are many”

And soon they were screaming and yelling “cocroach” banging the door to open while me and lena stood outside laughing our ass out

Talent High Episode 5
Talent High Episode 3
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