Talent High Episode 23 & 24

Talent high episode 25 finale
Talent High Episode 22

Two episodes like i promise

Baby pov

Later that day

Lena and i left the twin apartment to go prepare from the general mimi audition

I guess some people are being scared of being kicked out because the whole school was noisy

People grouped their self some were daning some were singing and many more

I knew i was going to nail it because jay taught us well

I arrived at my and did some little rehearsal before sleeping off because its going to be a big day tomorrow

I was woken by alicia

“Gosh is it morning already”i asked alicia

“yes” she replied

“Aiish it seems and just going to bed and your waking me up immediately”i replied and layed on the bed

“will you get your lazy ass off the bed ,have you forgotten what today is “she half yelled and i arched my eye brown

“Omg i almost forgot”i yelled and ran into the bathroom while alicia chuckled

Soon i was done bathing since it was dancing i decided to wear something hot and i will be able to dance perfectly in it

“okay are you sure you are dressing because of the audition or because of jay”alicia asked

“What you dont want to look good anymore” asked and she smile

“Love dose make people crazy”she said and i rolled my eyes

after dressing i brushed my long hair down
Since i dont do make up ,i just applied little lip balm to my lips incase jay wants to kiss me 😉

We arrived at the general hall ,people were picking their tags and sitting down ,i and alicia did same

i used my eyes to search for lena but i didnt see her maybe shes at the front seat i thought

Soon the hall was crowded and everyone was seated the hall was so silent that you could hear if a pin dropped

I guess we are all nervous

“Good day to you all”a man spoke and stood on the stage

“This audition will be in a grand style ,when you name is called you will come and show us what you got ,each person will be given two minutes to present ,so give it your best as if you are going to be given an award ” he Said and some students began mummering i guess everyone is suprised

To worsen it all the media came it and soon cameras was everywhere it seems they are going to air it live

That means my uncle and everybody will be watching ,gosh i never knew this is how it will be

“number one,two and three should meet back stage and thats how we are going to do it ,then four ,five and six follow suit”he said and i guess we all understand what he ment

“Lets welcome our judges “he said and we all stood up clapping as they walked in

They were five in mumber including jay and jamal ,they were wearing matching outfit and look so handsome in them ,girls were busy screaming their names and saying alot of thing and i felt jealous ,how can they be calling my boyfriend such i thought

We were all seated and a message popped into my phone

“ARE YOU OKAY”it was from jay

“NO WAY AM NERVOUS”i texted back

“DONT WORRY SWEETIE AM HERE FOR YOU”he texted back and my heart melted immediately ,i so much love him

soon the audition began ,students were coming out and displaying some did well and some did really bad

Some students ran away due to stage fright

Soon lena climbed on stage ,she was really nervous ,but after smiling she gained her courage back,i guess it must be jamal

She started singing and i must confess so far she was the best that i have heard not because shes my friend but she did great

She was done and everyone was clapping for her ,she bow left the stage

After waiting like forever it was our turn to go back stage

I went back stage and began trembling ,my hands and leg were shaking ,i was really nervous ,what if i fail or miss a step

“Baby “i heard someone call and i was jay i quickly ran into his arms and hugged him tightly

“It okay am here “he said and stroked my hair

“am okay now”i said breaking the hug and he crashed his lips on mine

“I love you okay”he said and broke the kiss

“Now go out there and make me proud” he added

“your uncle is watching remember ,your parent are watching too”he kissed my forehead and left

Am going to make you proud mum and dad ,i muttered and walked up on stage

I already told the dj what i wants

i will make sure i make everyone speechlees today am going to show off my real talent no more hiding

I walked on stage and the light went off ,and soon it came on pointing only at me

The dj released the instrumentals for one of Niki minaj songs Hard white

I took the mic and began singing and dancing at the same time ,if someone wasnt there he /she will think it was Niki minaj herself on stage

Everbody was shocked and suprised and i knew i nailed it

I was done and the whole crowd stood up and started clapping for me including the judges

jay and jamal smiled at me including lena

I felt so happy within me and fulfilled too

“That was the most amazing performance” i heard people say

“Hey girle”i heard and turned it was maddy

“what do you want “i asked angrily

“Chill babe,you did great by the way ,enjoy it while it last “she said and walked away with her side kick betty

What did she mean by enjoy it while it last ,hope shes not planning anything stupid

After everybody persented it was evening already and everybody gathered back for the results

“We have come to the end of today if now time for the results” the host said and everybody began mummering some were even praying all sorts of prayer

“if your name is being called that means you didnt make it””he said and people began praying for their names not to be called

Soon the calling of names began some people were crying some were angry and some left sadly

It was the last name to be called and everyone was breathing heavily

“MADDISON”he said and everybody gasphed

” Wtf”

“Maddison did great”

“the almighty maddison”


People kept mummuring

“Maddison did great but “the judge paused

“She dosent deserve to be in talent high”he added and we all starred at him confused

“She tried to bribe me to make a student fail due to her own selfish desire”he added and everyone turned to her and began raining insults on her

“So miss maddison is her by evicted from talent high”he concluded and sat down

I pitied her because the insult and hate speech people gave her were much

She ran out of the hall crying and that was when it hit me

“Enjoy it while it last”that was her words so i was the one she planned to get kicked out

Gosh that girl is dispicable ,well serves her right

Not only was she humiliated in the school but on the news because the cameras captured everything and am sure her parents are watching

To be continued ….

talent high is almost finished ooo

Talent high episode 25 finale
Talent High Episode 22
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