Talent High Episode 22

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Baby pov

“Jay i want to show you something upstairs”i said and he nodded and followed me leaving lena and jamal alone it seem something is up with them

i just need to give them space

“Baby am sorry so kissing her” jay said sadly

I dragged him close and place my lips on his

Soon we broke the kiss and starred into each others eyes

“Promise me something jay”i said

“Anything baby”he replied

“i want you to promise me that what happened between you and maddy wont repeat itself again and we wont let anyone come inbetween us again “i said and he smiled

“I promise baby”he replied and kiss me deeply

The kiss was getting intensed and soon he was kissing all over my neck down to my chest

He pulled off my shirt and began kissing parts of my exposed boobs down to my belly while i moaned

He reached for my pant and i was begining to feel uneasy and nervous since i havent done it before

And he stopped

“Why did you stop”i asked shyly

“You are not ready and i wont rush,you anything your ready baby am always here for you “he said and planted a kiss on my lips

I wore my clothes back and arranged my hair only to see he has given me a lot of hickey

“Jay “i yelled and he laughed knowing what i was about to say

“Come here sit”he said and i sat down on his laps

He removed the band i used in packing up my hair and began braiding it

Lena pov

“Am sorry lena” jamal said again and i starred at him quietly

“I promise not to allow any girl ever come between us “he said and i smiled

“I love you”i said softly

“I love you more”he replied and i blushed

he grabbed my waist and we began kissing each other and the kiss was really getting intensed

“wait “i said and he paused

“you are not ready yet”he said more like in a question

“No ,i wanted to say lets do it in the bedroom we are not the only in the house ” i said and he nodded smiling

He lifted me up and in a blink of an eye i was already on his bed moaning loudly as he went in and out of me

It was indeed wonderful

Nate pov

Today i planned to take kim out and if possible as her to be my girlfriend

This have been going pretty well between us i must confess it was easy

I wakled to her front porch and knocked while the door opened and she stepped out looking breath taking

“You ..Loo..K amaxing”i said stammering while she blushed

“You dont look bad either”she replied

“Lets go” i said and she nooded

We arrived at our favourite spot and came down

Since she couldnt have dinner in an open resturant i decided to suprise her

Kim pov

All this while being with nate has been awesome ,i cant believe i totallt forgot about jay
We arrived at our special spot and cam down

The place was beautifully decorated with candle lights and roses ,a table was at the centre ,it was like a resturant just that it has only one table

“Its beautiful” i said to nate and he smiled

He pulled out a chair for me and i sat down ,there were already food on the table and it was my favourite

“You did all this for me”i asked him and he nooded

“I know i dont have much kim,but i promise to be the best,be by your side and love you no matter what”he said

“If only you would be mine “he added

“I love you nate”i said and shock was written all over his face

“you love me ….I love you too”he half yelled happily and he kissed me

“I cant wait to leave here so we can get married already”he said and we both laughed

Maddy pov

Those people must be nut thinking i will just let things slide like that

tomorrow is a general mini audition since its one year already

Those who didnt do well are going to be removed

This is my chance

To be continued

Maddy just want to kill herself
am already pitying her in the next episode

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Talent High Episode 23 & 24
Talent High Episode 21
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