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Maddy pov

I checked the mirror and i was satisfied with the way i look am sure jay will drool when he see me

i cat walked into the house and ring the bell

the door opened and i saw his girlfriend and anger griped me immediately

“What are you doing here”she asked folding her arm

“i came to see my boyfriend”i replied and pushed her out of the way while she scoffed

“Jay”i called and soon i heard footsteps coming downstairs

“What are you doing here”he yelled angrily immediately he saw me

“What do you mean”i asked

“leave maddy before i loose my temper”
He yelled again

“I should leave right, hope you know the implications of what you just said”i replied
and winked at him

“you can go to hell maddy,do you think i wont know how you druged me and faked the rape”he said and i felt a huge lump in my throat

“So you find out “i asked and smiled

“But do you have any proof “i added

“Yes i do,alot ,do you remember when you were drunk”he said and my eyes almost popped out

“Oh maybe you werent that smart” he added

Gosh how could i be so careless

“So miss you have overstayed your welcome you may leave “his girlfriend said and i starred at her angrily ,i wish i could just rip her head off

“So the kiss was fake”i asked as his girlfriend turn cold immediately

I think i got her right in the spot

“you kissed her”she asked facing jay who starred at me with anger and hate in his eyes

“The way you suck on my lips ,held me closer and looked into my eyes tell me its all fake”i asked starring at jay i knew i was lying but you dont expect me to leave them without anything happening

“Tell me she lying”the girlfriend half yelled

“Am sorry baby i had to do …..

Before he complete his statement a hot slap landed

She took me by wrist and pushed he outside while i landed my butt on the floor

This girl looks quiet but look at her furious she got

“I dont want to see you anywhere close to jay or this house again”she yelled at me and i flinched while she slammed the door

Gosh i never expect it,this girl is really wild and mean ,i dusted my butt and walked out angrily

Jamal pov

I was done with my moring exercise and was heading home when lucia showed out of nowhere standing in front of me

“What do you want lucia”i asked walking away while she followed behind me

“I just wanted us to talk”she replied

“About what”i fired

“we have been friends for a long time jamal and you know i really like you”she said sadly

“If this is one of your trap i am not falling for it “I replied as we reached my gate

“please jam i really really like you”she said and i could feel the truth from what shes saying

“I know lucia but you have to know i feel nothing for you okay,i have someone else and i love her so much “i said and she began crying

“Am sorry i didnt mean to make you cry”i said and she hugged me tightly

“Jam”i heard and turned and it was lena she saw starring at me while i pulled from the hug

“Whats she doing here”she asked pointing at lucia

“is she the one”lucia asked me and i nodded

While she walked up to lena and whisphered something into her ears and walked away

Lena pov

I was walking to the twins apartment when i saw jamal hugging someone

I knew it was lucia

after asking what she was doing at his place

Lucia walked to me and whisphered something into my ears

“You see the way we hugged ,i know he still feels something for me and soon his gonna be mine bitch”she said and walked away while i starred and jamal before waking into his house

We went in and saw jay and baby also in an argument

“Food is ready”the cook said and we all walked to the dining silently

Everyone was just statring into their food without uttering a word

The atmosphere was very tensed

We all have alot of this going through our head

And lucia’s word kept ringing in my head


To be continued

Talent High Episode 22
Talent High Episode 20
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