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Baby pov

I sat down with lena in the garden

“Okay care to tell me why you dressed like a boy”i asked

“Dont worry best am your new boyfriend forget about jay ok”she said and i smiled

“when were you planning to tell me you broke up with jay ” i asked and she starred at me shocked

” How did you find out”she asked

“C’mon lena am your best friend remember ” i replied

“I dont really know am just scared”she said sadly

“I know lena but just because jay cheated dosent mean jamal will do same ,they are brothers i know but that dosent mean anything,they are two different people” i replied and she nodded

“So go get him back “i said and she smiled ,we hugged each other and she pecked my cheek

“And go remove …..

I didnt complete my sentence when i heard someone voice and we both turned

“Jay”we both called at time

he knelt down with his face burried in his palm

“Jayden”i called again and he looked at me then diverted his gaze to lena and he kept starring at her

Okay this seems awkward

He removed the face cap from lena’s head and hugged her immediately while we both stood there confused

“Ohh lena ,thank goodness you are lena ,i thought you were a boy”he said before turning to me

“What is going on”i managed to say

“I thought you moved on already ” jay said starring at me

And that was when it hit me,lena was dressed as a guy and he saw her pecked ,,but why is he bothered anyway

“And what if she was a boy”I asked folding my arms

“Baby am sorry ,it was all planned by maddy,i didnt have sex with her,she just framed me up and thats what you saw ,and then she told me i raped her and that i should date her or else she will tell the whole world please baby”he said

“Do you have proof” lena asked

“yes i do ,alot of them”he said smiling

“And lena its better you go meet jamal ,his going crazy and on his way to your place”jay said and lena jumped up exictedly

“See you later best”she yelled running away

After listening to the record i was beyond shocked,i dont believe maddy could go this far just to have jay

“so do you forgive me now”he said and i starred for a while before crashing my lips on his and we kissed passionately

“I miss you so much”he muttered breaking the kiss again

Jamal pov

I stood there banging the door when it finally open and a blonde hair girl came out sweating profusely

“Who are you looking for “she asked angrily

“lena” i said

“I have not seen her for some days”she replied and slammed the door to my face

Thanks goodness,i almost ran mad thinking lena was the one in there

“Jamal “i heard immediately and turned
i saw lena running towards me

I ran to her and hugged her tightly

We disengaged for the hug and i kissed her deeply

“Am sorry jamal “she muttered

“Its okay baby ,i love you soo much ,please dont do this to me again ” i said and she nodded

it was such a wonderful moment i couldnt get enough of her

next episode will be longer
Love ya all

Talent High Episode 21
Talent High Episode 19
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