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🌺Baby pov🌺

I walked arround the school until i went to the administrative block

Soon i came out ,i was given the school map and other things i needed ,i used the map and located the buildings were commoners like me stay ,it was beautiful but not as beautiul and well furnished as the one the rich kids stay ,i reached the room i was suppose to stay and opened it

“hi am Alicia” she said smiling

“Am Baby “i replied and she gave me surprise look

“Nice to meet you baby”she said and i went to my coner and began arranging my things, she is nice ,soon i was done arranging and i called lena and she asked me to meet her outside
I quickly took a shower ,and wore shorts then a big shirt and went out

“Omg are you blind” a girl that bumped into me yelled
She looks pretty and from her dressing you can tell shes from a very rich family

“Excuse me,you were the one who bumped into me”i yelled back at her a she flinched
Rich kids they are so rude to people i muttered and left

“lena” i yelled and waved her and she started walking towards my direction

“Hey babe” lena said

“So who is your new room mate “she asked

“Her name is alicia and she’s nice “i replied

“Really “lena said faking annoyance

“Oh c’mon lena dont be like that” i said

“I dont want anyone to steal my bestie from me”she said in her baby tone

“Dont worry she wont” i replied and she smiled

“So how did you like the school so far “she asked

“Well its okay “i replied

“I cant wait to meet the twins tomorrow” lena said and i rolled my eyes

“So which of them do you have a crush on “i asked

“Jamal of course ,he is cute not up to His brother but he is perfect “she said

“Can you believe the twin will be living here till the two years traning is over “lena added

“Really” i asked and she nodded

“Make sure you wake up early
After talking with lena i head back to my room when i spoted a beautiful garden at the far end ,i Love gardens and the weather was cool with the evening breeze slapping my face and blowing my long hair away

I sat on the bench and began singing Human by christiana perry

🎶🎶But i’m only human
And i bleed when i fall down
I’m only human
And i crash and i break down your words in my head ,
knifes in my heart ,you build me up and i fall apart
Cos i’m only human 🎶🎶

This song really means alot to me and anytime i sing it tears pour down from my eyes ,it was the last song my mom taught me before she died ,it was getting really cold so i wiped my tears and ran to my room

😊Jayden pov 😊

I was going to my special spot were i always relaxed my head and mind at night ,it was a garden close to the commoners building ,i was aproaching there when i heard the best voice ever she was singing from the heart because it was a very emotional song ,i quickly brought out my phone and recorded it ,i stood there listening i had no idea i was crying until she stopped singing and started walking towards my direction ,i quickly hid behind the flowers and she passed ,i dont even know why i hid ,i tried my best to see her face but i couldnt because everywhere was dark

Then i remembered the girl who hit me earlier ,she’s really beautiful and she is the first girl to talk back and me and i even replied and now the mysterious lady

This two years might be very interesting

i went back to my room ,i played the song and put it in repeat till i slept off

🌺Baby pov 🌺

“Baby wake up ” alicia yelled and i sprang up immediately ,she was dressing fast and i knew we were late ,i ran to the bathroom took a quick shower and came out ,i wore a crazy jean and a black half cut the tied my sweater arround my waist ,wore my face cap and ran out with my map

The hall was easy to locate and i ran inside there were a lot of students and i saw alicia who reserved a seat for me i quickly went and sat beside her

Some people came out and began introducing their self and the talent hey will be training

Soon two guys guys walked in and people began to clap and cheers and some girls were screaming their lifes out ,i looked and saw two handsome guys ,i looked and recognised one evern more he has a bandage on his head ,,omg ,,it was the cute guy that i used my box tyre to hit

And collected the microphone and spoke

“Hi guys “he spoke softly and some girls began fainting while some were crying already ,, Gosh so annoying

“Am Jayden and i will be your dance instructor “he said and my heart almost left my body

Omg he is going to find out am the girl ,,am soo finished

His twin jamal spoke and said he was going to be the music instructor

And i will be attending the two classes

“And the music and dance class will be combined “jayden added

What will happen when jayden find out?

Talent High Episode 3
Talent High Episode 1
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