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“Nate what are you doing here ,at this time of the day”i asked
“I wana be the first to see your pretty face this morning”he said and i tried hard not to blush
“Nate i need to prepare for classes”i said
“See you later pretty”be replied and kissed my cheeks while i smiled
Infact i have been smiling like that since last night ,gosh i even forgot to delete the video
Well i dont care anymore he can keep it as long as he want
“Whats up grile”lucia said walking to me
“Okay what up with the happy mood since you came back last night did jay finally confess his love you”she said
“Nope,but i think am beginning to like someone already”i replied
“wow ,whos the lucky guy”she asked
“His name is nate”i replied smiling
“So is he a billonarie or his parent”lucia asked
“Neither ,and i dont care”i replied and started preparing for classes while lucia starred at me like someone who is crazy
Maddy pov
I smiled happily because everything is finally falling into place
And today am going tell jay to be my boyfriend or else i will tell the whole world he raped me and i know he wouldnt want it
Soon i arrived and saw jay coming in,gosh he looks horrible
Did what i did really affect him that much
“What do want again maddy “he asked angrily
“I want us to date”i replied and he chuckled
“what makes you think i will want to have anything to do with you “he asked
“Oh you will , by the time i tell the whole world how you raped me “i replied
“You that not true ,besides no one will believe you “he said
“can you see the bruises on my neck”i asked showing him the fake bruises my makeup artist did and he starred at me in shock
“So what are saying “i asked
“please maddy you cant do this to me ,i love baby so much and shes already hurting because of me and am hurting to”
he said sadly
“See you later boyfriend”i said and kissed him immediately i saw his girlfriend coming
Baby pov
After all the last night drama i decided to put everything behind me and focus on my training and be the best ,and to make my uncle proud
I woke up feeling light headache ,and entered the bathroom ,i did my morning business and before i came out alicia and lena were already getting prepared too ,soon we were all done and head to school together
Lena look dull and i wondered what is up with her
We arrived at the school and i sited jay standing with maddy ,i thought he was really sorry or it was all a joke
Maddy pecked jay and walked to away while lena patted my back
I took a deep breath and walked into the class to see jay and everyone looking at me ,gosh jay is a mess he looked horrible but why
The class knew something was up with us because that wasnt our usual behaviour
Soon kim walked in beaming with smiles like someone who won a lottery ,she didnt even look at jay twice which is quiet unusual
Soon rehearsal started and jay kept looking at me althrough i focused on my dance and ignored him
Lena pov
I walked into the class to see jamal looking sad ,i need no soothsayer to tell me that i was the cause immediately he saw me his face lit up and he ran to me and hugged me while i pushed him away
“Lena please listen to me jay didnt do anything like that ,it was all a setup ,maddy drugged and set him up”he said
“do you have any proof “i asked
“No “he replied sadly and i walked away
at least this is good news ,if maddy set jay up everything will return to normal all we need right now is proof
I was really happy with me but i didnt show it out , i caught jamal looking at me countless time
All you need is proof baby and everything will be okay i muttered
T b c
Happy halloween
I had exams today hope yhu all understand

Talent High Episode 19
Talent High Episode 17
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