Talent High Episode 17

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Jayden pov

I woke up feeling really weak and confused ,

When did i come into this room ,the last thing i remembered was teaching maddy

And were is baby ,she didnt come over why,i was expecting her

everything seems confusing right now

I stood up took a quick shower and dressed up heading straight to babys apartment

Soon i arrived there and knocked the door open and one of baby friend came out with a angry look on her face unlike before where she would be extremely exicted to see me usher me in

“i need to see baby “i said and she dumped an envelope in my hands and slamed the door

That the hell is happening ,am so confused ,i quickly opened the evelope and brought out a note



I looked again and saw the promise ring i gave her

What!did she see me teaching maddy ,is that why she upset,but nothing happened

“baby please hear me out nothing happened please”i kept yelling and banging the door no answer

I quickly ran fast to maddy apartment

“Maddy what did you tell baby huh”i yelled angrily and she flinched

“You want to rape me again “she said and started crying

“Get out you rapist or i will call the cops”she yelled angrily while i left the room in shock

What is happening to me ,what am i missing and why is everything so confusing

I walked back home in tears ,shattered,confused and as a broken man

Baby pov

I heard the way he called my name,begging me to come out saying nothing happened but i saw them together

“Please baby stop crying “lena said for tenth time

“I love his so much lena “i replied and continued crying

“Do you want to see me cry too”lena said trying to hold back her own tears

“You guys should stop crying please”alicia said as her eyes were already filled with tears also

“Am sorry but i cant help it”i replied

“Alicia please take care of her till i come back ” lena said and left

Lena pov

l came out and broke down ,i just let my tears flow freely

If i havent put all this love stuffs in baby’s head am sure she wont be hurting by now
i just feel all this is my fault to worst it all it was jay

I walked to my apartment to carry some of my stuff because i will be staying at baby place for sometime

I reached my apartment and saw someone waiting outside it was jamal

“hey babe i have been calling you but your not picking whats up”he said and i ignored him and tried opening my door when he held my hand

“Jeez babe your crying what happened”he asked

“Leave me alone ,get away from me “i yelled angrily

“Theres no way am leaving you like this”he said still holding my hand

“Please lena talk to me”he said

“I dont want to have anything to do with you “i yelled angrily trying to free myself

“What did i do please “he said

“You know baby ,my bestfriend that i always talking about “i asked and he nodded confused

“Shes your twin girlfriend,shes jay girlfriend and he broke her heart by sleeping with another girl”i said and his jaw dropped

“What jay i know will never do such”he said

“Well so i thought ,if he can do that to her then am sure you will do same to me “i said

“I cant, i will never do such ,and i dont believe jay will do such a thing please lena “he replied

“Please jamal my friend is already hurting so am i ,i dont want to get hurt because i wont be able to take it,so it better we end whatever that is between us” i said and ran in immediately

“Lena please dont do this to me ,dont do this to us,babe please you have to trust me,i love you so much lena “He yelled

I dont know why i took such a decision ,but am scared if jay of all people could do that ,i dont know what to say about jamal

I know i love him so much but all this is difficult to take in

Am just so confused too and who the hell is this maddy of a girl

Jamal pov

I ran my hand through my hair angrily ,what is happening

How can she break up with me because of what my twin did

I dont even believe jay can do such

I ran back home and opened the door to see the whole house shattered

“Jay “i yelled and ran upstairs and behold i saw my brother ,drinking himself to stupor ,he was a total mess

All my life i have never seen him in such condition

“What happened bro”i asked shifting the drinks

“She left me “he said and started crying like a baby

” maddy said i raped her”he added

“Am so confused too ” i replied

“Tell me what really happened bro “i asked and he began from when maddy came to him …..

“Wait when you came back did you drink the juice again”i asked and he nodded

“You are dumb bro ,cant you see maddy drugged you”i said and that was when he began thinking

“But she said i raped her “he replied

“that means we are missing something ” i said and we starred at each other

To be continued ……
One word for maddy

Talent High Episode 18
Talent high Episode 16
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