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Baby pov

I put the rope arround my neck and removed the chair i was standing on and that was how i was struggling for my last breath ,i cant face my uncle,my friends and jay ,i better leave this wicked world ,and that was it ,i gave up

“I knew you will be here”someone said jolting me out of my thought

Gosh i cant believe i was imaging all this ,there is no way i was going to die anytime soon or even kill myself its impossible

“I decided to clear my head here before packing” i said

“No ,you are not going anywhere everything is settled now “he said

“Really how” i asked

“It was just a mis understanding but i have taken care of it”he replied

“Thanks “i said and hugged him

“So am i still taking you to my place “je asked and i nodded

“Lets go” he said and held my hands and we left the garden

“baby”i heard lena and alicia called running towards me

“We were so worried “they said crying and hugging me

“Am sorry for making you girls worried it was just to much to take in that moment “i said

“Dont worry we understand “they said cleaning their tears

“why is your lips so plum ,pink and fresh”lena asked looking at my lips

“Huh”i said touching them

“Its jay right and sure he must be a great kisser ,so have you guys done it today” alicia asked

“Errrhrmm”we heard someone and looked behind it was jay we totally forgot he was there

“Oops ,sorry” alicia said and we all laughed

“See you later best” lena said and walked away with alicia

“You sure have crazy friends “jayden said

“Yeah i do”i replied smiling

we walked to the big building which lena once told me thats were they stay and we both entered when we saw maddy dressed like stripper standing at their porch

“Hey jay “she said walked up to him and hugged him tightly ,i was beginning to feel jealous so i faced another direction jay noticed and pulled from her immediately

“I came for the dancing”she said smiling

“Oh sorry we have to cancel ,maybe another time okay”jay said and held my hands are we walked in

“Sorry about that “he said as we walked in and i nodded

Kim pov

My plan to get rid of the little brat didnt work ,i even threaten mr tony and he asked me to go ahead and tell everybody

I wonder what he sees in that girl that i dont have and today is that stupid date with that boy called nate

I didnt bother myself in dressing and all i just dressed casual and waited for him

“Hi “he said while i starred at him ,he is kinda handsome tho

“Hi” i replied back

“Shall we “he said and i nodded

“I dont have a car so we are going to take a cab”he said

“What no way ,i dont want my fans running over my head “i yelled

“oh i totally forgot you are a celebrity”he said and i scoffed ,this guy is poor ,i cant believe he was actually planning on taking me out in a cab

“lets use my car”i said and walked to my car while he followed behind

“Were are we going to”i asked

“an eatery ” he replied and i rolled my eyes

i stopped at a quite bridge and came down

“But this is not an eatery”he said

“You are so dumb ,how many times will i tell you i dont want my fans to be all over me”i yelled and sat down on my car and he joined

“you look beautiful ” He said ignoring my outburst while i tried to hide my face so he wont see me smile

“You know you look more beautiful that way”he said and i chuckled

we talked and talked about a lot of stuffs and nate was a really fun person no matter how i tried my best not to laugh and reply at some things he say i still find myself doing so

He truly loves me and i wished it was jayden that loves me this m ,i would have been ontop of the world right now

” i really had a great time today “i found myself saying as we arrived the school and came down from my car

“am glad you enjoyed it “he said smiling revealing his dimple ,he might me be cute as jay but he is very handsome too

We walked to my apartment chatting

“I have we do this another day”he said

” yea me too”i replied

“Goodnight kim” he said softly

“Goodnight”i replied back

He dragged me to himself and starred i to my eyes before crashing his lips on mine ,i was shocked at first but later reciprocated the kiss ,which lated for a minute

Nate pov

I just kissed kim ,i cant believe this ,if this is a dream i dont want to ever wake up

i wish she will accept to be my girlfriend ,i will be the happiest person on earth ,i just want her to be mine already

I watched her as she entered her room shyly ,and i felt like a king

Dose she love me already ,i mean she kissed me back ,it is only someone that likes you will do that

But why dose she want maddy out of this school to the extent of trying to frame her is what i dont understand ,are they in some sort of competiton or what ?

Well its left for me to find that out myself

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Talent high Episode 16
Talent High Episode 14
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