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Baby pov

“I really had an amaxing time today” i said as we arrived the porch of my apartment

“Am glad you enjoyed yourself” jayden replied as he held my hands

“baby will you be my girlfriend”he asked starring into my eyes

“Yes “i replied shyly

“Yes …for real… You will be my girlfriend ,,thank you”jayden yelled exictedly and kissed my lips passionately

“I love you so much “he said and my heart melted immediately

“I love you too” i replied

“Good night “he whisphered and left

I entered into my apartment to find lena and alicia sleeping

Am sure they must have been waiting for me

I cant believe i have a boyfriend now,,i am someone girlfriend …..Sounds funny

I layed on my bed starring at the ceiling ,i have never being this happy before

Soon a message popped in my phone,it was from jay

“Right now i am the most happiest person on earth i love you so much and always will have a splendid night” i read it and smiled

“I love you more ,good night” i texted back and slept off


I woke up early and woke lena and alicia up
“Morning girls”i yelled happily and began putting the room humming song and dancing while they both starred at me

“someone is pretty existed today”alicia said smiling

“Yes girls”i replied

“so tell us how did it go”lena asked

“It went perfectly well “i replied smiling

“C’mon baby give us the full gist”alicia said and lena nodded

“okay,we went to a classic resturant ,reserved for the both of us only ,it was beautifully decorated” i said and smiled

“Awwwn so romantic “they both chroused

“continue”lena said

“We ordered food and drinks ,talked about a lot of stuffs ,went to his special spot and some other fun stuffs ,then he brought me back home and asked me to be his girlfriend”i explained

“what did you say”they asked

“I said yes” i replied and they both screamed exictedly

“congratulations baby “they said and hugged me

“So what happened next”lena asked

“what do you mean by what happened next”i asked

I ignored them both and continued my work while they both kept giggling and whisphering into each other ears

soon we were done preparing and head tp the training hall together

We arrived and parted ways ,i entered the class and jay was already there looking insanely handsome

He grabbed me closer and placed a kiss on my lips while the class cheered and take pictures

“close your eyes”he ordered and i did immediately

“Open them “he said and i did a saw a shining ring starring at me

“This is my promise ring to you ,on no accout should you remove it”he said and sliped the beautiful ring in my finger

“Do you like it “he asked

“I dont like it ,i love it”i replied and he smiled

“How about when we are done here i take you to my apartment “he said

“that will be great ” i replied and he kissed my lips

“okay guys i get it,you guys love each so much but can we start dancing now”a guys said and we all laughed

“Am single and searching incase any of you is ready to mingle “another guy added and we all laughed loudly

“I am”a cute girl yelled back and our jaw dropped

“I have always had feelings for you “the girl said shyly

“Me too ,i was scared because…You know…We are not of the same class …Am just a commoner”the guys said and i felt for him

“I dont care about money,i have always loved you for who you are”she replied

They both ran into each others arms and kissed deeply while we all cheered

“Why dont we forget dancing today and have a good time ,seat down like one family and enjoy ourselves”jayden said and they all cheered in agreement

And that was how we sat down ,talking and laughing about different stuffs like one family without any discrimination and thankfully kim didnt come

I cant believe two people found love because of us and we were able to sit down together forgeting our worries ,keeping our differences aside
If felt really good and was fun

“sorry to disturb this wonderful moment but the school admin asked me to call Baby Mia”he said and everybody starred and me

“Should i come with you”jayden asked

“no dont worry ,i will be right back “i said and left with the guy

“Is there any problem “i asked the guy

“I dont really know ,i was just asked to call you”he said and i nodded

i arrived at the admin office and knocked while he asked me to come in and seat

“Baby mia right”he asked and i nodded

“Am sorry but someone reported you to the authorities and you have been evited from the school “the man said and i smiled

“You are joking right,is this a prank or something” i asked

“this is no prank miss,you have an hour to leave this building “he said

“You may go now”he added and i stood up sluggishly trying to take in all that just happened

the word “evict” kept playing in my ears

I cant believe someone will go this extent just to hurt me,i have never done anything to anyone

What a world that didnt even ask for prove because am a commoner

All the money and time my uncle wasted just to bring me here to make my dead parents proud all gone

Were do i start from

I walked to the training room with tears in my eye ,immediately they saw me their laughter sized immediately

“What happened”they yelled

“I have been evicted from the school “i said as much tears gush out from my eyes ,i picked my phone and walked out

“Baby ,baby”jay kept yelling but ignored and walked out allowing my tears to flow freely

“Baby “i heard others calling and i could hear lena and alicia voice

I couldnt face them so i ran away as fast as my legs could carry

๐Ÿ˜กJayden pov ๐Ÿ˜ก

I kept hitting and throwing things away

I ran to the admin office

“pack your things and leave this school immediately “i yelled at the school admin and he flinched in fear

“Do you have any idea that baby is my girlfriend”i asked

“No “he replied trembling

“What was her offence”i asked

“nothing she didnt do anything “he replied

“Then why did you evict her ” I asked

“Am sorry i was only following orders ,kim ….Kim leader of the kd girls were the one who asked me evict her ,i never agreed but she have something on me and used it to threaten me”he said

“This should be the first and last time this ever happens ,on no account should any student be evicted without commiting a crime and without full evidence whether rich or poor do i make myself clear” i yelled

“Yes “he replied

“Am letting this one slide because she blackmailed you” i said and left his office

“Have you seen her “i asked the two girls i always see arround baby

“am beginning to become scared ,i hope she hasnt done something stupid “one of her friend said and my heart began ponding fast

To be continued……

Talent High Episode 15
Talent High Episode 13
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