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Kim pov

I stormed out of the training room angrily ,i cant believe what i just saw

i pinched myself over and over again ,and yea this is no dream this i real

I was chasing after the wrong person all this while and the real bitch is in front of me ,a commoner at that

i brought my phone out and called the school admin

📱Hello Mr Tony”i said loudly

📱How am i speaking with please”He asked

📱This is kim leader of the kd girls”i replied

📱Wow,to what do i owe this call”he asked

📱I need you to do something for me “i answered

📱and what is it”he asked

📱There is this girl called baby ,i want her out of the school my morning “I said

📱that not possible kim ,what did she do there is no evidence against her am sorry i cant”mr tony said

📱How about i let the school board know how you have been diverting school funds into your own personal account and lie to them that you are using them to develop the school”i said smiling

📱Please please ,i will do it just dont say anything to anyone”mr tony pleaded

📱Good,i want her out as early as possible”i added

📱Consider it done” He said and ends call

Lets see how she will be able to be arround him

Gosh i cant believe i have a stupid date with that fool,i do the blackmailing and now his the one blackmailing me ,i just need to get my hands no his phone and delete that video

Lena pov

I entered the training hall and sat down when i saw jamal walked in smiling and laughing with lucia and my mood changed immediately

Its just a chat i thought

Jamal winked at me and i blushed forgetting i was angry at first

“So guys today we are going to be paring in two and sing so everyone choose your patner “jamal said

“jamal we are together “lucia said

“Nope i already have a patner “he said and within me i wished i was the one

“Lena”jamal called softly and turned he walked up to me and held my wrist as we walked down from my seat

“So this is your patner “lucia said angrily and jamal nodded

“I cant believe you want to sing with this thing her voice is awful”lucia yelled

“But at least it is way better than yours” jamal said and the class laughed while she starred at them angrily and they kept shot

soon it was my turn to sing ,i walked to the piano and sat down with jamal

“Pick a song”he said as he placed his hands on the piano

🎶🎵I close my eyes and i can see a world that is waiting up for me that i called my own
Through the dark through the door through were no one being before but it feels like home
They can say ,they can say it all sounds crazy,they can say we lost our mind ,i dont care if they call me crazy ,we can leave in a world that we design

I was singing this part and jamal joined as we sang and starred into each other eyes

🎶 Cos everynight i lay i bed the brightest colours fill my head a million dreams are keeping me awake ,i think of what the world could be a vision of the one i see a million dreams is all it gonna take 🎶🎶🎶

We were done as the whole class clapped happily ,i looked arround and saw lucia running out and i felt sad for her

Baby pov

“See you later” jayden whishered into my ears and i nodded and left the hall

I arrived at my room and met lena and alicia turnning the room upside down ,clothes were everywhere

“Yes yes i found it “lena yelled as she brought out a dress

“Shoe shoe”alicia yelled and they began searching and throwing shoes every coner

“perfect”alicia yelled and they high five

I stood there watching all the whole drama unfold

“Makeup”they both yelled the same time and they began pouring out the makeup items

am sure they had no idea i was in the room already

“hey babes”i yelled and they both turned to me

“Oh hey you are here ” alicia said

“How many hours left for the date “lena asked

“two “i replied

“Great go take your bath now’lena said

“what no way”i replied

“Yes way,either you go take your bath youself or i bath you myself”lena said in a serious tone while i walked to the bathroom sluggishly

Soon i was done and they began their magic on me ,i staned and faced the mirror speechless

Jayden pov

“Dude help a brother”i yelled at jamal who lay on the bed laughing out his ass

“chill bro ,that one looks good on you “jamal said

“Are you sure”i asked and he nodded

“Dude this girl must be really lucky to have you all worked up like this”jamal said

“This is not just any girl bruh am planning to make her my official girlfriend tonight and i want it to be perfect” i replied wearing my shoe

“You know i found someone too “jamal said

“Really ,that are you waiting for”i asked

“maybe we will fix a double date some day okay”jamal said and i nodded

“How do i look”i asked

“Nervous”he replied and i smiled picking up a few things and walked out

I arrived at baby’s place and called her ,soon i saw her walking to me ,gosh she looks breath taking

“You look amazing “i said and she blushed

“You look handsome too”she replied shyly

i opened the car door for her as she entered

T b c

Baby did not know what is coming for her 😭

Talent High Episode 14
Talent High Episode 12
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