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Kim pov

Morning ⛅

I walked along side some other student as we kept searching for my necklace as i could wait for us to reach maddy’s room and soon we arrived there

“what are you all doing here” she asked in a sleepy tone

“kim expensive necklace was stolen and we are conducting a search “lucia answered

“What makes you guys thinks its here”she asked folding her arms

“This is not the only place we are searching”a girl replied

” Okay fine “she said and made way for them and that was when i noticed something the necklace is not on her neck ,but it is suppose to be there
They searched her room and didnt find anything ,how did that happened

“what the fuck happened back there “i said yelling at lucia

“I have no idea to”she replied

“but she was suppose to be wearing the necklace “i said angrily

“Am so confused too”lucia replied

“Go get liam immediately “i said to lucia and she left (liam was the guy ee hired to put the necklace on maddy’s neck)

“Hey pretty “a guy said and walked towards me while i rolled my eyes angrily

“who the hell are you” i fired and he chuckled

“Am Nate and i belong to the singing department”he said streching his hand for a hand shake while i ignored it

” i Dont have time to waste ,i have important things to do “i replied trying to walk out

“I cant wait to show the whole world this video”he said and laughed

“what video “i asked turning to him

“The video of you sneaking into maddy’s room with your necklace “he said and my jaw dropped

“How di…d y..ou know”i said stammering

“Well i saw you guys and captured
everything on my phone “he said

“what do you want”i asked biting my lips

“I want you to go on a date with me thats
all”he said and i smiled

“Really is that all”i asked and he nodded

Nate pov

I know you guys have been wondering who i am
My name is nate and i belong to the singing department in talent high ,i have always loved kim right from when she released her first music video but i have never had the opportunity to talk to her ,when i heard she will be coming to talent high i was so happy but still never had the opportunity to come close

Until last night ,i was coming back from the music hall were i normally go and do my personal rehearsal when i saw her and her friend lucia with another guy ,i knew they were up to something ,else what will they be doing with at that time,i followed behind them and started recording when i saw it was maddy room they were heading to ,i quickly hide behind some flowers and kept recording only to find out the wanted to frame maddy ,i was so happy at least i got something to hold kim down ,so when she asked i told her i want to go on a date with her and she agreed ,am sure by the time i show her what true love and affection is she wont be able to leave me

Baby pov

“Morning sleeping beauty”i heard and opened my eyes

“Morning” i replied and yawned

“You need to get ready and i need to go get ready too ,i will meet you at the dancing hall okay”he said and pecked my cheeks while i blushed and left

“omg “i heard alicia said and started giggling

“save it alicia” i said and walked to the bathroom

“I think am dreaming”i heard alicia yelled

“no you are not”i yelled back

“So are you guys now a thing”

Oh please say yes say yes ,you guys are now together please” she said in a funny tone while i laughed

“I dont really know alicia”i replied

“So have you guys kissed”she asked again

“Yes”i replied

“Omg,Jayden likes baby
Jayden likes baby” alicia kept singin and jumping up and down

Soon we were on our way to school while i managed to calm ,i couldnt wait to tell lena everything

“Baby”i heard lena called and saw her running towards me

“Jamal likes me”she blurted out immediately

“Jayden likes me too”i replied

“He almost kissed me”she said

“He kissed me and slept in my apartment” i said blushing

“I cant believe this is happening finally”she said

“Me too” i answered

“And guess what we are going on a date today “i almost yelled

“Awwn am happy for you bestie ,what are you going to wear ,shoe ,make up ,hair”lena said

“Dont worry bestie thats why i put you in charge “i replied and she jumped exictedly

“See you later bestie”i added and waved her while she walked away with alicia

I entered into my training hall and everyone was looking at me and mumuring thank God i dressed the way i Normally done and i could feel kim’s eyes pirecing through my skin ,and i looked arround and saw jayden is not here yet

We started doing our normal strech out when jayden walked in looking as handsome as ever ,he walked up to me and my heart began pounding fast

He removed my face cap and kissed my cheeck

“Awwwwn”i heard the class say

“You look better now”he said and left while kim angrily left the training room

Maddy pov

I picked my doll up from my bed when i saw a shining necklace arround its neck

I quickly removed it ,this could be the necklace kim was looking for ,then how on earth did it entre my room ,except someone brought it in

Omg those witches tried to frame me ,thank goodness i wasnt the one at the edge of my bed it was my huge doll

I quickly took the necklace and flushed it down the toilet

They tried and couldnt get me its my turn now 😈

Talent High Episode 13
Talent High Episode 11
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