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😱 Jayden pov 😱

I forgot my phone at the training room so i decided to go back and get my phone ,when i entered i saw their direction were on someone i turned and it was the most beautiful girl i have ever seen

“Baby “i called still starring at her like i have seen a ghost

Gosh so this is the beauty she has been hiding under that face cap and this is the body she has been hiding under those big clothes

I walked up to her and dragged her outside while others kept starring at me especially kim

“why did you bring me out” she asked in a whisper

“Errrm you look really great ” i said and starred at me suprised

“is that why you brought me out “she asked again starring at my eyes as if she was looking for something in them

“why didnt you show me your real face when i asked “i said

“I dont like un necessary attention”she said

“Your more beautiful than i imagined” i said and she blushed damn this girl is so beautiful

“Will you like to skip class and go somewhere with me ” i asked

“Yes but i dont feel comfortable in these” she said looking at her body

“I can give you my jacket to wear ” i said removing my jacket and put it on for her

“Yeah i think its better now,so where are we going to “she asked

“you will see when we reach there” i said and chuckled

I entered my car with baby and we both went to my special spot it is a hill were you can see everywhere from

“Wow its beautiful “she said

“Not as beautiful as the angel standing before me”i said and she faced me ,i tucked her hair behind her ears and crashed my lips on hers ,it was so soft that i kept sucking her lower lips

We sat down on top of the hill and kept talking about some stuffs till it was late

Baby pov

Gosh i cant believe he really kissed me ,it was my first and the best ,we sat down talking about ourselfs and other things till it was night

“I think we should head back to the school its already late ” i said

“Yea we should” he said and we stood up and walked to his car

The drive back to school was silent and we kept stealing glances at each other ,i wonder what happenes next are we now a thing like couples ,i mean he kissed me and guys kissed those they love

No am not sure ,he didnt tell me he loves me that means its just an ordinary kiss i thought

Soon we arrived the school ,he parked his car and we both came down

“i need you to see one of my remaining special spot”he said and dragged me to the garden close to the commoners arena
and i knew where he was talking about
Soon we arrived there and both sat down on the bench there

“Can do you me a favor “he asked

“yes”i replied

“Can you sing human by christina perry for me “he asked and i nodded

The song means alot to me i wonder how he knew about it or maybe he loves the song too ,i closed my eyes and started singing when i remembered my Parent

🎢🎢But i’m only human
And i bleed when i fall down
I’m only human
And i crash and i break down your words in my head ,
knifes in my heart ,you build me up and i fall apart
Cos i’m only human 🎢🎢

“i knew it “he said and i starred at him

“Knew what” i asked

“i knew you were the mystery angel i meet here every night”he said


“why do you like hiding yourself ,you hide your face and you hide your voice,you have the most beautiful voice i have ever heard” he said and i blushed

“Like i said i dont like attention “i said

“I will like to take you out tomorrow ,like a date just me and you”he said

“I will text you the time “he said

We stood up and walked to my apartment ,and soon we arrived at my door and we kept starring at each other

“Do you want me to stay here tonight”he asked looking

“Wha…t ,nooo ” i kept stammering

“I mean this place is way low for you,i dont want you to get sick “i said but deeply i really wanted him by my side

“I dont mind”he said

“Huh, really you dont “i asked

“Yea ” he answered

I opened the door and we both walked in ,alicia was already asleep ,i removed my shoe and so did he ,we lay on the bed since it wasnt that big our body were touching each other ,soon i felt his hand arround my stomach and he cuddled me ,placing a kiss on my cheek and we both slept off

Kim pov

It was night already i already waited for jayden but he was no where,i havent seen him since he left with that girl

Gosh is that girl human or what ,i regretted ever asking her to change ,jayden was drolling over her ,he even took her out
but that wont stop me from sending maddison out of this school then later it will be her

“Are you ready “lucia asked and i nodded

“We walked to maddy room ,waited outside while the guy we hired opened maddy room door ,took my expensive necklace and took it in ,he walked in without making and noise and placed the neck lace on maddy neck and came out

“That was easier than i thought”i whisphered to maddy and we both laughed ,very soon it will be the other girl and jayden will be mine

Talent High Episode 12
Talent High Episode 10
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