Summer Campus Episode 9

Summer Campus Episode 10 and 11
Summer Campus Episode 8

**Frankie’s pov continues**
We all head back to the building with the little Woods we
found and I just couldn’t stop daydreaming about Alex, but
Zic’s image had to ruin it all
Immediately we dropped our woods Mrs Ciara and one of the
male teachers Mr Edmond, walked up to me..
“you’re Frankie Malcolm right” she asked and I nod
“you’ve got a call from home follow me to the cabin office”
she said and I gave my “”friends”” a look before following her,
She handed me a cell phone that looks as if it was from the
1980s and smiled
“your mom’s on the line” she said to me and i placed the
weird phone on my ear and said
“oh thank goodness it’s so great to finally hear you voice” my
mom said and I couldn’t be more glad, I’ve missed her like so
“how is everything going over there” she asked
“everything’s fine”i replied
“oh you sound sick, have you eaten,. Have yo..
“mom I’m fine” I laugh cutting her off.. “okay, your brother’s
here he’ll like to talk to you” she said and I shrieked happily
“mom quickly give him the phone” I yelled and I quickly
lowered my voice as Mrs Ciara gave me a look but Later
The line went cracking and seconds later heard his voice
“hey baby sis” he said
“David!!” I call happily… “yeah that’s my name, how have you
been ” he asked
“never been better” I say and he laughed lightly making me
“you know it’s so sad that I can’t see you in person” I said and
I could already imagine his lips curving into smile..
“I could come visit” he said
“you would!! Wait can you? ” I asked
“yes I can according to mom, the principal told them that
family members can visit you guys at camp but only twice” he
explained and I smiled
“come visit tomorrow…. No.. No today I really miss you” I say
and he giggled and said
“I won’t come when you expect me its going to be like more
of a surprise” he said and I rolled my eyes even though he
can’t See Me
“well I’ll be looking forward to it” I say and he replied with an
“okay” and handed the phone back to my mom, after telling
me how much she missed me and loves me the call Finally
ended and I thanked Mrs Ciara and walked out..
I got to where Jasmine and the rest were before but I couldn’t
find them I was about to go upstairs to our room when
someone tapped me and when I turned it was Maurice
“oh hey” I said, and gave him a small smile
“hi.. So have you by any chance see zic” he asked
Why the hell is he asking me I’ve got no business with Zic..
“Uhm. No.. I mean yeah but..
“can you please explain better” he said with a laugh and I
breathe in
“there’s a small river, down the woods if you take your left
there’s a big tree and a river behind it that’s where I saw him”i
tell him and he nods and said “thanks”
“no p” I smile
“but there’s a Q” he said and I rolled my eyes and smiled
before walking away,
I went to our dorm and when I opened the door to our room,
jasmine, Liliana and Brianna were the only one inside talking..
“hey I guess your mom was the one who called right” Brianna
“yeah, and my brother” I replied
“you? Have a brother” Jasmine asked and I nod
“why?” I asked
“you seem like an only child” she replied
“well I’m not I’ve got two older brothers” I say and sat on my
Suddenly we heard the sound of Mrs Ciara’s whistle and
Liliana groaned and Covered her face with her pillow..
“this is bullshit, it hasn’t even been a week in this camp and
I’m fucking tired because of lame camping activities” she said
and Brianna giggled
“what else do you want to do at camp, stare at Maurice all
day?” Brianna teased
“that would have been better” Liliana said and Jasmine and I
laughed.. “let’s go” Brianna said And we all stood up and head
to the door, as Jasmine opened the door she bumped into
“watch it” she yanked at Jasmine
“whatever” Jasmine fired back and she shot Jasmine a glare,
but Jasmine ignored her and walked out, we all head out to
assembly the boys and girls have formed, and this time it
wasn’t Mrs Ciara giving information but Mr Edmond .
“well done you guys did a great job in firewood picking” Mr
Edmond praised but no one replied.. I turned to my right and
gaze at the boy’s line to find Alex but ended up making eye
contact with Craig, he smiled at me and I returned the smile.
“so camping activities have been canceled for today” Mr
Edmond said and everyone yelled In excitement
“thank goodness” Liliana breathed out.. ..
“maybe for this week or so because we have some little things
we have to fix” Mr Edmond added.. “so, just find something to
do or read your books, or some future botanist can study the
plants or so.. Or, nature, till then” he said finally and then
walked away, .. Everyone begin to spread out in troops
While me Jasmine ,Brianna and Liliana just stood still staring
at each other..
“so what do you suggest we do” Liliana asked me “draw?” I
said and grinned
“not everyone’s like you” she said and I shrugged
“well I’m going to take a nap” Jasmine said and walked away.
“or.. We could play truth or dare” Brianna said
“just count me out ” I say
“me too” Liliana added “well you guys can deal with the
lameness then ” Brianna said and walked away ..”I guess
you’re going to draw now” Liliana asked and I shrugged
“well suit yourself” she said and walked away, I stood alone
wondering what to, when someone suddenly pulled the
Rubber-band out of my ponytail and my hair fell bouncing
around my shoulder and back, I turned swiftly and saw craig
“I believe this is yours” he said and I snatched it from his hand
and was about to make my ponytail back but he stopped me
and smiled, “you look prettier this way” he said
“thanks” I tell him and packed my hair up again and his smiles
beams and he turned them into laughter..
“so what are you doing, where are your nosey friends” he
“first of all they’re not nosey, and I’m not doing anything i was
about thinking of drawing before you came ” I replied
“yeah, draw, you haven’t change in bit”he said and I nodded
and shrugged
“so do you wanna hang out” he asked
“hang out where exactly?” I ask
“anywhere” he said..
Hold on.. I’m talking to Craig
“okay, hold on Craig I don’t get you at all, I remembered when
we we’re still in elementary school, you didn’t even want to
talk to me or sit next to me if not for Mrs Vikki you wouldn’t
sit next to me” I said
“I don’t get you” he said
“what I’m saying is that in elementary school you didn’t even
want to talk to me or worse even near me but now you want
to talk to me every day, and now you want to hang out with
me” I breathe and turned my gaze away from him and to the
“what? I wanted to talk to you all the time but.. I was scared
and somewhat shy” he said and rubbed his neck
“but look I’m sorry” he added
“I’m not mad at that, I’m not mad at you at all, I mean it’s just
surprising and trust me I kinda like it” I say truthfully and he let
out a smile
“I mean back then in class you talk to like everyone in class
except me and you’re like the School’s Mr smarty pants and
who wouldn’t want to talk to a brainiac” I say and his smile
reduced.. “actually, the reason I didn’t want to talk to you was
because I was shy and, I had a crush on you” he rushed his
words and my eyebrows arched
Has a crush on me..
Oh he “”had”” a crush on me not “has” he doesn’t now.. So I
shouldn’t get all conclusion-ny,
“oh” I breathe
“yeah” he nods
“so I gotta go now and look for briliana, I mean Brianna” I
gulped and he nod, our conversation couldn’t have gotten
Weirder, I don’t like to talk about crushes and feelings or love
stuff with a boy it makes me feel totally uncomfortable..
As I walked away from the building and made my way deep
down in the bushes and woods to get let’s say away from any
more boys..
I started hearing the sound of people yelling, I thought it was
just my mind playing with me but it soon became louder and it
was Freya and Zic
I stood behind a tree and listened to their conversation which I
thought was a yelling competition..
“how could you even do this” Zic yelled his voice thick and sad
“how could I not, it’s not like I loved you anyway” Freya said
aggressively her hands on her hips.. And wow Zic looks awfully
cute when he’s mad..
“please Freya take me back” Zic begged
Oh no, they just broke up.. So sad
“no how many times do u have to tell you I’m in love with
someone else, OK” she yelled and his breathing became
suddenly heavy and rapid, he looks sad, tired and angry like
he’s going to break down any minute, I couldn’t help the
sympathy that took over me for him..
“who.. Who the hell is the person you love” he ask her
“and why the hell would I tell you” she replied sarcastically and
rolled her eyes.. His hands fisted in a ball that his knuckles
were plain white. “look Zic we’re not good for each other just
leave me the Fuck alone okay” she added and I sighed and
decided to move closer but unfortunately my glasses fell
against a rock crushing hard, Zic and Freya immediately turned
and I was glad I could still see..
I quickly picked it up with my shaky hands and place was
about to place them on my eyes even though they were broken
into pieces, when Zic started coming towards me angrily , I
didn’t know what to do or why I came here in the first place..
My legs began to shake, Zic is going to murder me.. I tell my
Run.. I tell my self but I was lost
“I’m sorry.. I.. Dii..didn’t kn..
I began to stammer and quickly place my glasses on my eyes
and was about going when he pulled me into his body and
kissed me..
T.. B. C
Guys I’m seriously sorry 4 posting late..
By Ruthie Lee.

Summer Campus Episode 10 and 11
Summer Campus Episode 8

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