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** Frankie’s pov continues **�
The next morning, we all woke up right at the same time
except Freya who was still asleep, we heard a soft knock on
the door and Jennifer stood up to get it.. We saw a girl who
we didn’t know but Jennifer knew her, because she called her
“hey Becky” she said
“oh hey Jen tell your roomies that Mrs Ciara said everyone
should get ready that camping activities starts in five minutes”
Becky replied
“okay” Jennifer replied and close the door
“we have like three minutes to get ready” Jennifer told us
because she knows we heard the conversation.. “yeah” Liliana
Jasmine woke Freya up and just in time we all got ready and
head downstairs,
We formed an assembly and soon enough the boys joined us
but their lines were like three feet from ours, the two male
teacher stood beside Mrs Lisa and Mrs Ciara..
“so good morning students, ” Mrs Ciara said and we all replied
the greetings in unison.
“so as you all know we are starting camping activities today
and tomorrow we’re Learning” everyone groaned as she said
learning and she giggled and said.
“lazy kids, I don’t mean studying we’re going to learn about
“same thing” a boy from the back yelled and she rolled her
“anyways.. We’ve been able to get your parents contacts and
they’ll be able to reach us anytime they wish too. We’ve gotten
more foods stuff and necessities all thanks to Mr Smith the
director and owner of megal academy ” Mrs Ciara said and we
“that’s Zic’s dad” Liliana whispered to me and i shrugged
“so to start with today’s activities first spread out and look for
fire-woods cause we just run out of that” she said with a grin
and everyone groaned and started to move out in the woods
“so what direction should we choose” Liliana asked
“One Direction” Brianna replied, sarcasm full in her voice and
she sighed..
“maybe we should just go down that way” Jasmine pointed
and we all agreed, we all walked together and founded little
sticks and little by little it started to become bundle of fire
woods.. We all stopped immediately we heard laughters and
splashing sound..
“where the hell is that coming from” I asked
“who knows, let’s follow the sound and find out” Liliana said
“no let’s just head straight and look for more fire-woods”
Jasmine protested
“can you live a little jas” Brianna whined and Jasmine rolled
her eyes
“it’s Jasmine, jasmine, not jas” she said angrily and Brianna
rolled her eyes and said “whatever”
“are we going to stand here rolling out eyes all day or check
out where that noise is coming from” Liliana said and Brianna
and i nodded our heads .. We looked at Jasmine and she
sighed and dropped the woods down and joined us.. “if we get
in trouble just know that I’m not part of this you hear me”
Jasmine said and we all laughed.
We followed the sound and it led us to a huge tree covered in
bushes and when we walked passed the huge tree, behold
there was this river, a very neat one, with Craig and Blake and
they were shirtless. “Craig??” I called
“Blake??” Jasmine and Brianna said the same time, the two
boys suddenly noticed us and Blake quickly nudge into the
“oh.. Hey girls” Craig said his hair was wet and water was
dripping from it..
“girls??” I hear Zic and Alex voice together and when I turned
to my right I saw the both of them sitting on a rock but still
inside the small river.. Blake quickly came out of the water
and started to breathe.. “gosh.. I thought I was gonna die” he
said and Jasmine rolled her eyes..
“what are you guys doing here” alex asked while Zic gave us
an evil glare.. Dumb ass
“no!! what are you guys doing here? ” Liliana replied firing the
question back “careful how you speak to him he’s the leader
of ABC” Brianna said in Liliana’s ear and she rolled her eyes
and scoffed a “please” sarcastically..
“yeah aren’t you guys like supposed to be fetching woods or
something” Jasmine asked..
“we already did” Blake said as how cute eyes beams
“I can tell you’re lying” Liliana said
“what are you my mom or something” Blake said and shook
his negatively..
“you’re pathetic” Liliana tells Blake while Jasmine hits her..
“you girls better get out of here now” Zic said, starring at only
me.. He’s referring to me, only he’s such a douchebag.
I rolled my eyes at him and he’s eyebrows suddenly arched
“oh really” he said lowly and stood up walking up to me..
“Zic.. What’s wrong ” alex called but he didn’t reply he just
walked up to me.. He stood in front of me and our. Bodies
almost touched
“did you just rolled your eyes at me” he asked, I ain’t scared of
this piece of shit no more..
“oh yes I did ” I replied and he bit his lips angrily and fisted his
hand.. “look Zic just come back in the water” Craig said and
he gave me one last look and got in the water..
“look please just tell no one about this please” Alex said, how
can I say no to an angel, Brianna Liliana and I quickly nod but
Jasmine gasped
“I can’t believe you guys are totally buying their cuteness” she
said and quickly closed her mouth with her hand
She just called them cute..
“I mean, we have to report them” Jasmine said and we turned
to look at her..
“seriously, you are being a psychotic being all of a sudden”
Brianna said and she rolled her eyes..
“please” Craig said and she sighed and rolled her eyes, “fine”
she said and Liliana squeaked happily, and said
“so does this mean we’re swimming with me cause I’m ready
to take off this clothes ”
“Liliana??” we all called disgustingly while the boys laughed,
Alex quickly took his shirt off and jumped into the water and I
almost died when he came out, his lips were beautifully pink,
he’s eyes glossy and white, he’s brown hair was dark wet and
his chest, we’re holy mother of Jesus.. They were.. I can’t even
find the right words..
Seeing Alex swim Zic suddenly removed his shirt and jumped
into the water seems like it was calling him. When we got out
of the water my eyebrows arched his dark hair became more
darker and beads of water droplets dropped on his white pale
face, his lips looked red and sinful, and his eyes were midnight
eyes and there was a shade of black around it , his chest were
unspeakable I couldn’t compare him and Alex because they
look so.. Beautiful and sexy. I can’t believe my self..
“Uhm guys lets get out of here before I loose my breath”
Liliana said and we all nod in agreement and walked away…
T. B. C
By Ruthie Lee

Summer Campus Episode 9
Summer Campus Episode 7

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