Summer Campus Episode 6

Summer Campus Episode 7
Summer Campus Episode 4/5

(cranked up Love)
{{}} Frankie’s pov continues {{}}
I quickly stood up and adjusted my glasses, and then breathed out a “thanks you” .. “you’re welcome actually I stood there watching you and trust me you’re awesome” he said and smiled, I can’t believe it Alex called me awesome,
“can I see it for a moment the drawing” he said and I handed it to him and he looked at it then at the tree “it looks just like it, give me your pencil” he asked and I gave it to him and he wrote his signature there
“that’s for being good at drawing because ninety percent of teenage girls aren’t really good at drawing, so you’ve got talent” he said and handed my book back to me
“oh.. Thanks,” I said and glanced at my book and his signature was lying there beautifully.. “you’re new right” he asked and I nod
“no wonder because I know I haven’t really seen your face before , well anyway welcome to advance day high” he said and I smiled, I hope I didn’t look ugly while smiling..
“I…Uhm.. I have to go” I said shyly and he nods and I start to walk away but he told me stop. I stopped on my track and turned to him.
“what’s your name??” he asked
OMG, he’s asking for my name, Alex the leader of ABC is actually asking for my name I absolutely like where this is going.
“I’m Frankie” I say and he grinned
“I’m Ale..
“Alex!!” I completed for him and his eyes widen
“oh you know me already, well that’s not new” he said and laughed, okay I expect Alex to be rude and all but he’s way too nice..
“well then Frankie fine, see you later” he said and I nod and quickly walk away, okay I have to share this good news to Brianna and Jasmine I know Brianna will tease my life out, but who cares ABC alex asked for my name and called me Frankie fine I’m going crazy!!, I gaze at my drawing book admiring his amazing signature, not looking where I was going and then bumped into someone and I fell down.. My glasses fell off but I picked them up in time to see the person’s face..
“can’t you watch where you’re going” he ponjured his voice thick and kind of scary like that of prince zuko in this cartoon the last airbender or something
“sorry” I rolled my eyes at him and he gave me a deadly glare
“freak” he whispered to himself
“jerk” I muttered and started to walk away,
“what did you say” he asked i sighed and glanced at him “I said something and it’s none of your business” I replied and started to walk away, first time in history I stood my ground, and it felt so good..
I finally made it to the building and I saw, Jasmine Brianna and Liliana outside and talking and I was glad Jasmine wasn’t sleeping
I approached them smiling
“where were you? I’ve introduced my friends already” Liliana pouts and I smiled “well I went out to draw” I replied
“you draw??” she asked and I nod
“and why are you smiling so much like a stick is stuck in your teeth” Brianna said and I rolled my eyes
“actually while drawing, I met Alex and we talked” I said happily and Jasmine and Brianna screamed in excitement
“girl.. Are you kidding me or..
“I swear we did talk” I say and Jasmine smile beamed
“what did he say, was his voice charming, did his white teeth show and his dimple” Jasmine asked and I laughed “he doesn’t have a dimple” I pout remembering when he smiled..
“well who cares all we know is that you talked to Alex” Brianna said and started to jump up happily..
“hold on there guys, who’s this Alex you girls are going on about and what’s so darn special about him that you three have to go all crazy” Liliana said and Jasmine rolled her eyes, Brianna stepped in front of Liliana and said
“in our school there’s this three boys, called the ABC”
“the ABC?? what the hell? ” Liliana laughed
“which stands for Alex, Blake and Craig” I added
“hey I’m telling the story here ponytail” Brianna yanked at me and I rolled my eyes at her and she continued
“anyways, Alex Blake and Craig are the most handsome brainiacs in our school. “they’re cute and like angels” Jasmine said and sighed.. “well they can’t be that handsome” Liliana stated
“oh really well you’ll see for your self soon” Brianna ponjured and Liliana smiled and shrugged
“he even asked for my name and signed on my drawing and called me ‘Frankie fine'” I tell them and their mouth dropped open, “you’re lying” Jasmine said “see for yourself” I said and handed them my drawing book so they could see the signature. And they couldn’t believe it..
“Frankie? ” someone called behind us and when we turned Maurice was standing alone looking handsome in mufti but not up. To Alex..
“oh hey Maurice” I waved and Liliana quickly turned her head away like she was scared at looking at Maurice..
“is this the Maurice, he looks cute” Jasmine whispered to me and Brianna hit her because Maurice could have heard that and I think he kind of did
“so what.. ╬▒re you doing here” I asked.. “I’m just walking around since I’m not with my phone or else I could have been listening to music, so instead of walking around why not see you” he said and smiled
“oh.. kay.. So this is kind of awkward” Brianna said and laughed nervously ..and I know she’s about to leave
“actually Maurice this are my friends, Brianna, jasmine and Liliana” I said and he waved at them “oh hey Lily didn’t see you there” he said and her cheek flushed, and she quickly looked away and tucked her hair behind her ears,..hmm
“well then see you at Lunch time I’m Looking for my friend Zic” he said “well I. Kinda bumped into him not too long ago” I said and his smiles beams
“well that couldn’t have gone well” he laughed and I joined him and then shrugged “okay then see you later Frankie” he said and walked away..
“oh finally” Liliana breathed out..
“did you guys noticed that” Brianna asked
“what? ” Liliana said
“Liliana totally have a crush on Maurice” Brianna said and we all gasped “what no, way” she defended..
“yeah Brian you’re right, her cheeks are all red and her face turned white” I said and we all laughed, but stopped after hearing Mrs Ciara’s whistle
“lunch time!!” she yelled and before we know it a big, a very big table, big and long was placed in between the two buildings and chairs, wooden chairs were surrounding it..
Everyone begin to sit in each of the chairs and I sat in between Liliana and Brianna while Jasmine sat beside Liliana and then another girl.. Before Jennifer and her friends and so on..
Opposite me was, damn it, Zic and beside him was Maurice and Freya, I’ve lost my appetite before the meal can even be served
I avoid to make eye contact with Zic at all cost..
opposite Liliana, ABC sat down and I couldn’t take my eyes off them, Alex actually, Freya thought I was staring at her because Blake was sitting beside her then Alex then Craig,..
I caught Liliana staring at Maurice occasionally and I couldn’t help it but laughed, Craig sighted me and gave a small wave..
“Craig too” Brianna said and I shrugged
“I know him before we went to the same elementary school ” I reply her.. And stared at my front and Maurice and Zic was listening to my conversation with Brianna
I gave Maurice a small smile and Zic a bad glare and he scoffed and raised his middle finger at me and mouthed a “Fuck you” and I flinched and blinked rapidly at his bizarre attitude..
“come-on just stop” Maurice laughed and dropped his hand down
“what dragon flew up his butt” Brianna whispered to me referring to Zic and we both shared a laugh, when I looked at Liliana she was staring at Maurice again
“let’s switch seats” she whispered in my ear “good idea” I said, I just want to give her the opportunity of staring Maurice’s life away..
Oh no switching seats was a bad idea I couldn’t control my heart beat and Alex smiled at me and my drawing book was in my hand and when he saw it he smiled and i couldn’t help but looked away, he’s charming
“could thing she left” Zic said to Maurice staring at me, I narrowed my eyes and raised my middle finger at him also and mouthed a Fuck you to him.. He tried to hide his smile I didn’t know why, well he did hide his smile and turned his head away ..
He is pathetic.. I turned back to my front and Craig and Alex were staring at me…
“food Is ready” we hear Mrs Lisa said, Finally they can stop staring at me but the food!!!
T. B. C
By Ruthie Lee

Summer Campus Episode 7
Summer Campus Episode 4/5

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