Summer Campus Episode 3

Summer Campus Episode 4/5
Summer Campus Episode 2

(cranked up love)
{} Frankie’s pov continues {}
After packing half of my wears in my big box I zipped it and sighed and laid down on my bed tiredly,
Seconds later I heard a soft knock on my door, “honey” my mom called
“just come in” I tell her and sit up
She opened the door and walked in, and goodness the sound of her heels are killing me that i gave it a glare
“is. Something wrong with my shoe” she asked.
“no.. It’s just
“oh no. I know I shouldn’t have gone with this shoe today, looks like I’ll go shopping tonight”
“mom it’s okay, you have like a thousand pairs of shoes, it just that I hate the sound of it” I say and she rolled her eyes..
“anyways , I went to the mall alone and bought you this” she said and clapped her hands and Ashley walked in with a hand full of new dresses, all shiny and sparkly
“call me mom” she interrupted and I sighed
“mom I’m going to camp, not fashion show” I seethe.
“I know, you disappoint me sometimes ” she said sadly, and pouts, she looks too young to be my mom, that’s what people always say, but maybe they’re just saying..
“look mom I’m fine with the ones in this box and I’m not wearing any of those” I said and she rolled her eyes “fine what ever you say frankini” she said and I rolled my eyes..
“wait a minute” she said to me and i paused “take that off for a minute” she said referring to my glasses and I did, but was sad I couldn’t see a thing clearly, my state of blurness is back
“oh my you look so beautiful without them I wish you could be like this ” she smiled
“mom i can’t see clearly, it’s back” I say
“oh my put it back on immediately I’m sorry ” she said and I wore them back on and sniffed “I’m sorry” she said again and I gave her an it’s-okay smile and she nods
“I understand if you dont want to take this dresses with you I’ll go now” she announced and walked out..
I laid on my bed and started to think about the day my eye problem started, it was when I was eight, I climbed a tree with David we were both playing but unfortunately I fell down i didn’t get injured or a scratch I was fine, but the next day I couldn’t see clearly when I woke up everything was rugged and blur that it freaked me out, I told my mom and after visiting an optician there was nothing.. A knock interrupted me “yes” I replied
“it’s me. Ashley dinner will be ready in five ” our cook says
“okay ” I replied and shut my eyes
That night I slept well, I guess and the next morning I was woken up by my mom, and the smell of muffins filled my nostrils and my eyes were wide open
“hey sweety wake up, and get ready for school and your camp I’ve set breakfast and everything” my mom said in my ear, talk about over pampering..
“whatever, ” I groaned and stood up from my bed, I freshened up and got ready, I grabbed glasses and my box and drag it downstairs and it seems heavier than yesterday
After stuffing my face in muffins and a cup of cappuccino, I grabbed my backpack and box, and my mom grabbed her purse and we both head out, my mom’s car was cool and the scent inside could sent a dead person awake..
“are you sure you still want to go” my mom asked
“yes mom ” I said and she sighed
“I can’t believe I’ll be home alone ” She said
“you won’t David’s coming back tomorrow right?” I said and she nodded
“but he’s a boy” she noted
My mom is so pathetic
“and he’s your son, maybe you two can go to the mall together” I tease and giggled a little
“Ha-ha very funny” she remarked sarcastically and rolled her eyes..
Finally we got to school and my mom pulled over and parked her car beside the gate and when we got down i was surprised to see three huge bus in our school compound and students with their luggage beside them and their parents.. Also..
I saw Brianna and she waved to me , and ran up to me..
“hey Frankie, Gosh I’m madly excited “she said twitchy-ly and glanced at my mom
“who’s this” she asked
“my mom” I grinned , Brianna gasped and whispered to me
“wow she’s hot” I giggled and she turned to my mom
“hi.. Mrs.. Malcolm, I’m Brianna, Brianna gold, Frankie’s friend” she said and my mom gave her a warm smile
“where’s your parent” I asked her
“my mom left already she’s written my name down” she said and smiled
“mom, won’t you sign my name in” I asked and she rolled her eyes and head towards the office, and few minutes later she walked up to us
“so I signed your name in and I’ll be leaving now” she sighed
“thanks mom” I said and she nod
“tell David I said hi” I tell her and she smiled and hugged me
“oh honey I’m gonna miss you so much,” she snuggled me in her body that I couldn’t breathe
“mom you’re kind of embarrassing me” I whispered in ear and she let go of me and sighed “oh my baby I don’t know how I can live without you , anyway I’ll be going” she said and I breathed a sigh of relief.. Thank goodness
“I’ll tell your brother you said hi. You know he can’t do without you either” she said she entered her car, she blew me a kiss and drove her car away and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes..
“wow your mom is one of a kind” Brianna laughed
“thats what happens when you’re the last child and a girl” I replied and shrugged and she giggled
“I have seven sisters with no brothers and I’m the fifth girl” she said and my eyes widen and she laughed
“come-on ” she dragged me to the bus
Mrs Lisa checked our names in and I fixed my luggage in the bus and later on we all entered the bus, I sat by the window side at the back of the bus and Brianna sat beside me
“this camp Is gonna be epic” Brianna said happily and I shrugged, I peeped out the window and saw a black BMW beside the bus and inside was ABC and Madison,
Alex was at the driver’s seat while Madison and the passengers seat and at the back seat was Blake and Craig.. They’re aren’t serious.. I roll my eyes at them and faced the front of the bus immediately it started moving and later we hit the road
The drive was a four hours drive and at exactly 12pm the bus stopped and so did the two other buses in front of a bushy path and everyone came down.. And so did the other ones in the other bus, Blake Craig and Madison came out of the car but only Alex remained in the car with his phone..
“okay everyone just hold on we’re waiting for megal academy high school” Mrs Lisa said and everyone groaned in dissapointment two teachers were assigned to each bus, and ours was Mr Mari and Mrs Lisa
“I almost forgot about the pairing, megal academy are unbearable” Brianna said almost loudly and I gave a small smile..
“hey don’t worry maybe it will turn out to be the best with them” I said to her
“have you seen those people they’re like devil in the flesh” Brianna said and before I could reply two huge black bus, bigger than ours pulled over beside ours and the name megal academy was written there , I glanced at Mrs Lisa and there was a fake smile on her face as she stared at the students of megal academy came down from the bus..
They all look awkward and tall, their uniform was plain black except for the little white inside and the skirts were short, very very short.. The last two people who came out was a boy and a girl, the boy was tall, actually kind of cute but mostly scaring the only un-scary thing about him was his eyes and lips.. He had a black leather jacket on top of his uniform and some heavy boots on his feet and his long hair was moved back.. The girl who came next behind looked so slender and rude, she was chewing gum and mascara were surrounding her eyes, she placed her hand on the cute scary’s boy shoulder as they came down the bus and everyone stared at them,
A tall,and Slim woman walked up next to Mrs Lisa and said
“hey students of advance day high school I am Mrs Ciara, a teacher at megal academy and I’ll be the one who tells you what to do and what not to do now everyone please this way” she said and started to walk inside the woods..
“this school is total bullshit” I hear one megal academy student say referring to our school
“yeah I can’t argue with that” another one said and they both laughed. When I turned to look at whoever said that it was two goofy guys with black hair looking like a refined vampire..
“what are you looking at blind bandit won’t you go ahead like others” one said and I turned my gaze away from them and adjusted my backpack and my glasses, I looked forward and Brianna’s already left
As I picked up my box to start moving, megal academy started walking ahead and some were hitting me and passing me by like I was no body and trust me it hurts..
Finally they were few behind and when I tried to move someone hit me and my glassed fell, thank goodness the blurness isn’t back and when I looked up, it was the cute scary boy and his girlfriend who hit me, I picked up my glasses and expected him to say “sorry” but instead he just smirked at me and he and his girlfriend laughed away,
“sorry” I hear someone said behind me and when I turned I saw a boy from megal academy.. He so looks gentle, and cute
“oh you’re taking to me” I said and he nods
“well thanks” I tell him and looked away
“Zic is always like that,” he added
Oh the jerk’s name is Zic
“oh no worries I’m okay ” I tell him and was about to walk away but he held my am
“lemme help you with that” he said
“no actually it’s okay” I smile
“really, it’s fine, Zic’s my friend so I Just wanted to make it up you on his behalf” he said and I sighed and nod lightly, I glanced at my right and Craig was staring at us..
“I’m Maurice by name” he said
“I’m Frankie” I tell him and he smiled..
T. B. C
By Ruthie Lee

Summer Campus Episode 4/5
Summer Campus Episode 2

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