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**Frankie’s pov continues**
I got to school and started to breathe in and out, this school is like a pain in my neck, everyone seems harsh towards me because I’m a newbie I guess..
Out of my five days in school last week I manged to be friends with Brianna , a twitchy loving caring and kind girl who doesn’t give a Fuck of how I look, likewise others.. As I head to class I prayed not to bump into spencer and Austen, the two foolish boys i have ever known, they always bully me and also they named me four-eyed girl and it, always bothered me I hope my mom doesn’t finds out about it one day..
I actually made it to class without bumping into Austen and Spencer, my chair was as always have been beside Brianna’s and when I sat down she gave me a good morning smile and I smiled back..
“hey guess what?” she said
“what?” I asked
“nothing I just wanted to say something” she said and I rolled my eyes and laughed, I felt a small tiny pain in my eye and figured that my sight had turned blur again but because of my glasses it was still clear..
“you’re sick” I said to Brianna and she laughed..
“guess what I did last night” I said to her “draw? ” she rolled her eyes,
“yep I drew my self when I was still a baby” I said
“look I get it you’re a great artist likewise me, don’t worry when I’ll get to kiss Alex make sure you draw it” she said and we both laughed
Just then a girl rushed in our class and yell “everyone it’s.. The.. Boys.. It’s Alex, Blake and Craig it’s ABC”
Every girl screamed in excitement and ran outside to look at Alex Blake and Craig..
Alex, Craig and blake are the three most popular guys in school, Alex is a braniac and so is Craig but Blake is not so much like them but still handsome, I’ve come to learn that they don’t talk to anyone in school except themselves.. But it may sound weird that I’ve actually talked to Craig, I know him before we went to the same elementary school but he’ll probably not recognize me again.. “so are we going to stay here like a bunch of clowns or go see some pretty boys” Brianna said and I couldn’t help but smile, she just say whatever things she likes to say ..
We moved towards the window and stare at them also, Alex was the prettiest he is ‘tall, handsome a girly eyelashes midnight eyes and a sinful lips
“wow you go gurl” Brianna said and hit me
“whoa what was I saying that out loud ” I whisper to her and she nods “but good thing I’m the only one who heard it” she say and she laughs… Blake seems handsome but Craig is still the Craig I know. But anyway he’s handsome after, ABC as they call them for short finally left everyone went back to their seat and classes and so did Brianna and i
As everyone got seated Mrs Lisa, our biology teacher walked in every one started to groan thinking she’s about to teach because I’ve come to learn her teachings are boring, and she kind of noticed it.
“just shut up, am not here to teach” Mrs Lisa said and everyone kept quiet while some giggled
“the principal requests to see all twelve graders in an assembly on the basketball court, he’s got an announcement to make, and he means now” she said and then walked out, everyone starts to murmur and whisper
“what does he have to say this time ” Brianna yanked, standing up
“who knows we’ll only find out if we get there early” I said and she nodded, students (twelve graders) started to walk towards the basketball court and so did Brianna and i and unfortunately we bumped into MMM, and Madison almost fell
Madison, Monica and Mia, the three popular (girls) Blondie’s in our school who thinks they’re better than everyone.
“hey watch where you’re going you freak” Madison said and flipped her hair back
“or maybe you watch where you’re going ” Brianna remarked
“was I talking to you, let me. See i wasn’t okay so maybe you should just shut the Fuck up I was talking to this four eyed freak” Madison said and Brianna rolled her eyes and walked closer to her
“Look madison you better scramb away from my friend and I before I rip your Barbie hair off your head” Brianna threatened and Madison sighed angrily and said
“let’s go girls” and they all walked away..
One thing i hate about my self is not standing up for my self,
“thanks anna” I tell Brianna and she smiled and said “no need to tell me thanks, what are friends for” I smiled, she is so sweet
We hurried to the assembly and got to a line which seems like class diamond, where ABC are but unfortunately they have their own separate line..
Just then everywhere went silent and when I looked up, it was principal Grady, our principal who everyone seems to hate because he’s too strict and kind of ugly if you ask me.. And so tall
“good day my beautiful students” he smiled, the smile Looked too fake…
“you all will be wondering why you’re here this morning right” he asked but no one replied so. He continued..
“well according to the school board we have a better way to improve your skills learning and also body building, by going camping”
Everyone screamed in excitement not because he said ‘learning’ or ‘body building’ but because he said camping..
“silence” Mr Grady said and everywhere was as silent as a grave yard..
“don’t getall happy about this camp stuff and all because you’ll also be too busy getting ready for your final year exam and lastly get ready cause you’re all camping for. Three weeks and two days and you’re not going alone, the school board did a little pairing you guys are going with Megal academy high school” he said and everyone gasped including Brianna
“what’s wrong” I whispered to her
“megal academy are like the baddest school In the west we’ve heard strange rumours about it” she said
“I heard one time that they have sex in class and the teachers were the one who tutored them” Brianna said and my eyes widen
“are you serious” I said and she nodded
“I also heard that all the girls there aren’t virgins” a girl from behind said and me and Brianna turned to see a girl with a very curly black hair with green eyes..
“oh hey Jasmine” Brianna said
“hey ” she replied back
” Jasmine’s my friend but not that too close of a friend ” Brianna whispered to me and i nod
“I’m Frankie, Frankie Malcolm I’m kinda new” I said friendly and she smiled “Jasmine Pattthen ” she replied.. And we returned our gaze back to me Grady but unfortunately he said
“and that’s what I’m saying for today and till you get Back from camp, so everyone we will dismiss you guys early so you can go home and get prepared for tomorrow, you must come with your parents tomorrow for signature approval.. And make sure you sleep tight because the journey ahead tomorrow is a big one.. ” he said and walked away, everyone started to talk amongst themselves immediately he left and one of the teachers Mrs Jacinta, told us all to go in and we did, just as we were about to go in I glanced at the place (ABC) Alex Blake and Craig stood and Craig and I made a strange eye contact and his eyes widen and then he smiled at me I quickly looked away and adjusted my glasses and before I knew it Brianna dragged my hand..
“I seriously can’t believe we’re being pared up with megal academy high school they’re the worst and talk about mean” Jasmine pouts, she’s so pretty and friendly
“I know right” Brianna added
“are they that bad” I asked and they both nod at the same time..
“so see you guys later” Jasmine said and walked away while Brianna and i got in the class and since there was nothing to do I started to draw
During lunch time, as always Brianna and i went together to the cafeteria and we met Jasmine and the three of us sat together and they both just couldn’t stop talking about how bad megal academy is and how many sex crimes they’ve committed that school must have been a.. I don’t even know what to. Call it..
I stood up and head to the toilet leaving Brianna and Jasmine alone, like seriously I don’t need to hear more of megal academy
As I made my way to the toilet unfortunately I bumped into Craig
And my glasses fell
Double great.. I quickly picked it up and thank goodness the blurness isn’t back..
“oh my I’m sorry” he said. He definitely doesn’t recognize me
“no.. It’s okay ” I say
“Frankie!! I know it’s you, your voice actually made me realise that and your glasses ” he said
“yeah it’s still me Frankie ” I say and he smiled “wow I didn’t know you came to this school until the assembly this morning”
Why would you know when you’re among ABC what’s everyone’s talking about
“yeah I figured” I replied
“are you excited about the camp” he asked is he trying to make a conversation with me.. Cause my bladder’s about to burst
“yep excited as a bee I have to go” I said and walked right passed him..
School closed and I went home , when I got inside my mom wasn’t wearing her red dress again but a blue one.. Seriously..
“hey mom good day” I said
“you’re home early” she said
“yep only seniors the twelve graders actually, we’re going to camp tomorrow and also staying for three weeks and two days, ” I tell her
“camp!!! ” she screamed
“you heard me” I said sarcastically
“oh no my baby alone in the woods” she said coming towards me and trust me it’s a matter of time I start breaking the heels in her shoes ..
“I won’t be alone mother” I say
“call me mom, and I know but you guys will be leaving and eating in a forest” she said
“and we will be fine” I tell her
“but you can just stay right” she smiled
“I wish I can. But I can’t I can’t loose my grades they’ll be teaching us there you know. It’s just that the saddest part is I won’t have to see David” I say and she sighed
“and you’re coming to school with me tomorrow and I Better get parking” I say and started to head upstairs
“don’t need to take those clothes with you I’ll just go to the mall and get you like seventeen more or eighteen ” she yelled
“my clothes are okay” I yell back, this camp is gonna be..
Let’s just see how it will. Turn. Out.
T. B. C

Summer Campus Episode 3
Summer Campus Episode 1

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