Summer Campus Episode 1

Summer Campus Episode 2

(cranked up love)
**Frankie’s pov**
It was Monday morning, I was still in bed, my eyes closed but I was awake, the sweet smell of lavender perfume mixed with roses filled my room, and also the sound of her five inches heel pounding on the concrete floor as she walked closer to my bed..
“hey honey wake up” my mom called and I groaned and used my pillow to cover my face
“come-on aren’t you happy” she said and sat down on my bed beside me.
“I’m not” I yell from the pillow
“come-on don’t be a lazy bird and get ready for school” she laughed and I groaned more loudly and remove the pillow from my face and when I looked at my mom, she looked pretty and perfect as always, her blonde hair curl and fabulous, her lips over red, and her face carries a lot makeup which I think she doesn’t need, she was wearing a red dress and a five inches heel, she’s not going anywhere but she loves looking perfect, talk about show off..
It’s my second week in “advance-day high school” school of the rich and famous, or talk about show off students I mean my parents are stinking rich also but I don’t act like them at all.. it’s my second week and I’m already tired to go, they’re all spoiled and cruel, and they treat me like trash… I hate that school but I’m afraid to tell my mom.. She’s just so.. I don’t have any words to describe her..
“you know when I was your age i—
“it’s okay mom I’m up you don’t need to tell me about the 1980s” I yanked and got off the bed and my mom giggled a little..
“your brother’s coming back the day after tomorrow you know” she said softly
“really? ” my eyes beams
“hmm-mm, and your dad just landed hours ago with your other brother” my mom explained and I smiled, I have two older brothers and I’m the only girl my older brother Sylvester is engaged and works with my dad while my second older brother David is in college and I can’t wait to see him..
“just hurry up and get ready for school” my mom tells me I nodded and quickly took my bath, brushed and wore my school uniform, .. I went downstairs and my food was on the table, which was prepared by our house cook, Ashley who’s in her late twenties..
She greeted me and I replied with a smile before eating and suddenly I heard the sound of my mom outrageous heels through the tiled floor and I rolled my eyes..
“seriously honey, pony tail again” she said from behind me
“yeah that’s my style” I said proudly
“that’s your style but not the Malcolm’s style when you’re a Malcolm’s you live like them and no pony tail today, you’re a high school girl you need to start acting like one okay, ” she said and yanked the rubber band off my hair and my hair fell and bounced on my shoulder
“so much for having a brown hair” my mom said angrily
“are you mad? Thank goodness I ain’t blond like you” I say and she rolled her eyes..
My mom’s always pissed off about me growing up with brown hair like my dad, she had always wanted her only “”daughter”” with blonde hair but I ended up with brown hair and my brothers are both blonde like hers but still she wished we could all switch.. And sometimes she even tells m die it blonde.. Ugh..
“I’m done” I say and gulped down my glass of water.. And pushed my plate forward..
I hurried back to my room and grabbed my glasses and wore them, I have an eye problem since when I was eight, some times I see Clearly, and sometimes I don’t, I don’t know oh exact time the blurness comes so I just wear my glasses all the time..
I took another rubber and fixed my hair in ponytail again and grabbed my backpack before heading downstairs,
“oh Jesus Christ ” my mom said after seeing me
“Frankie what in the name of..
“stop it mom don’t try to make me what I’m not. Okay” I say and take three last steps and head for the door..
“but you should have at least drop your hair, ponytail, glasses, you look like my geometry teacher when I was in high school” she whined
“thanks mom. It means a lot” I say and rolled my eyes
“I don’t mean to be rude okay but at least I should buy you contacts” she said
“no mother I’m perfect the way I am and I’m late ” I say and walked out slamming the door..
T. B. C
By Ruthie Lee

Summer Campus Episode 2


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