SIREN (the beautiful killer) Prologue

SIREN (the beautiful killer) prologue(2) 1

Hi Lovers,I’m back💃💃with the summary of my fourth novel;

Mia Cunnane is a beautiful 25 years old lady who has the perfect and innocent face of an angel.
But,her face is the exact opposite of her heart. She’s a brutal killer and has been an assassin since the age of 18.
She follows the order of her boss ‘Donovan Craven’.

She’s so perfect in the illegal work that she has never failed on any assassination mission.
She became infamous even though her face was never revealed,she uses masks and different colours of wigs on different missions which made it hard for people to decipher the real colour of her hair.

She’s known to always kill the detectives in charge of her case and this made the remaining detectives step back in fear.
But what happens when she meets her match; Darrel Holden,a competent CIA agent who was transferred from California to New York to investigate and lessen the crime rate.

Darrel Holden is a top notch pro who handle cases with efficiency,he has never failed on any case and he was so close to fishing out the anonymous assassin when Mia’s boss ordered her to kill him.
She tried and failed on several attempts until Darrel puts up a notice of looking for a live-in housekeeper.

Mia’s crew strikes another plan and she was told to apply for the job but she’ll need to live with him for three months before killing him so as not to arouse suspicion.
Mia was so prepared for the task that she felt like killing him immediately.
But i guess everything changed the moment she met his beautiful black eyes which melts her stone heart.

Considering how cruel Mia is,will that stop her from killing him?

And what happens when Darrel finds out that he’s living under the same roof with the assassin he’s looking for and not just an assassin but also the same lady he has fallen in love with. Mia.

Isn’t it complicated?
Of course it is;

Things will turn bloody!
There will be a whole lot to learn!
Tears to shed!
Laughter to prevail!
And a lot more to happen….

This will be my first action novel. So sweeties, just chill,sit down and enjoy this thrilling novel of mine;;

⚔️SIREN⚔️(The beautiful killer)

Prologue will be out soon💃💃 Are you ready???

SIREN (the beautiful killer) prologue(2) 1
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