Sad Soul Oh!

Black Horn
Fervent Orison

Sad soul oh!
What is this frown that i pitch me fondly against myself,
All the cheer that my face knoweth is now but a twist with fate
What is it that is denied my heart that stirs this vexed of late
Even as light grace the day the brightness grace not my day
My mood labour much in great trouble, even as my heart ahbor state
Of distressful stress,my lips part no tear as every grin is but scornful my struggles to cheer.
My heart wails and beneath his fit the tears form puddle,
I struggle and tumble but fail to bundle my troubles,
Left scattered and broken in piece is all that i gathered,
Will my soul ever triumph sadness and live with happiness a trophy
For all my vow and oath to take care of me i have failed to keep
my own bargain, letting sadness reign and gain my soul,
Will i ever be happy again.
Awash in this cold valley-fountain of pain,no shoulders a cleat,
This sad soul oh i can no more endure,
If there be a sovereign remedy, I need a cure.

Black Horn
Fervent Orison
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