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The few month after the incident with my step father was hell, he tried a few times to have me, but i stood my ground,
I treaten to tell mom if he kept disturbing,
he will but bluff and threaten to throw the both of us out of his house, that all we brought him was misfortune, he had lost his job the day he forcefully laid me,
I had kept the incident only but to myself,not because he threaten to kill me and himself if i did.
but because my sixteen years old mind told me mom will feel very bad about it and might even blame me, I was scared, I had my conscience leave with the horrible scar.
As if the consternation wasn’t enough,
My mother went to join other women in cleaning the church courtyard as usual on a Saturday , she came back very sad and near tears, she broke the terrible news
Eka grace was involved in a fatal accident that took her life, she traveled to buy her goods as usual on her way back the truck she traveled with and other passengers including the goods fell into a canal, she and and the 12 other passengers including the driver drown tragically.
Due to the too many responsibilities mom was not able to do any savings, so Eka grace death took us not only back to our former state, but to an even worse condition.
We couldn’t even get the bin yam support anymore cause Simon had lost his employment with the ministry of environment.
Months later my siblings had to stop school cause the daily demands to survive was not even met,not to talk of going to school.
Mom could no more afford to pay the rent for the small parcel of land she accquired to plant seasonally, she had to do a quick harvest both on the premature crops as the farmland owner threatened with a black magic threat that my mom would go mad if she step into the farmland after the expired date given.
The entire surrounding got tired of our borrowing as mom couldn’t meet up paying our debt as agreed,we were owing entirely every shop in our environment.
our house became a constant place for uproar as every morning a different creditor would come shouting and rendering abuses on our family.
The thought of going to sire Aliyu came quite often but i couldn’t
convince myself to face the devil anymore,
I felt very guilty, as if i was responsible for all the misfortune on my family,maybe Simon was right afterall, maybe i was really possess as he would often say,
I would hide away and cry myself to sleep most times in an insolated place.
The pressure to give myself out in exchange for things soon was mounting on,as daily i would have sexual approaches by men including married men,
Who claim my situation and that of my family will change for good if i gave into their want,
Some male creditors will promise to forfeit what we owe them if i agreed,
Some went as far as approaching my mom with the offer,
and all my mom did was broke into tears each time she was confronted with such an offer.
Our hardship hit the rock bottom when we were now feeding on unripe paw-paw fruit, mom would slice and boil it like yam and we would eat it using palm oil,
few month later the poor eating was telling on my siblings as the regularly fell ill, mom could not afford drugs and she will only try to curb whatsoever illness with home remedies,
A now drunkard Simon was losing patient with me, as his sexual advances fell on deaf ears, as i grew stubbornly disrespectful to him, we constantly get into a fight and exchange of words.
Mom could no more cope with the heat, and she woke me up one late night,
Tema, she whispered softly
I was half asleep as i barely sleep at night, I will steer up at the slightest touch since the day i was startled up by Simon fondles.
I sat up and mom sat beside me, I could see her face in the dark,her glistening black round face, mom was still beautiful even at her age, amidst the hardship,her long thick hair was and added adornment even though it was sparingly done it was a gift from her ancestral lineage, her great grandmother was a foreigner, she claeared her throat, I could spot a glistening thin stream line on her both cheeks, mom was crying,
“My daughter, I love you, your my first blood born out of love, the love i had for your father has had no replacement and will never have,
I have never told you why i left your father, cause i felt you were not old enough to know, but your a woman now, you deservingly should know”
, she stop for a while,she swallowed hard like she had a big lump stuck in her throat,I could see the tears now clearly dropping down her face,
“I love your father, i still love him very much, that’s why i love you and your sister very much, you both are all i have left from my union with your father…….
To be continued……

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