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I parted my eyelids, fully away of the mumble around me,
which before was like i heard them from my dream,
I tried to move my hips buh there were stiff, I can remember shutting my eyes and then opening them,a blink i had thought it was, but i was really unconscious close to an hour,
With my eyes now quite open, I look around and then down at myself, shock, I sprung up amidst the agitation which stung and send sharp shock of pains down my spine, but i was up and was bleeding,
Like a sudden flashback i remembered how i got there, the struggles and how i slept off.
The devil he was right there staring at me, looking disturbed and drained.
“Thank God your awake”, he mumbled
The disdainful stare i gave him was an enough answer, he was the last person i wanted to see, if my dying wish wasn’t granted,
“Tema i am sorry, I had thought you were old enough to handle yourself, look at the mess you’ve done”, he continued, I still said nothing.
“You are a shame, I didnt know you were a whimpering kid ”
I broke into tears, grabbed my underwear, do the little clean up i could,
without remorse, he look to shift all the blame on me,i wanted to leave immediately as i was greatly ashame and disappointed,
How did I let this happen to me?
Without further waste of time i left his house, as his insipid words were hurting me more than the act.

I was lucky enough not to find anyone at home,the only luck i had that day I thought to myself, what would i have told my mom if had got home to meet her?,
I swore never to go back to his house, and to keep what had happen to me just to myself, as i couldn’t risk what will follow if i had told my mom,
what will my step father think of me, he will never believe it was forceful, he had been previously abusing and accusing me of sleeping around in disguise of selling.

I concealed my pains amidst series of nightmares and sleepless nights, bought a few pain reliever from a drug store, I hide to take the pills still without letting my mom know.
Though my sibblings caught me a few times but I am sure they were too busy with their little problems to be telling tales.

I had now fully recovered,though still bearing the scar at the back of my mind, I had lost my virginity in the most horrible way i could never had dream of, not at this age, not to a man like sire Aliyu, the same man i had dream will maybe somehow help me get back to school, his words and affection were promising,he was too good,now the devil himself,
I got back to my usual business, but totally avoided his own side of the street,each time my mom brings his topic I will wave it off with a causual hint, I didn’t want to cross this man path anymore, infact i really didn’t want to have anything to do with any man,
Any man that tried to be friendly, I saw them with an equal aim to that of sire Aliyu.

I restrain myself from open minded warm smile and too friendly pleasantries with any man,
The hate that i had for the two men i had come in close contact with so far except my dad was enough reason to hate men.

Months later the changes in my body was obvious, my hips widen and my breast was graciously undergoing rapid sprout,my buttocks i couldn’t say the least was now protruded that most of my skirt i couldn’t wear them no more.
What was going on, we barely fed find though the situation did’nt warrant feeding from the bin anymore has our Akara ball business was profitable, I was getting particularly known around in our vicinity, as the praise came flowing in that my mom makes the best Akara balls in the vicinity,
we didn’t just feed from the profit but my siblings were enrolled in a community primary school, and mom was able to raise money for the needfuls.

I was just returnig from my sales and mom had started and added farm work to her daily activities,
I was sure not to find anyone at home as my siblings i knew very well were still in school at the hour.
Approaching our little house i notice the curtain were drawn and the door was half close,
could it be Simon i thought, he barely return in the early hours of the day, it was still too early to be him,
I got closer a little scared.

What thief will invade our home and comfortably draw curtains?
To be continued…..

Patch pride episode 5
Patch pride episode 3
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