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After a long stare, which i almost prayed the ground should open and swallow me up, he said the strangest thing i ever heard in my life, i took few steps backwards as he moved near, all so nervous he was starting to sweat and shaking all over.
“I want to touch you ” he repeated
All i could mutter was “No sire! ” nearly screaming
“Your a beautiful girl Tema, your wasting away, don’t you want to go back to school ” he responded quivering and stammering
I made for the door but before i could reach the handle, I was caught halfway, has his cold quaking hands caught mine
“Please sire, I beg you, let me go, i will never bother you again with my sales,i manage to mutter teary
“Tema i will do anything you want for you, you won’t have to be hawking anymore, just let me touch you ” he wishpered near my ears
“No sire, please, I have never been touched, please let me go”
I replied all teary and bitterly sobbing.
“You lie, but don’t worry i will take it easy ” he smiled mischievously
“I fear i will get pregnant please sire, let me go”
“We all have fears, I fear, i might never see my daughter again”
He said wickedly.
“Please dont do this to me sire” i responded, amidst struggles to break away from his now very tight grip.
But i struggled in vain, his hand were firmly on my wrist as he dragged me to the leather couch, almost tearing my cloth, he pushed away my gown,
I struggled on but my strength failed to beat his, as my breast lies bare, he caress my breast carelessly,
I closed my eyes as there were blinded with tears,he had now forcefully thrown himself on me i lay back and squirmed beaneath this man I held with much respect, as i now stared at him as i would the devil,
His teeth nipped my neck, he lifted himself so that he could see my flesh, I was just there helplessly, he bent to my raised nipple and nervously drew on it with his lips,as he moisten the tip of my breast with his tongue,
I responded more with agony than with pleasure, he pulled off my underwear with one hand, holding me down with the other hand, he tossed my underwear on the floor,
he looked satisfied with what he saw as he stared down at my naked body, he trailed his fingertips on my naked hips, he had his both hands inbetween my thighs he parted them and rose them around him, pushing inward he met the resistance.
I had thought he would stop as i observed the frown on his face.
I struggled amidst anguish, but he stubbornly thrust in hard,
I gasped as he draw in so sharply, I felt the tear, my muscle stiffened has he pierced in harder,
I cried out in pain,i struggled to straight my legs, the pains were severe,my strenght was slowly drifting,
my pushing him off reach an altered intensity, I had looked away from him now with my face soaked with tears, at the brink of loosing my breath,
i could hear him jerk,as he slowed the tension and gasped for air,followed by a low moan, his demands were met.
he got off me, I lay there,the pains too much to bear.
I felt the dripping of warm fluid down my thighs, but couldn’t get up to see, i closed my eyes and prayed I die….
To be continued.

Patch pride episode 4
Patch pride episode 2
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