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I had just returned from the last turn of sells, the morning had been fruitful, i had completed three rounds sales of a half filled basin of Akara balls, mom will particularly be excited as the week wasn’t entirely good due to to the usual may/june morning rain,
The family had little or nothing to feed with the few couple of days, as the little sales i had manage to make amidst the rain would go to Eka grace the woman from the market were mom gets the beans and oil on credit for making the Akara balls.
My step father who worked with ministry of environment felt his favors were too much has he returns home daily with the yam heads he picks from the bin, we particular had no choice as the garbage yam head soon came to be a usual and only meal.
My four other siblings, three halve sibblings were too small to understand has the gladly enjoyed their yam with excitement each meal time, I was sixteen,older and understanding,coming to terms with our situation, but also understanding enough to know that our situation was near madness, but when did poverty become madness,
My step father was a cold hearted fellow, whose wickedness drew a trail of lines on his black scary face, how mom met with him i never knew.
It all happen quickly that my mom left my dad,an early morning yelling from their inner room resulted in my mom hurriedly folding her belongings when my dad was away, taking my sister and i with her she fled our home , I was Nine(9) at the time and my younger sister sema was Three(3),
Mom put up with her mother, grandma mema.
Three years later we discovered that mom was pregnant, for a man we never met, only for her to call the family together one faithful morning telling grandma Mema, we were moving out, i was particularly uncomfortable when i heard we were moving in with someone who mom claimed would be our new father.
three years on from the time we moved in with Simon my step father, mom added two more siblings to the pregnancy that force us to move in with this stranger (my step father).
it was a toil in the dust leaving with simon as he didn’t only beat up my mom and us at the slightest provocation, but the negligence was unbearable,he was irresponsible and gambled his wages, leaving the family responsibility for my unemployed mom to shoulder, I was made to hawk entirely everything from farm produce to locally made items.
Until mom met Eka grace and though she was a great talkative but her help and the Akara balls business suggestion was revealing and was a relieve for our wretched situation.
She will come yelling at my mom each time she failed to make the days returns, but mom never felt bad as she saw her act as a motivation.
I had woke up quite early, the morning was promising, as the early morning sun was an added advantage,i had done three good turns and the fourth would hand us a full two square meals.
I counted the last akara balls from mom reserve basin into my basin,mummured a good luck prayer and set out for my last turn of the day

Patch pride episode 2
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