PASTOR DONATUS - Episode 6 (21+)


#In The Church Garden

-Last Episode

Brother Tom opened the door wide grinning from ear to ear,
as the two he find in the indiscreet looked startled and quickly arrange themselves.
“the devil Sabi lie!” Pastor Donald thundered,
“Yes oh!” Benita replied.

“Two of ona be the devil and demon” Brother Tom retorted sharply snarling at them,
“Make ona come oh! Church members, come and see what our pastor have been doing!” Brother Tom stepped out of the consultant room, he clapped and shouted so everyone around the church premises could hear him.

Pastor Donald quickly got the handkerchief from the ref box and ordered sister Benita to play along,
in no time people surround the consultation room.
Brother Tom opened the consultation room door wide open, as everyone wore puzzle look.
“I see this wayo pastor and sister Benita doing mior mior! In the consultation room” Brother Tom announced as everyone scream in disbelief.

“Brother Tom, devil dey use you” Pastor Donald said,
“He rape me!” Onyi cried in the congregation,
as everyone turned to her direction quickly with folded arms.
Just then, Choma who is in the crowd came out amongst the crowd like a lioness and grabbed the collar of Pastor Donald shirt.
“Ashawo, bring back my pikin” she yelled at him, pushing him back and forth with all her strength.

Donald went down on his kneels and raised the handkerchief up,
“Oh Lord, no carry shame rub me, send down fire for my enemies” he cried out with tears in his eyes.

Some kilometers away from the commotion ground,
a little boy who was playing with a ball close to the Church’s garden.
His ball ran into the garden,
so walked to the little gate and climbed throw,
in no time smokes came out of the ground.

Before Donald could start speaking in tongues,
Brother Tom fell down and Choma also,
as thunder started rumbling in the sky.
It was already evening, as the roaring sky with thunder and lightening scared the members of the church,
never in the history of the church such things has happened.

“Eeeiiiihhii!” a loud cry of a baby was heard from the garden,
as everyone trembled in fear.
“No, no!” Pastor Donald sprinted towards the garden,
But he was late to prevent the kid from being enveloped with the invisible thick smoke seen by just him.

He stood before the garden as everyone looked at him,
the gruesome display in the church compound has scared everyone to the bone.
“Aaaahhh, my leg” one man shouted and fell on the ground,
“I can’t see!” Another voice shouted.

As those who were healed by Pastor Donald returned back to the critical state they were,
Choma and Brother Tom got up from the ground,
When Donald looked back and saw the angry mob were approaching him fearlessly,
he ran off towards the gate of the church.

The mob pursued after him, before Donald could cross the main road a bike speeding towards the opposite direction knocked him down,
and he rolled off from the door and fell inside the gutter.
Those who were after him watched in pity,
“Jesus!” One shouted, the bikeman seeing what he has done sped off immediately.

When the group of church members crossed the road to check the body of Pastor Donald who has dropped in the gutter,
what they saw made everyone shocked,
as they watched the dislocated and injured body of Pastor Donald, who head skull has been broken and his brain was sipping out.

He smelt of death.


PASTOR DONATUS - Episode 6 (21+)

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