PASTOR DONATUS – Episode 5 (21+)

PASTOR DONATUS - Episode 6 (21+)


#In The Church Garden

-Episode 5

Donald caught her by her shirt but the material was torn,
as she ran off immediately with all the pace she could gather.
Donald touched his forehead watching the girl run out of the church compound through the gate as he stood at the doorpost.

He stepped out of the doorpost and looked around if he will catch any glimpse of someone passing through the less busy main road at the front of the church,
he exhaled satisfactory when he discovered that no has seen the action that has transpired earlier.

With all joy he went inside his room and orchestrated a plan to nail the girl,
he sat on a chair in the sittingroom lost in his thoughts as his open palms rested on his chin.


It was already dusk as the evening sun set in East,
When Onyi ran into their compound with a block bungalow situated at the centre of the compound.
At the backyard is a small garden of pepper and different kinds of leaves.
Her mother was cooking in the thatch kitchen outside the house,
and her father chew on a long chewing-stick with Daily Paper stretched wide on his face.

He simply wore singlet and a wrapper tied around his waist,
He closed the papers immediately when he heard heavy foot-falls and her daughter voice.
His wife quickly emerge from the thatch kitchen when she heard what was afoot.

“Rape!” Onyi breathed out as shock registered on her parents faces.
“How na?” her father unbelievably,
she tried to calm her rapid exhaling.
Her parents were examining her closely and noticed the torn shirt at the helm.
“Pastor Donald wan rape me!” she cried out with tears rolling down her cheek,
“the devil is a liar!” Her mother retorted.

“You dey mad Onyi, na man of God you dey talk about o. What if thunder stroke you now, shut up!” her father hushed her,
she shook her head vigorously and insisted.
“mama and papa, I don lie give ona before?
he wan rape me” she said crying profusely.

Her parents took her reactions into notice and contemplated on what their daughter was saying,
Her father went inside the house and emerged with T-shirt and trouser,
“Go change your clothe” her mother told Onyi folding her arms.
“I dey suspect that man then” her father said angrily,
his wife shrugged and went inside the kitchen ’cause she can’t believe such miraculous man of God can do such a thing,
“Follow me!” Onyi father told her and she did.


Pastor Donald was inside the church praying as he knelt before the alter podium that is betwixt the arranged seats.
“Forgive people wey dey sin,
help this village to better” he cried out inside the church with the famous handkerchief in his hand.

Onyi and her father entered inside the church,
her father was ahead as he walked angrily towards the church building.
He heard the voice of pastor Donald coming from inside the church and had a rethink.
He flashed her daughter a disbelief stare before they entered inside the church,
They waited patiently till Pastor Donald ended the prayer.

It was already night,
As outside the illuminated church hall by bulbs is pitch dark.
When pastor Donald saw them he beamed his most charging smile,
“Brother Jonah and daughter of Zion,
ona come worship for God feet?” He asked them.

“No pastor!” Jonah,
Onyi’s father retorted sharply,
Donald wore a confuse look as he stare expectantly.
“Our daughter say you wan rape am” he blurted out and clenched his fist.
“Jesus!” Donald exclaimed.
“Spirit of lie lie, fall down!” He charged towards Oyin waving his handkerchief towards her direction.

“Aaaahhh” she screamed and waved her hands,
swinging them as someone that was possessed rotating her head too.
“Shakkaraaahh mamaaa” Pastor Donald spoke in tongues.
At this time Jonah has already jumped away from his daughter.

Immediately Pastor Donald waved his handkerchief the second time to her direction,
she fell down and became subconscious.
“No vex pastor” Jonah said kneeling before Jonah.
“I nodey vex, stand up” Pastor Donald replied, he stood up from his kneeling position.
“Your pikin get twenty four evil spirits,
I be wan pursue all of them.
I been dey caste out spirit of madness when she tear her shirt run commot from my house,
na because of those spirits wey God give me revelation make she stay behind” he explained calmly and the remorseful man before him listened.

“Pastor abeg help my pikin” he pleaded,
“Yes na, she godey with me for the night so that I go do total cleansing,
pushing all the witchy witchy for her body” he said to the man who was already smiling.

“Carry am go my house” Pastor Donald ordered him and went back to his praying position,
the man carried her daughter from the floor and took her to his room.
He came back to see the pastor praying,
he couldn’t tell him it was late and he will be heading home,
he just went without telling him.


Back at Jonah’s compound,
his wife was sitting outside the verandah of the house waiting anxiously for their arrival.
He walked into the compound and the woman rose from her sitting position,
without greetings to her husband.
“Wey our daughter?” she asked.
The man exhaled and placed his hands akimbo.

“You know say our daughter been tell us lie,
Na madness pastor Donald wan caste for her body wey she run come house,
the matter come worse say she get twenty four evil spirits for body” Jonah complained bitterly shaking his head.

“Jesus!” his wife retorted covering her mouth with her palm,
her husband exhaled and went inside the house without saying anything further.
His wife followed in.


Back at Emeka’s house,
the two couple were in state of euphoria about the news of pregnancy,
as they went to bed carried away by the joy of a new born baby.
His wife was already on the bed sleeping,
but Emeka just entered the bedroom.
He pretended to be happy,
he wondered if there is a possibility of someone with low sperm count be able to impregnate the opposite s**.

He watched the sleeping body of his wife,
and the ideas that came through his mind is that if the infant doesn’t look like him.
He will throw him inside a river or even do worse.
He switched on the light in the room and went to bed.

After sometimes,
a thick spiritual smoke gathered in the room.
“Aaaahhh!” a sharp cry of pains was heard in the darkroom,
“My stomach!!” Choma screamed and her husband jumped down from the bed and ran to the switch,
then switch on the room’s light.

His wife brought out her hands from underneath the duvet,
her palms was stained with blood as tears rolled down her eyes and she shook her head painfully,
crying out as realization hit her that she has had miscarriage.


PASTOR DONATUS - Episode 6 (21+)

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