PASTOR DONATUS - Episode 5 (21+)
PASTOR DONATUS - Episode 3 (21+)


#In The Church Garden

-Episode 4

Smokes culminated from underground,
as little fire rose slowly with thick smokes that surrounded the garden but none of it could be seen outside the garden.

Pastor Donald bowed face down to the fire that has rise to reasonable size.
“You do well, more blood more powers” the fire spoke.

The bowing Pastor Donald stretched out his both hands holding the box were the handkerchief is,
the box caught fire that didn’t harm the box or his hands.

After sometimes the smoke vanished and,
the fire disappeared.
Pastor Donald stood up with barefoot and left the circle of the garden.
He stepped out and wore his slippers,
he pointed the torchlight he held to different directions before going inside the house and slept off.


√in the dream√

A group of women were laughing as they went about their business,
They held brooms and the day is still young ’cause it was early in the morning and the sun was yet to rise.

The craw of a hen is heard from distance, as the women gathered in the church compound taking different positions to clean.
One of the women started walking towards the garden.

√end of dream√

Pastor Donald jerked up from sleep,
breathing heavily as his mouth was wide open and his eyes widen in his socket,
he climbed down from his bed immediately and ran out wearing just boxer,
with his bare body gleaming of sweat.

He came out of his house with just slippers on his feet,
and saw the woman moving directly towards the garden.
“Madam!!” he called out to the woman,
who turned and saw him standing on his doorpost.
he exhaled in relief as the woman walk to were he is.

“Good morning, pastor” she greeted kneeling slightly.

“Morning, no near the garden. I don clean am finish” he told the woman who thought for awhile, and shrugged.
“No problem pastor, I go tell the other Dickens.” she replied and walked away.

Pastor Donald went inside and took padlock,
he wore his shirt and short then came out of the room.
He walked to the garden and locked the little gate that serves as blockade to the garden.
The other women looked at him,
and greetings were exchanged with the man of God as they thought him to be.


In a kitchen back at the young couple’s house,
Emeka’s wife who is Choma was preparing breakfast for her family.
she felt the onrush from her stomach down to her chest,
she ran out of the kitchen gasping.

She started vomiting and feeling dizzy,
When she was done.
she entered the kitchen feeling slightly tired and a slight headache.
Her husband came to the kitchen and saw the condition her wife is,
“Honey, wetin happen?” he asked her.

“I just vomit and I dey feel weak” she replied, Emeka became alarm by her response.
“No forget to see doctor, after we don eat” he told her, she nodded.


Donald was on the sofa reading the Bible when a knock landed on his door,
“Calm down, I dey come” he told who was knocking impatiently on the door,
he walked to the door and opened it.
At the door is a woman and a man with their teenage daughter.
Who he recognized as the teenage girl that gave him blow*** the other time.

“Good morning, pastor” all of them chorused in greetings.
He nodded and made the cross sign towards them “peace dey on you” he said.

“Amen!” they chorused happily.
“Pastor, I come thank you for wetin you do for my daughter” the man amongst the three visitors spoke.
Pastor Donald nodded in acknowledgement,
“I arrange one goat for you” he said, Pastor Donald now realize what was making the noise beside the house.

They led the way as Pastor Donald followed from behind,
he saw the big goat tied to a mango tree.
“You for no bother na” Donald said happily,
he licked his lips imagining what he will cook with the goat tied to the orange tree.

“I go bother oh, you do better thing for my daughter” the man replied,
they talked for sometime and those who came to visit him prepared to leave.

As Pastor Donald walked them to gate,
“This work of God i dey do no gree make I marry,
ona fit allow ona daughter to cook for me?” he asked Onyi’s parents who were gladdened by his request,
They wanted more blessings of God in their family by doing good to man of God.

“Why not?” the man retorted,
“Onyi stay oh, when you don cook for am finish. You fit come house” the woman told her daughter by patting her back.
Donald and Onyi stood waving goodbye to her parents.

When her parents were out of sight,
the two of them walked from the gate to Donald’s apartment.


In an office,
the wall is painted white and lots of human body structure diagrams portrait are on the wall.
A standing fan beside a man with lab. coat,
he sat opposite a lady who is Choma.

He cleared the throat firstly,
before stretching out his hand and gave her an envelope.
“Congratulations, you don carry belle for a week” he told her and she became surprised all of a sudden.

She took the envelope slowly wondering,
how come she is pregnant and she never knew all along before visiting Pastor Donald.
She accepted the envelope and mumbled thank you and left the doctor’s office,
probably is her husband’s mother who was the one holding onto her unborn child.

No wonder Pastor Donald said such a thing,
for the very first time they visited the pastor with her husband.
She strode absentmindedly on the hallway until she exit the hallway.


Donald sat patiently waiting for the arrival of his meal,
He wiggled his legs as a table was place before him.
He whistled when Onyi brought his food served on a tray.

She dropped the tray on the table before Pastor Donald,
She took the bowl filled with water out of the bowl and he deep his two hands inside it and washed his hands.
“You don collect your own?” he asked her as he uncover the two sizeable round plates with garri and egusi soup.

She shook her head negatively,
“Go eat” he told her and cut the garri,
he molded a big ball of garri and deep it inside the egusi soup,
and threw it inside the mouth and swallowed grudgingly.

Onyi disappeared into the kitchen,
when he was done eating.
He washed his hands and drank a cup water,
Onyi came out of the kitchen and cleared the table.

She came back “I wan go house” she told Pastor Donald,
“Now now?” he asked her and she simply nodded.
He stood up and came close to her,
she shift backwards,
she wanted to run when she saw the lustful look on Pastor Donald’s face,
he caught her by her shirt and it torn.

She ran off immediately.


PASTOR DONATUS - Episode 5 (21+)
PASTOR DONATUS - Episode 3 (21+)

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