PASTOR DONATUS – Episode 3 (21+)

PASTOR DONATUS - Episode 2 (21+)


#In The Church Garden

-Episode 3

Choma wore a face of confusion as worry graced her face,
she wonder what kind of deliverance they are about to embark on that has to be done in the bedroom.
Pastor Donald was already inside his bedroom standing and waiting patiently for her to join him.

Choma shrugged and stood up, she kept her handbag containing Bible and some women stuffs on the wooden armchair she sat.
She straighten the gown she wore and walked in slowly into pastor Donald’s bedroom.

“Kneel down” Pastor Donald told her, she slowly knelt down before him.
“As you don bring your case come the feet of man of God, i say em go better pass Hannah own” he started praying.
“Amen!” she replied lifting her hands up.

“Receive healing here” Pastor Donald said, he removed his hands from her head and gro*** her bre***,
“na this bre*** wey devil no want make pikin su*** am, it shall be su***!” he declared squeezing it har***.

“Am..e..n!” Choma gasped as she felt the tingling sensation shooting down her spine,
“Or na your womb or toto, wey no wan bring out pikin. I say, the devil go loose em power!” Pastor Donald declared with authority and moved his hands from her brea*** to her cro***.

When he had enough of the feel,
he removed his hands and started speaking in tongues.
“Shakaramama, puaaahh! Puuuu! Sister Choma stand up, the spirit just tell me say make you pull your gown for the next section of deliverance” pastor Donald said,
his eyes tightened as he continually speak in tongues.

Choma stood up in confusion not knowing what to do,
she was at the edge of contradiction on her next action.
Is it to obey the powerful man of God and have children like the Hebrew women or to disobey and remain barren.
She disagreed with the latter and pulled her gown slowly from her body staring at pastor Donald’s expressionless face.

She was only left with her panties, she went on her kneels again.
Pastor Donald started another round of prayer with his eyes wide open,
he stared hungrily at her lightly concealed packages and licked his lower lip.
He repeated the same action from moving his hands from her head to her brea***,
He unclasped her b** from behind and her round bo*** was freed for his access.
“na so your pikin, go dey su** am” he said and knelt down with her, he covered her nipp*** with his mouth and started suc****.

“Aaahh…muuee….nn, oh!” She moa*** out those words,
her mouth ajar as Pastor Donald ministered to her nipp*** simultaneously.
He lowered his hand down to her cro*** and slipped it into her pa**,
he insert two of his fingers inside her w** virgi**.

“If your husband thing enter like this, na so so pikin ona go dey born” he said, his body sweaty.
He started finge**** her slowly,
she opened her eyes “wetin you dey do pastor?” she asked moa**** slowly,
gasping for air as Pastor Donatus stimulates her cl** vigorously.
“You be small pikin?” Pastor Donald questioned.

He attacked her lips and both of them smooch hungrily,
as they find a way to the bed and fell.
Pastor Donatus on top of her,
They flung their clothes from their body in a haste.
In no time, Pastor Donald was on top of her.
Her legs wide open and her hands held on to the bedsheet squeezing it, as Pastor Donatus thru*** in and out making throaty moa***.

The room was aired with loud gro*** and moa*** as Pastor Donald went on and on,
after they have gone on several rounds.
He rolled off from her body sweating and gasping for breathe.
“Choma, you sweet” he commended her.
“Thank you Pastor, you f*** pass my useless husband” she replied happily, playing with his hairy chest.
after sometimes, she dressed up and left.
“Go in peace daughter of Zion” Pastor Donatus prayed for her making the sign of the cross.

“Amen!” she responded, and left.
Pastor Donald remained on the doorpost watching her leave the church compound through the gate,
he licked his lips.


In a sittingroom, Emeka sat on a couch looking at his wrist watch after sometime.
He wiggled his legs angrily,
as he repeated the action of checking his wristwatch.
The television was on but he never spared a glance towards that direction,
as his face burns in anger.

The door of the sittingroom opened and his wife stepped in,
He stood up angrily from the chair and charged towards her.
“Where you go?” he asked her with raised voice,
she hissed and tried to walk pass him.

He quickly stood on her way preventing her from getting through “wetin this one mean, see, see Emeka. I no get strength for all this rubbish, commot for road” she warned,
“Which kind nonsense deliverance make you come back for this kind time?” he shouted at her.

His wife hissed and pushed him off from her way,
he fell on the couch looking shock. His wife glared at him and went into the inner rooms,
he tried to speak but words failed to come out.


In the night, Pastor Donald woke up from his bed and took a torchlight kept on his bed side.
He went to his consultation room and brought out the red box from the wooden table in the room.

He stepped out from the room and walked towards the gate,
he locked the church’s gate before walking to where the garden of the church is.
The garden is fenced round by tall rose flowers,
as a little field occupied the centre of the garden.
He unlocked a little gate at the entrance into the garden,
He pulled the slippers he wore and went in.

He stood at the centre of the garden with barefoot and knelt down, bowed twice and stretched out his palms.
mumbling incoherent words.
He brought out the box and repeated the same action.
He clasped his palm twice and the third one,
fire lit from his closed palms and his eyes turned black.

He mumbled some incoherent words and a loud cry of baby is heard around the garden.
“Hiyaaa.. hiyaaa!” the defying scary cry of a baby.

Smokes culminated from underground….


PASTOR DONATUS - Episode 2 (21+)

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